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Pretend cooking is probably one of the most common types of role playing that children love to do. This is normal because children start imitating their parents when they reach a certain age. When they see their parents prepare and cook food, they want to do their own cooking too.

Toys like pots and pans can help children role play as chefs or just adults that know how to cook. It is essential to support children’s interests at an early age and letting them play with toys that are based on their interests. It is important to encourage children to engage in role playing as often as possible. Playing pretend cooking also helps children understand more about cooking and food in general. You can make your children’s role playing more fun and informational. For instance, discuss food while your children pretend to cook and after you are done enjoying your meal together you can help your children wash their toy pans and pots.

There is a wide selection of toy pots and pans. And weeding out the best of these toys could be challenging. Do not fret, however, because we made a list of our top picks of pots and pans that your children are guaranteed to rave about.

Tidlo Kitchenware Set

This kitchenware set from Tidlo is the perfect gift for little children who love cooking or are just getting into cooking. Your budding chef will have a fun role playing session with this 13 piece cooking playset. The set includes 6 utensils, 3 enamel coated pans and pots with lids and a blue gingham oven mitt. She can cook her famous recipe so that she and her friend can have a wonderful home cooked meal together. Each toy piece included in this playset passed rigorous quality checks and conforms to European and international safety standards on kids toys.

Tidlo Non-Stick Cookware Set

Another fantastic cookware set from Tidlo is their non-stick cookware set. This set is designed with little children in mind so they will have an easy time preparing and cooking their favourite recipes. Perfect cookware set for budding chefs and ideal gifts for little children that are only getting into cooking. This wonderful set includes non stick pots and pans, an oven glove and utensils. Great toys for developing fine motor skills and encouraging imaginative and creative play. Works well with other Tidlo toys like their play food collection which is sold separately.

Indigo Jamm Pots and Pans Set

Featuring Indigo Jamm’s retro design, this lovely set of pots and pans is guaranteed to be a hit among cooking enthusiasts and budding chefs. Pretend cooking will be more fun with this cookware made from sustainable materials. Indigo Jamm pride themselves for making high quality eco-friendly toys.

Bigjigs Cooking Pans

Bigjigs is popular for their eco-friendly toys made from wood and their cooking pans are one of our favourite playsets. This cooking set includes two cooking pots, wooden utensils and a frying pan. Each of these toys is made from high quality responsibly sourced materials and finished with non-toxic paint.

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