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Beautiful Cooking Toys for Children

Our great selection of toy kitchen sets ranges from the super-compact Sevi BBQ tabletop playset or Big Jigs portable cooker to large full country play kitchen toys that kids will love. With our range of play kitchen sets, pretend play has never been this fun.

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The Indigo Jamm Mini Cooker or Djeco Leo’s are both perfect for children if you only have a small space. These are compact and have everything your budding chefs need to play cooking including cooking rings, oven pots, utensils and even a handy clock to make sure nothing gets burned.

These little playthings are still small enough not to take up too much room, and you can even store your cooking utensils and play food inside the oven storage when not in use to save space. What more could you want from a plaything?

If you are looking for something even smaller which has less weight that can be packed away when not in use then the BigJigs Portable Cooker or Sevi BBQ would both be ideal pieces. Both pack away neatly so you can store them in a drawer or on a shelf. And the portability means they are great for taking on holidays, camping trips or even just outside for a bit of alfresco dining.

If you live in a small space (if that’s even possible) then these are a great solution. The overall lower price tag also makes them the perfect introductory play set to see if it’s worth spending the big bucks.

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The Complete Package for Pretend Play

If you have a bit more space to play with then the super popular Tidlo Country Kitchen is always a hit with little ones, and we even do a full range bundle so you can get all the cooking playsets with accessories you need in one go. This furniture set has everything you need for lots of fun although of course, you can add to it later to make it more personalised.

The pots and pans are superb quality pieces with a beautiful blue enamel finish and the utensils are just like mini versions of mum and dads. While the food comes in lovely trays that are also great for storage and offers a playing shop your kids can explore.

If you are looking for a really special Christmas or Birthday gift for girls or boys and you have space then this kitchen set comes highly recommended. One of the reasons the Tidlo Country Kitchen is so popular, other than the fabulous design and beautiful attention to detail, is that it has a slightly higher work surface than some of the other playsets we sell. That combined with Tidlo’s high-quality materials and workmanship means this is a plaything that will give years and years of play.

Also popular is the BigJigs Play Kitchen again it’s got quite a high work surface making it great for taller and older children. Although it is generally more compact than the Tidlo Country Kitchen so could be a good choice if you don’t have loads of space in your kid’s bedroom.

This set comes complete with a frying pan, casserole, utensils and a little oven glove so the only thing you need to buy extra is some play food and you are ready to go. However, Big Jigs have a fabulous range of accessories that go with the furniture set including a matching kettle and toaster. Very important for breakfast time. A lovely dinner set and tea set that children will adore. And even a food mixer that all features the same overall spotty design.

Slightly smaller with less toy weight again are the Indigo Jamm Kitchens playset. These are perfect for toddlers and have a surface height of approximately 46cm. They might be smaller but you still get high-quality furniture, funky retro design, clicky knobs, an oven, clock and sink so they make fabulous playsets that will be loved for years.

These stunning children’s playthings will provide hours of entertainment for children of any age range, enjoy cooking and serving up tantalizing feasts or mouth-watering afternoon teas. Built to last these are traditional toys that will be enjoyed for years and can be handed down to siblings, friends or even children and grandchildren.

Wooden Toy Kitchens – Perfect for Role Play

A kitchen playset is the perfect children’s role play set for kids that love to cook. Kids love to copy mum and dad, whether that’s chopping food and cooking a delicious dinner outdoor or using their very own toy tool kit to fix and make things around the house. That is toy kitchen along with other kitchen toy accessories can be combined for the ultimate kitchen roleplay experience. 

Roleplay develops children’s vocabulary and imagination as well as key social skills such as empathy and taking turns. Open-ended toys are perfect for encouraging imaginative play, coordination and narrative thinking. And in the case of cooking playsets, your children can explore the concept of healthy eating and the importance of a balanced diet, how we prepare and cook food, and the joys of cooking and eating together.

We pride ourselves on only stocking the best playsets from the best toy makers we can find, so the only real decision is which toy kitchen you and your child will love the most. And which kitchen you can fit without having to give up your own cooking space of course.

All these wooden kitchen toys are ethically made to the highest quality. Our suppliers use responsibly sourced materials, child-safe paints and stains, and employ ethical working practices.

Accessories and Play Food

Don’t forget to check out the fabulous range of play food to fill your children’s kitchen cupboards and get them cooking up a storm in no time. Guilt-free chocolate cakes, perfect pink cookies and other treats are perfect for a tea party, cutting fruit and veg to help with knife skills and ideal for emulating mum and dad, or everything you need for the perfect packed lunch.

There are beautiful replicas of all your favourite accessories including kettles, toasters, mixers and more.

Eco-friendly Fun

These playsets are made from high-quality eco-friendly materials like responsibly sourced wood and recycled plastics finished with non-toxic water-based dyes, making them 100% safe for kids and the environment. All these wonderful pieces conform with current European and international safety standards. None of these play pieces contains toxic materials like BPA, phthalates, lead and other plastic derivatives. When you buy these playthings, you are doing our planet a favour.

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