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Role Play Toys for Kids

Imaginative play is very important in a child’s early development and with our handpicked pretend play range, your child will have a fun and exciting early learning experience. Whether they want to be a shopkeeper with our toy food and wooden shops, or a builder, our wide range of good quality toys will have something for everyone!

Toys for Imaginative Play & Pretend Play

Engaging in pretend play stimulates your child’s creativity and sparks their imagination. It also encourages them to interact with others resulting in improved communication, social, and language skills whilst having great fun.

Choose from a wide selection of toys like tea sets for a pretend afternoon tea party with friends and a doctor playset for toy emergencies. Whatever role play your kid is interested in, we have a role play toy that fits every kid’s playstyle. Most of these are wood based toys making them eco friendly and sturdy for your kids as we have the best range of wooden pretend toys which are beautifully detailed with sturdy wooden handles!

Play Kitchens

This is probably the best educational toy for kids (boy or girl!). It’s filled with learning resources and has a great many benefits for your child. We’ve got the largest selection of play kitchen and restaurant toys in the world! Roleplay kitchens can be real or imaginary but either way, they come with the fantastic benefit of sparking your childs imagination and creativity while teaching them important life skills such as communication, social interaction, hand-eye coordination and much more!

Traditional Toys

We have a wide selection that includes wooden train playsets, playhouse, dollhouses, finger puppets, travel games, vet kit, rag dolls and doll accessories, magnetic puzzles, role play food, developmental toys and wooden puzzles.

We also have a new take on the traditional kitchen toys like an amazing cafe set and ice cream counter set, miniature wooden tea set toys, some vlogging toys and even a wooden DJ set, wooden workbench your little one will love them!

The Benefits of Children’s Play Toys

Role-playing is a common occurrence in most homes across the world. Children always like to imagine and play at things they see around them, such as acting like caretakers to their toys or adult figures or their favourite character while performing other activities that mimic adult life. They are always watching and absorbing real life and want to explore this with their play, either on their own or with their parents. This helps children develop their fine motor skills as they push into character as well as their cognitive and social development.

Pretend Play and Problem Solving for Children

Pretend play helps little ones with their problem-solving skills, fine motor and imagination play so make ideal gifts for every toddler! If you know they have a wooden toy kitchen you can get them the matching accessories and create a full kitchen experience and better cooking games for all the family, not just the children! Go wild having fun and pretending to be a child again! Break out the wooden toy tools and DIY your house to perfection, clean up and brush the floor or throw doll parties!

Role Playing Toys for Toddlers

Role-playing toys for toddlers and little ones are a great way to help them practice their social interaction with their friends. These pretend play items allow children the chance of being in different roles and situations, which helps with understanding how other people think or feel on certain topics like anger management among many other things! They are also great for developing children’s imagination and learning about how people act in different situations whilst having fun.

Educational Games

Role play for children can be a great way to get children thinking creatively. Role play shop toys can help with maths skills, social skills whilst having great fun. The toy food and accessories can be sold by the shop keeper to another child, they can add up and count the cost and pay with pretend toy money or they could even create their own games and even include their cute dolls.

Role Play Toy Brands

Our role play toy brands include Bigjigs Toys, Tidlo Toys, Tender Leaf Toys, Indigo Jamm and Djeco and our toy collection is for all ages from baby role play up to age 12. Some have sounds and music whilst others are lovely and quiet and come in every shape and colour to match your nursery theme. We only stock toy brands with the best quality and customer service. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to receive all the latest offers and deals!

Selection of our RolePlay Products


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