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Our range of wooden baby toys is made from sustainable and natural materials. They’re built to last, so you can rest assured that they’ll be around for years to come. Plus, these toys will help develop your child’s motor skills and cognitive abilities in a fun way!

We’ve got everything from stacking towers to shape sorters – there’s something here for every baby. So if you want a toy that lasts forever, shop our range of wooden baby toys today!

Best Safe & Eco-friendly Wodden Baby Toys

Made from responsibly sourced material and finished with non-toxic watercolours, these wooden baby toys are safe for babies and conform to European and international safety standards on babies’ toys. Your baby’s tiny hands can easily grab a wooden toy and the wooden texture brings her closer to nature. It also helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Our toys also come in various shapes, sizes and colours so there’s a toy for every baby. These baby toys are some of the best toys you can give to your precious little one.

Traditional wooden Baby toys are good early learning toys and should be full of educational benefits whilst giving endless fun and growing with your child as they develop new ways to use and play with them. For instance, a wooden building block set, wooden shape sorter or a sorting cube to train your baby to use her hands to build something cool and awesome whilst teaching her to observe and sort toys based on similar or different attributes. Wooden cars that can be played with a push-pull motion are good for fine motor skills, dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Likewise, musical toys are good for auditory stimulation.

At Baba Me, we want to help you fill your child’s toy box with items that provide all of this bringing joy to your child and in turn, you. It is important to enhance and encourage various developmental skills throughout the formative years and beyond. Whether you are a parent looking for educational toys for your baby or a friend looking for a baby shower gift, christening gift or birthday gift, our toys have been specifically selected for their wonderful quality, developmental benefits, and fun factor.

Almost immediately babies begin to learn motor skills, cognitive skills, and eye-hand coordination amongst many other developmental skills. Our wonderful baby toys will help your baby achieve developmental milestones through play. Just like adults, babies are easily bored and need to be stimulated with age-appropriate toys and activities though it is important to ensure they are not over-stimulated. Using all of their senses infants begin to explore the world around them, as their sensory development grows in the early days and weeks of your little one’s life, they learn and retain more information than they ever will again. Therefore a multi-sensory approach to your little one’s play is vital. You will love to watch your baby’s excitement as they hold, shake and feel different objects, taking in colours, sounds and textures. As they do this, babies will begin to remember how to make a toy do something teaching them cause and effect. We believe that our toys will help to set your baby up as they grow into a toddler giving them the skills they need as they move onto their next stage.

Our wonderful toys have been carefully made with babies in mind and are safe, tactile and bright. These toys are made from non-toxic wood, plastic, silicone, felt and material and have been painted or dyed in water-based paints so are free from toxic chemicals and are BPA free. We have ensured they are completely safe for the baby to explore with little hands, feet and mouths. Our plush toys and stuffed animals are all super soft and cuddly toys for babies, some have a baby teether attached.

Our best infant toys for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills:

  • Grimm’s grasping wooden toys are wonderful first baby toys as babies turn these smooth wooden animals in their tiny hands learning how to reach for them and pass from hand to hand.
  • Plan wooden toys, beads rattle and felted rainbow rings. These toys not only provide different textures for little ones to explore but babies can learn how to move the objects around a larger ring.
  • Our beautiful pram chains/ baby toys not only look fab on a pram but come with useful clips so you can attach your baby’s favourite toys. As they move around when the pram is in motion the baby will have to control movements to be able to grasp them. The triangle clutching ring will keep little fingers busy as babies work out how to move around the inner balls.
  • Cloth books, introduce books early to a baby who will love to turn the pages, especially if each page has a different texture to discover. As babies play with their books you will see a more delicate pincer grip begin to develop as their dexterity becomes more fine-tuned.
  • Oli and Carol ducks, the fun doesn’t have to stay on dry land, using bath toys means babies have a moving target to grasp.

