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Stacking games are good toys for little children. Stacking objects and toys is a huge part of a child’s early learning and development. This is the kind of early learning toys and games you want your children playing because they are fun, simple and educational.

Activities and games that involve stacking and organising objects and toys based on their attributes are fun ways to encourage children to discover how the world works around them and what things go together. Little children will be able to understand simple scientific and math concepts involved in stacking which is a good thing.

Little children usually start stacking anything they can get their hands on as soon as they are able to use their hands and fingers to pick up and manipulate objects. They start with stacking common household items like empty cardboard boxes on top of each other. When they are already good at stacking these items, they need something new and a bit challenging.

Grimms House – Coloured

Grimms is a German toy maker known for their widely popular rainbow coloured wooden toys. Their toys are some of the best looking wooden toys on the market, featuring minimalist design and bright colours. Most of their toys can double as nursery or playroom decorations because of how they look fantastic.

Grimms rainbow coloured house have been around for many years and remained one of their best selling toys. Little children will have a fun time stacking and nesting wooden arches and play mini games with their friends.

This stacking game set is flexible and versatile and can be played different ways other than stacking. For instance, when children get bored of stacking they can simply use the pieces from this set as tunnels for cars or caves for mythical creatures for their other toys.

Bigjigs Weather Balancing Game

Bigjigs is another toy maker we trust and highly recommend. They make some of the most beautiful wooden toys and the family-owned business operates straight from the United Kingdom. They make simple, fun and highly educational toys from responsibly sourced materials like wood. They also know that their toys are being played by children so they make sure their toys are 100% safe.

This stacking game is unique and fun to play. It comes with an upside-down umbrella and 6 weather symbols – rainbow, cloud, raindrop, snowflake and sun and thunder. Perfect toy to encourage children to learn advanced stacking and learn about the different kinds of weather.

Djeco Cubanimo Blocks for infants

This wonderful set of 17 pieces including 3 accent blocks, 9 nesting blocks, 2 roofs and 3 animals. These blocks feature cute illustrations and designs as well as bright colours that are guaranteed to grab your children’s attention. Your children will have a fun time playing with these wonderful blocks.

Indigo Jamm Lighthouse Stacker

This lovely lighthouse from Indigo Jamm is a fun way to promote early learning and development. It comes with 8 stacking pieces that are guaranteed to entertain and help your children develop essential skills like fine motor, hand eye coordination and more.

Stacking Games

Stacking games are specially designed toys for toddlers and babies. They promote learning through fun play, keeping in mind everything that’s important for them. From counting to colours, shapes and more, these stacking games will help your child grow up smarter than ever before.

Your children deserve to play with the best toys available so give them toys they’ll enjoy playing with every day of their life! These stacking games are perfect for both babies and toddlers who are still developing their skills and learning about the world around them. Purchase a stacking game today and let your child have fun while learning!

These fun activities are great for teaching kids how to count, identify colours and shapes. Designed with your kid’s little hands in mind, these toys have little toy pieces that your kid can easily pick up. These toys help with your kid’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They also stimulate creative thinking and imagination. Powerful learning tools like this playset only work wonders in your child’s early development. If not, you always have the option to go for something creative a stacking ring or stacking cup toy 

Made with eco-friendly materials and finished with mineral-based colourants, these playsets are safe for kids and the environment.

Stacking Games Buying Guide

Stacking games are good for entertaining as well as promote early learning for young children. These toys allow children to develop essential skills like sorting, stacking, basic math, hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and so much more. These toys have been around for many years but they remained popular because of their educational value.

Here are a few things to keep in mind and look for when buying stacking games for your children.

Age-appropriate and Safety

Your children’s safety should be at the top of your list when buying toys. One of the things to consider when buying a stacking game or any toy for that matter is age suitability. Age suitability and safety are usually correlated with one another. For instance, a stacking game that has too many detachable parts are most likely not appropriate for children under the age of 3 years because these are potential choking hazards. If you have noticed already, most toys for younger children come in larger sizes.

Moreover, stacking games that are designed for older children might be too complex and complicated for younger children to solve. This could be a cause of disappointment and frustration so avoid stacking games that are too advanced for your children.


The materials of the stacking game playsets also affect how safe they are to play. Plastic is probably the most common material used in toy production because it is cheap. Plastic toys including plastic stacking games are widely available because they are mass-produced. Unfortunately, plastic stacking games might contain harmful chemicals like BPA or bisphenol-A, phthalates, polyvinyl chloride or PVC and more. You do not want your children to come in contact with these toxic chemicals especially if your children have developed a nasty habit of putting things into their mouths.

Additionally, any toy made from plastic is never good for the environment. The production of plastic products use enormous amounts of our planet’s resources and energy. Not to mention, these plastic products do not break down quickly when they reach the end of their life and no longer serve a purpose. This is one of the reasons why we highly recommend choosing wooden stacking games.


