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Soft Baby Toys

Babies love soft toys! They’re the perfect cuddle buddy and they’ll keep your little one entertained for hours. Our soft toys are made of the highest quality materials, so you can rest assured that they’ll last through all those hugs and kisses. And with our wide selection of soft toys, we’ve got something for every little one in your life. Whether it’s a new baby or toddler birthday gift, an anniversary present or just because – we’ve got everything you need to make their day special.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for newborn babies?

We have the perfect solution! Our soft toys are designed to be loved and cuddled by your baby. Our plush toys are made of the highest quality materials, so you can rest assured that they’ll last through all those hugs and kisses. And with our wide selection of soft toys, we’ve got something for every little one in your life.

Your baby deserves the best, so give them one of our soft toys today! You can choose from a bear, rabbit, or a soft doll – just to name a few. They make great gifts too if you’re looking for a special present for someone else’s little one.

Find the Best Soft Toys Here at Baba Me

We handpicked the best soft toys from popular toy brands like Rubens Barn, Moulin Roty and Threadbear Design. These cuddly toddler toys are made from soft fabrics and have a fluffy factor to them. They are designed for babies and toddlers so even your little one can easily squeeze them.

Soft toys offer security and comfort especially when little ones are tired or in a new situation. Cuddling a soft toy provides warmth and stability just when it’s needed. Babies have an excellent sense of smell so having something that smells of mum to cuddle like a baby soft toy is always going to go down well if mum’s not around.

Of course, there’s the possibility that a favourite soft toy might become irreplaceable, especially if it’s something they use for comfort at night. So it might be wise to buy a spare just in case. There are many benefits to plush toys in the early years for newborn babies and we hope that our collection provides lots of inspiration and ideas for you to choose the best soft toy for your baby.

When choosing a soft toy it is important to buy from a trusted supplier, so we have done some groundwork to find out more about the different brands on offer and why they are good at making plush toys. If you would like to know more about the soft toys featured here at Baba Me, then please click on the respective brand to see their information in full.

Soft Toys for Early Development

As babies grow into toddlers, soft toys like stuffed animals and dolls are played with in different ways. Pretending to care for a cuddly toy is a great way for children to develop social skills and empathy, as well as developing speech and language skills. Meaning these are soft baby toys that are well worth the investment.

Rubens Barn dolls, many of which are suitable from birth, make fantastic empathy dolls. Their weighted bodies are designed to feel similar to cuddling a real baby. And we love the fact that the Rubens Barn Baby dolls are anatomically correct and can even suck their thumbs. Perfect for role play when your baby gets older.

These lovely handcrafted soft dolls make the perfect dress up doll, with lots of different outfits and accessories you can buy. And you can even get them their own bottle and pee and poop set so your little one can practise caring for them in lots of different ways. These accessories can be especially good if you are expecting another baby.

If you want to complement these toys, you might want to check out our range of wooden tea set toys to go with the dolls.

Threadbear Design

All Threadbear Design range of toys are suitable from birth and make lovely soft toys. We particularly love the teddy bears and other adorable characters ones for this age. These plush toys are light and easy to hold, yet still wonderful enough to become lifelong buddies.

Each of the characters and baby soft toy is full of charm that it’s simply a matter of choosing your favourite. Will you go for Walter the Dog with his Fluffy Whiskers, Isidore the Owl with her cute stripy romper suit, Amare the Duck with his bright yellow beak, or one of the other members of the family.

Rubens Barn Eco-Buds

These stunning handcrafted soft dolls are made from soft organic cotton and are perfect for babies and children of all ages. Ready for every kind of adventure they love to run, jump and play but also to offer comfort and security to little ones.

These delightful dolls are soft, squidgy and lightweight, make perfect soft toys for newborns, and will be loved for years and years.

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