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Party Bag Fillers

Most party bags tend to be filled with sweets and small plastic toys which are not that suitable for babies and toddlers, but there are plenty of fun party bag fillers that younger children will enjoy. And there’s no need for any plastic either.

A first birthday party is probably more about the parents than it is the babies and there are likely to be plenty of friends and family and quite possibly a large age range of kids. So although there’s no need to give a one-year-old a party bag, it can be nice if their party guests, older siblings or cousins are getting them.

Check out our top ten toddler party bag ideas and toddler party favours to make your toddler’s birth party so much fun:

  1. A small wooden toy like a spinning top is a great gift for little ones. Babies will love watching it spin and toddlers will enjoy figuring out how to do it themselves.
  2. A musical gift like a whistle, shaker or mini tambourine makes a lovely gift that is sure not to end up in the bin as soon as they get home.
  3. Books are great for all ages, and a little mini book makes the perfect party bag filler for toddlers.
  4. A couple of big chunky chalk sticks is a cheap and easy party gift for little ones. Kids love drawing on the pavement, and parents love that they don’t have to clean up the mess.
  5. Party bag toys such as toy cars are always a hit and you can buy packs and split them to keep the cost down.
  6. A bucket and spade. This would be perfect if you were having a party at the beach or a park with a sandpit. You can give them out at the start of the party rather than the end and you have the entertainment covered as well.
  7. Instead of sweets why not add a little box of raisins to your party bags or some other dried fruit snack.
  8. Savoury snacks like bread sticks also go down well with little ones. Homemade popcorn in a paper cone is also a great snack for kids and perfect for keeping them quiet on the journey home.
  9. We love the Rex London collapsible water bottles as party favours. And they have the added bonus of preventing too many spillages at the party. Great if you have a whole troop of toddlers running about. Plus if you get these you won’t have to buy disposable cups.
  10. Finger puppets. Again these tend to come in sets that you can split between bags. Or if you are feeling crafty then you could make your own.

And of course, there’s no need to give anything at all. Check out our post discussing whether party bags are really necessary for a few alternatives if you’d rather not give them at all.

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