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Shop our amazing range of high quality wooden marble runs for kids for endless hours of fun! Marble track games are fun learning toys that can be used and enjoyed by tots and adults alike, age is no limit to having fun with a marble run!

Every child is encouraged to discover and develop their motor skills, creativity, problem-solving aptitudes, and vocabulary and a wooden run race track is perfect for that. You never stop learning! Marble runs also help in developing social skills and engineering skills and should be part of any learning resources set up! Who knew the simple run and colourful wooden blocks could be such an educational toy offering stem skills and great fun for all the family! Is there anything more fun than watching the race to the finish of the balls or cars? 

What is a wooden marble run?

Marble runs are wonderful traditional toys that should be in every playroom. We love building up the tracks and having endless fun down the runs. The older the child, the more complex they can build their wooden marble run toys track wit literally hundreds of play possibilities, in fact endless possibilities!

Marble runs are considered traditional toys or even educational games. They have been around for years but they remain popular. Modern wooden marble runs come in many various forms, but essentially consist of a marble running along rails. They should all click together and work correctly when they are.

Are all marble runs wooden?

A run can be made from wood (most of ours are), or from plastic, or indeed anything that will allow a marble to roll freely. A good example of this is Grimm’s toys and blocks are a great way to build your own run. These toys can also be used with cars instead of marbles.

A simple run is so much fun for young children. You can buy just the marbles or if you want something to improve your child’s fine motor skills, hand eye coordination as well as problem solving skills, you might want to get him a construction toy that he can use as a track for his marble run game.

Wooden marble runs are a great way to have fun and keep children entertained for hours on end. Building your own marble track brings so much fun and a sense of achievement. Our wooden run range includes both single lane tracks and multi lane tracks allowing you to build super complex run configurations that will push all of your child’s engineering skills.

Specially designed for optimal stability, our selection of wooden marble runs is perfect for both home use and commercial displays. Each track has clearly defined parts to make assembly easy.

Easy to build a track

Most of the wooden marble runs we stock can be made to be built in hundreds of many ways, your imagination is the only thing stopping you. A lot of our runs are compatible, so you can tie the marble run all together. Our brands include plan toys, bigjigs and grimms. The Djeco diy wooden push and pull tracks are also a great new addition to this range. It includes music motion and bells and other STEM options.

When can you introduce marble runs to your child?

Some of our wooden marble runs are suitable from 18 months old. The larger ones are for ages 3 years and older, however, there is no upper age limit to having fun with a marble run. They make the perfect christmas present for all children and the whole family who will all enjoy playing. Of course we offer Free UK delivery with no quibble returns within 30 days. An educational toy wooden tree marble game is a traditional wooden toy and like a doll house or wooden baby walkers they should become a staple gift for children  of all ages. 

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