Some stacking games are not just for stacking, they also provide other educational purposes. One good example is Bigjigs Weather Balancing Game. This is a fantastic playset for stacking and at the same time good toys for teaching children about the weather.

Another good example of versatile stacking games is building blocks. These toys are very versatile that they grow with your children. If you want to save money on toys, this is something that you might want to consider. Children will grow older and move on to more complex and advanced toys. It is kind of like future-proofing your children’s toys.

Alternatively, you can choose good-looking toys that can double as nursery or playroom decoration. So when your children move on to other toys, you can use their stacking games to decorate their playrooms or bedrooms.

Are Stacking Games Worth It?

As parents, we are responsible for our children’s early learning. After all, early learning begins at home. We can always make early learning fun and easy for our children by providing them with the appropriate developmental toys to help them develop essential skills. One good example of developmental toys is the stacking game.

Should you buy a stacking game for your child?

Definitely. These toys are highly recommended. Not only are they fun, they are also good for early development. Your child can play all sorts of games with stacking games to keep things fresh and new. If you cannot decide what toy to buy for your child, you definitely should consider getting her a stacking game.

Choose wooden stacking games

Stacking games are quite popular so you can see a lot of variations out there. These games can be made from wood or plastic. Plastic stacking games are widely available but they are not the most eco-friendly. The only advantage of buying plastic stacking games is that most of them are dishwasher safe which means busy parents will have an easy time cleaning them. That is not to say that wooden stacking games are difficult to clean but cleaning anything with a dishwasher is just convenient.

Production of any items made from plastic is not good for our environment because such production uses an enormous amount of resources and these resources are depleting fast. Choosing wooden stacking games is a good way to set your children on a path of sustainable living.

Another advantage of buying wooden stacking toys is that wood usually does not come with the same toxic chemicals found in plastic toys. BPA or bisphenol-A, phthalates, PVC or polyvinyl chloride are only a few of these harmful chemicals found in most plastic toys. Furthermore, wood has natural antibacterial properties so wooden stacking games do not get dirty easily.

Some wooden stacking games like those with minimalist design can double as a decorative. Eventually, your children will move on to other toys so when this happens you can use their old wooden stacking toys as decorations for their nursery or playroom.

Versatile toys

Some of these games also serve other educational purposes. One such stacking game is Bigjigs Weather Balancing Game. It is a stacking game and at the same time it teaches children about the different kinds of weather.

Other stacking games also come in a form of building blocks. These are fantastic toys that encourage children to build something interesting using their imagination and creativity. Others come with letters of the alphabet printed on the blocks so they can be used for teaching children about letters.

Are Stacking Games Good for Early Learning?

Stacking games are good early developmental toys for children. These playsets promote early development and allow children to practice and develop a wide range of essential skills like hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving skills and many more.

It is important to provide children with toys that are educational as well as simple and fun. Playing with developmental toys like stacking games help prepare children for when they become older and start going to school. So yes, stacking games are good for early learning.

Fine Motor Skills and Hand Eye Coordination

Fine motors are abilities that involve a small group of muscles in the hands and fingers. These are fine precise movements we use to perform specific actions with our hands like playing a piano, using a pair of scissors to cut paper, using a spoon and fork to eat and many more. Hand eye coordination on the other hand is defined as the ability to perform coordinated movements of the eyes and hands.

When children play with stacking games, they use their hands and fingers to pick up toy pieces to either stack them on top of another or simply manipulate them to construct play. A child’s ability to play with stacking games help them practice and develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. These are set of essential skills children need to be able to perform actions when they grow older and become less dependent on their parents.

Shape and Colour Recognition

Shape and colour recognition are important skills to develop early on. Our world is made of different colours and shapes and being able to recognise them helps children sort and classify different objects around them based on these attributes. Moreover, these skills help children develop better language skills through descriptive statements.

Letters and numbers are also made up of different shapes. Being able to identify shapes helps children learn numbers and letters quickly. For example, once a child knows what a circle looks like she will be able to identify the letter O and the number 0.

Cognitive Development and Problem Solving

Stacking games allow children to discover new concepts and understand how the things around them work. These playsets also provide children with a safe environment to experiment and make their own discoveries. These games make for valuable developmental games because they stimulate children’s mental ability, concentration and memory.

Most stacking games play like puzzles and provide challenges that are appropriate for little children. They can practice and develop their problem solving skills. When children grow older, they will be facing challenges and problems and without solid problem skills, these can give them a hard time and can cause frustration.

Language and Communication Skills

When playing with stacking games, children are working on their language and communications skills as well. They will learn new concepts and words and use what they learn to improve their communication. Stacking games usually come with toy pieces in varying sizes and shapes. These pieces will help children expand their vocabulary by comparing them each piece to another.

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