Problem-solving and cause and effect:

  • Good mood fish with crinkle foil, watch as your baby reaches out for one of these brightly coloured material fish and learns that they make brilliant noises when they squeeze or chew on their soft bodies.
  • Just B sounds so squeezy incorporates the different textured sensory balls and gives each one a different sound and activity, as babies learn cause and effect and develop problem-solving skills these brilliant balls will really come into their own. They also come on a handy ring great for teething and attaching to a stroller, clothes, car seats, prams and pushchairs.
  • Baby toys/rattles, such as the Djeco Pitidou or Babyrainy, further develop cause and effect as infants learn how to make each one create a sound.
  • Djeco Babypoli takes a further step along this path as not only can babies make it make noises but can watch through the little window as they make manipulate the objects inside so they move around.

Our best baby toys for Gross motor skills to encourage rolling and crawling

  • Just B looky-looky with its mirror on wheels is the perfect tummy time wooden baby toy. Early on babies will enjoy gazing at themselves in the mirror, then to encourage crawling will have to give chase as their wooden baby toy rolls away. One of the wheels has beads in so makes a rattle noise that infants will love to make each time they catch up to it.
  • The plan wooden toys sensory tumbling toys are a great all-rounder. At first, let your baby discover and fall in love with each different tumbler then place them out of reach to encourage rolling. Once the baby is happy on their tummy, stack them then let the baby knock them over and learn to chase after them as they roll away.
  • Once crawling encourages early pretend to play with the dino cars or Just B free Wheels. Your child will happily crawl around pushing a car in front of them bringing it to show you. They will equally enjoy chasing after it if you push it away from them.

At some point, as your baby develops they will also grow their first set of teeth, this is a development that can happen at any age from 1 week to 1 year. Our gorgeous array of different baby toys can also help to soothe the painful symptoms of teething. As parents we all want to provide some teething relief for sore gums there are many teething remedies available as well as teething toys for babies. Teething toys and teething rings might not be necessary, but they can definitely help keep your baby calm and relieve some of the discomforts she’s feeling.

As little one’s teeth begin to move signs of teething to keep an eye out for are:

  • Excessive drooling takes a look at our selection of bibs to help protect little necks from getting sore. Extra drool can also add to sickness so our muslin wraps make great burp cloths to help keep you clean! Try using your baby’s usual milk or fruit purees to make ice lollies. Other teething remedies for irritated gums include teething gels and teething powders, check with a pharmacist to find out the best one for your baby.
  • Red cheeks and slight fever a cool flannel can help soothe a teething fever as well as medicine if the baby is old enough, always check with a doctor or pharmacist first.
  • The desire to chew and suck on everything teething pain makes babies want to chew, there are many products on the market for babies to chew such as a silicone teething necklace, an amber teething bracelet, a teething ring and teethers. Have a look at our baby toys which are free from harmful chemicals. We can guarantee they are all BPA free and free from toxic stains and paints. Our baby teething toys come in a variety of designs and textures so you can try different ones and work out which are the best teethers to soothe your baby’s sore gums and sensitive teeth.

A young teething baby requires an object that is easy to grip and put in their mouths as they require. A one-piece design baby teething toy is best here such as the Just B Snail or crab teether. Different babies prefer different textures so a smoother teether such as the Djeco Piticocci teething ring may be preferred or the ribbed surface of the Zoli Chubby Gummys may be better. Teething gels could be smeared on these so that it can be applied to tender gums as baby chews giving a multi-attack approach to relieve teething symptoms. A different approach would be the muslin comforter soft animals that double as a teething blanket or munch. The safety of our children and teething babies is of the utmost importance so all teethers should be used under adult supervision as they can be a choking hazard.

Our range of kids toys begin here with educational toys for babies, we then ensure this level of high-quality engaging activity is encouraged with our toddler toys and older kids toys. From wooden blocks to puzzles, bath toys to dolls furniture sets browse through our wonderfully wide range of mostly organic toys to find the right gifts for your kids. If you have birthdays coming up why not add a wishlist to the toys you would like for your baby then send a link to relation to your wishlist as a gift registry.

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