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Every home should have a set of building blocks. They provide hours of entertainment for all ages and are brilliant for developing all sorts of different key skills. From fine motor skills to problem solving. We love wooden building blocks at baba me and have collected a huge range of play blocks and stacking blocks that are so much fun to play with and look great too.

We have hand crafted colourful blocks that are perfect for encouraging open ended play, natural blocks that can be anything your child can imagine, magnetic blocks that add a whole extra dimension as you can build up as well as out, and blocks that are perfect for little ones who love knocking down as much as they love building.

Fun activity toys like block sets are powerful early learning toys. The bright colour finish on most of these building blocks are visually appealing to kids and can be used as a teaching tool for colour recognition. The tactile nature and wooden texture of most of these educational building blocks bring your child closer to nature. The small pieces of blocks can be grasped easily by your child’s tiny hands and can help in improving cognitive, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Most construction building blocks for kids are good creativity toys for toddlers that promote open-ended play, which means your children can play whatever and however they want. They are designed specifically to encourage imaginative and creative play which can lead to independent thinking and improved problem-solving skills, one of the core skills they need when they start school. Kids can stack different toy building blocks on top of each other, sorting them by colour, shape, etc which can help them understand about matching, sorting and stacking.

All the building blocks for toddlers included in our collection are made from eco-friendly materials like responsibly sourced wood and recycled plastics. These blocks are also finished with non-toxic water-based colour paint, making them safe for kids to play and in the environment. You can be assured that every toy you buy here at Baba Me including our blocks conform to European and international safety standards on childrens toys.

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