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Looking for the perfect wooden dollhouse?

Our wooden doll houses are perfect for kids of all ages. They’re made from high-quality, responsibly sourced materials and they come in so many different styles that you’ll be sure to find the perfect one! From Victorian-style dollhouses to simple cottages – we’ve got it all! Your kids deserve the best and we have the perfect doll houses for them. Our wooden dolls houses are made and designed to be safe for children. They’re also a great way to inspire your children’s creativity and spark their imagination. Check out our doll house and other fresh dolls collection today!

Dolls House

Children love playing with a beautiful wooden dolls house creating different families and living everyday life through their miniature friends. More than just a traditional toy, a kids doll house is also a good early developmental toy. Combine them with a high doll chair and your kids can put your dolls to play with them inside the doll house. Or get some matching dolls house furniture to kit the house out in style. You can get a doll house furniture set for each room or a general furniture set for the whole house.

With these wonderful, traditional dolls houses, you will see your kids create miniature mother and father figures. These toys allow children explore different roles and relationships on a tiny scale. Through this role play and pretend play, children gain better social and emotional understanding, whilst developing key communication skills.

Wooden Dollhouse for Creative Play

The creative play aspect comes from designing each of the dolls’ rooms of the doll house using the various pieces of gorgeous miniature furniture sets and dollhouse accessories which also improves fine motor skills and even communication as they make up stories including it!

Your children can decorate and furnish their wooden dolls houses with furniture sets and accessories designed for this kind of play. Your children’s doll family can live in a fancy wooden doll house. Or they can live in the countryside in a small cottage. There are endless possibilities when it comes to play with dolls houses. That’s the most interesting thing about wooden toys, they can be converted into anything and can make your child’s playtime worth something big. They make perfect gifts for just about every child!

If you are looking for a large wooden dolls house then either the adorable Plan toys Victorian dolls house in natural wood or the Tender Leaf Fantail Hall are both magnificent large wooden dolls house which will last for generations! The djeco wooden dolls house has a more retro style if you prefer that. Note due to poor quality issues we no longer stock le toy van.

The tidlo wooden dolls house has a back panel the same as the front panel, both open so ideal for siblings sharing for even makes a great addition for a nursery for multiple children to play with it at once. The category shop toys also has some excellent shop toys for nursery settings. You can arrange collection from our shop or we can deliver to anywhere in the Uk and Ireland. Our brands include Tidlo, Plan Toys, Big jig toys, Djeco and Tender Leaf Toys.

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