How Do Stacking Ring Toys Help Develop Skills?




How Do Stacking Ring Toys Help Develop Skills?

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If you have a baby or toddler at home, odds are you have a stacking ring toy. It’s a great toy with numerous advantages, and it’s such a good decision to have one at home for your child to play with while she is still in her early developmental stages.

These wooden made toys energize critical thinking, help develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as well as teach basic numeracy, logic and colour recognition. There are a few things to keep in mind if we want to motivate our children to develop their skills at an early age through play.

At 8 – 9 months, you want your baby to practice using her hands and fingers to manipulate objects around her. This is where stacking ring toys come in handy. These toys have such exceptional developmental value that they not only entertain your children but also encourage hand and arm movements.

Not only that, most toys are brightly coloured and come in a wide range of shapes and forms.

These are simple toys yet our little children cannot get enough of them. These are iconic toys that are pretty straightforward.

There is a post, and rings of differing sizes, and your baby stacks these rings on top of each other utilizing the post. Babies and toddlers absolutely love these toys and it is very difficult not to see why.

Hand-Eye Coordination & Fine Motor Skills

These baby toys help children learn how to control their hands and fingers to hold and manipulate objects. Newborns do not yet possess the ability to control the muscles of their hands and fingers so they use their entire hands to explore and hold objects. This is the reason why some stacking toys have huge chunky rings. Babies who have yet to develop fine motor skills can easily hold on to these rings and play with them.

Being able to stack objects on top of each other is a good indication that your kid has developed her fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye coordination is the controlled movements of the eyes in coordination with the hands and fingers. This is an essential skill that your child needs to develop to perform simple actions like using a pair of scissors. Moving on from simple stacking toys or activity cubes is an ideal development for toddlers.

Colour & Shape Recognition

Most toys come in bright colours. These toys will definitely catch your child attention and entertain her for hours. You can use these toys to teach her first colours and numbers.

Our world is made up of colours and shapes. It is important to develop colour recognition and numeracy before your child starts going to school.

Problem Solving & Cognitive Skills

These toys appear simple to us adults but they pose a challenge for our little ones to figure out. When your child starts playing with rings, she might be thinking about how she can stack the rings on top of each other.

Encouraging them to figure things out helps build confidence as well as providing a risk-free playing environment for our children to experiment with solutions.

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