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Farm animal toys are widely popular with little children. Children love playing with farm animals and farm tractors and what’s more is that they learn by doing and playing. These toys provide children with a safe environment for them to play alone or with others.

These toys give them a good opportunity to establish friendships with other children their age. They also offer numerous advantages to children, permitting them to utilize their creative mind and expand their dictionary as they act out scenes with their animals and the farmer. They are extraordinary for open-ended play and guaranteed to delight and excite your little one while playing along, with friends or just bonding between parent and child.

There are many options out there and the choices can be a bit overwhelming. Selecting a farm animal set for your little one can be a bit challenging. Many toy farm sets accompany an assortment of accessories like outbuildings, trees and mini-fences. Similarly, there are farm animal toys that are not part of a set and can be bought solo.

These toys are for keeping your baby or toddler entertained during car trips to the supermarket. Different sets center around specific sorts of animals, for instance, barn animal sets come with cows, chickens, goats and other common barn animals. Some farm animal toys can even make sounds and play music.

So here’s our top picks for the best barn animal toys.

Indigo Jamm Tractor Tim

We definitely love Indigo Jamm wooden toys. Tractor Jim is a cute little peg doll farmer riding his retro-styled blue farm tractor. And he’s not alone. He is accompanied by similarly cute wooden farm animals. All toy pieces are made using rubberwood and painted with non-toxic dyes.

Bigjigs Play Farm

Bigjigs is another highly recommended toy brand. They are a family business operating in the United Kingdom. We love their brightly coloured Play Farm. This playset is guaranteed to catch your little one’s attention and entertain him for hours. The set comes with a windmill and functional stable, a kennel, pond and a vegetable patch. Your child can join the fun with Mr and Mrs Farmer and their farm animals.

All Bigjigs toys are made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and confirm to strict European and international safety standards.

Tidlo Farmyard Animals

Complete your farm playset with this adorable farm animal set from Tidlo. This set includes two of each of the most common farm animals – cows, sheeps, pigs, ducks and chickens. Your little one will have a wonderful time waiting for the chickens to lay some eggs or watch the ducks swim about in the pond. Perfect gift for children who love animals and imaginative play. Great for developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Tender Leaf Toys 13 Farmyard Shelf Set

If your child loves animals, then this is the perfect animal set for her. This fantastic animal set from Tender Leaf Toys comes with a collection of 13 adorably cute wooden animals. Watch your child have a good time with this farm animal toys for hours.

All Tender Leaf Toys are made from renewable rubber wood, a by-product of the latex industry. Another free is replanted for every toy that is made.

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