Are Party Bags Necessary?




Are Party Bags Necessary?

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Party Bags – Yay or Nay?

Party bags can be a contentious subject with many parents feeling they have to give out party bags at the end of a children’s party. And of course, once kids have had a party bag a few times they rightly or wrongly start to expect it as part of the party.

But are party bags really necessary?

The short answer is certainly not. While it’s lovely to thank guests for coming to celebrate with your child there’s no need to feel pressured into giving them party bags to say thank you. Making up a party bag for each child can be expensive, especially if you’re trying to avoid cheap plastic toys that will end up in the bin, not to mention the environmental impact and the time it takes.

Whether or not you feel party bag fillers and party favours are necessary may also depend on what other mums are doing and the type of party you have. Depending on the type of party you may find it’s quite easy to get away with not filling a bag full of treats.

However there will always be people who love doing party bags, and kids do get excited about them. So if you aren’t quite willing to say an outright no then there are plenty of ways to move away from the traditional party bag.

Take home crafts

Instead of handing out goody bags at the end of the party why not make something during the party that kids can take home? This is a great way of combining the entertainment with the gift and not doubling up on spending.

Add a slice of cake at the end of the party and the children all have something to take home without you having to make up party bags.

Send the party decor home as gifts

OK so balloons might not be very eco-friendly but if you are having them at the party anyway why not send one home with each child. You could even turn them into little hot air balloons if you are feeling crafty and use the basket as a cake box.

Similarly, a party hat could be turned up-side-down to double as a popcorn cone, or a reusable party cup could be rinsed and filled with pic and mix.

And if you do decide to make party bags check out our page on “what to put in party bags” for some great ideas kids will love.

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