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Best Toys for Open Ended Play

We know that kids are always looking for new ways to play. That’s why we have a huge range of open-ended toys, so they can explore and create their own fun. From classic wooden building blocks to challenging balance boards, we’ve got the right toys to make your children’s playtime fun and exciting!

It’s Baba Me’s mission to provide parents with high quality, safe and educational toys that encourage creativity and exploration through open-ended play. We want your child to have an amazing experience when they are playing so they never lose their sense of wonder or curiosity.

Toys that offer open-ended fun are essential to a child’s early development. These toys allow little children to understand the world and the things around them. They also allow them to use their imagination and creative thinking. Most of these toys also provide opportunities for little ones to learn basic problem solving and develop their senses.

We have a wide range of toys for open-ended play. If your kid is into pretend-play, we have play silks for dress-up sessions with their friends and Waldorf dolls for a wonderful parent-child roleplay. Our peg dolls and animal toys are not only perfect for imaginative play, but they also help your kids develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Our wide selection of toys for open-ended fun fits every child’s play style.

A higher section of these toys are made of wood so you can be assured about the build quality incase your child drops it from the bed. The quality of material in our products is the best you can find in the market. 

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