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Montessori toys are the perfect way to introduce your child to an alternative style of learning. With our range of beautifully crafted Montessori toys, you can introduce Montessori learning to your kid at home. These toys will help you teach your child how to do things like identify colours, shapes and numbers in a fun and engaging way!

We believe that every child deserves access to educational materials at home so they can learn through play. So we handpicked the best Montesorri toys so that your child can have fun while learning.

Montessori education encourages learning at your child’s pace. This kind of teaching steers your child towards independence at an early age. Fill your child’s nursery and playroom with educational toys and let them choose which toys they want to play with.

Usually finished with bright colours, these Montessori toys are visually appealing, keeping your child interested in learning through play. These toys are more than just educational toys as they are mostly made from renewable materials like wood, making them one of the most eco-friendly toys on the market.

What Are Montessori Toys

Montessori playsets are toys that support Montessori learning named Dr. Maria Montessori. Montessori learning is an educational philosophy that emphasizes learning independence and encourages children to be resourceful and explore the world around them independently.

The Montessori educational model has been used to teach young children around the world for more than a century and has become popular with many parents recently. Montessori learning is not only intended for classrooms but can also be applied in a home setting.

Montessori learning often involves the use of toys made from natural materials like wood. Toys made from wood are good for the environment as well as for early learning and development.

These toys are fantastic for visual stimulation because they often come in bright colours and good for tactile stimulation because of their wooden texture. Children will also experience different smells and weights and bring them closer to nature.

When shopping for toys, parents are faced with the challenge of identifying Montessori toys. The importance of Montessori toys in a kid’s life is hard to overstate. Montessori toys are good early learning tools used to teach young children.

These toys can be used in the classroom or at home, but their primary purpose is to make learning fun and motivating while enhancing cognitive skills such as language, math, social skills, and fine motor skills.

The Montessori method of education has been popularized over the last century due to its effectiveness. This method encourages students to develop knowledge through active exploration and hands-on experiences rather than passively listening to lectures.

Montessori toys are becoming more popular

Interestingly, Montessori toys are becoming more popular at a time when the modern world is concerned about child safety and wellbeing. It really encourages children to analyse, explore, have fun, and discover things for themselves.

Perhaps the greatest thing about Montessori toys is that they encourage free play. In the modern world, technology has replaced many traditional toys. Although these new toys can be highly functional, they often fail to stimulate the imagination. Montessori toys are intended to work with a child’s specific skills and needs, not against it.

Learning should be fun and exciting, allowing children to develop at their own pace. Children are naturally inclined to play – and variety and novelty in toys can get them interested in the world around them. Being surrounded by materials that allow us to explore our environment will captivate all kids – be it with shapes, colors, or textures.

Montessori toys encourage repetitive practice as children manipulate objects and observe the changes around them. These toys are often multi-sensorial, reflective, exploratory, and designed for extended use.

Montessori toys are eco-friendly

Buying Montessori toys is not only good for your children’s development but also good for our environment. Our world is littered with plastic waste and production of plastic uses too much of our planet’s resources and said resources are depleting at an accelerated pace.

While many toy makers are making an effort towards sustainability and making plastic safer than before, these actions are still not enough and we should do more to save our planet from destruction.

Montessori Toys Buying Guide

Solidly grounded by its founder, Maria Montessori’s innovative philosophies and principles, the Montessori educational method is one of the most popular alternative school systems in the world today.

A lot of kids are reacting well to this approach because in the Montessori Method, they are given opportunities to learn through self-directed and hands-on experiences. This philosophy is a great way to promote teaching independence and letting children direct their own learning. With these Montessori toys, your child will have the freedom to explore and learn in their own unique way.

Montessori toys have been used for teaching children for at least half a century. These toys are also perfect for children’s early development because these toys help them develop their skills which is why they are very popular around the world.

These toys provide hours of fun, they teach about cause and effect learning, help your child develop patience and persistence ideal for artistic development, you can use these in play-based programs as well as Montessori environments.

Montessori toys add variety and challenge to a child’s play time. They inspire the development of fine motor skills, cognitive thinking, and even socialization with teachers and peers. Some of these toys incorporate fun ways to learn different lessons and concepts like languages and numbers.

However, many parents often get confused as to what kind of Montessori toy to buy for their little one. So here’s our short guide on how to choose the right Montessori toys for your child.


The first thing that should be at the top of your list when buying Montessory toys or any toy for that matter. No matter how good a toy is, if it is not safe to play then it is not worth it.

Montessori toys are made from wooden materials. While most wooden toys are safe, make sure that the toy has round edges and smooth surfaces to avoid any injuries and splinters. If your child is too young to be playing with small toys, make sure to buy Montessori toys that are chunky in size.

Buying small toys for your child could increase the risk of choking especially if your child has developed a nasty habit of putting objects and toys into her mouth.


Not all Montessori toys are created equal. Some of these toys might last longer than others. You want your Montessori toy to last for as long as possible. Make sure to do your own research before deciding to buy a Montessori toy. Read online reviews from other parents and learn from their experience so that you can set your expectations.

Toys That Grow With Your Child

Choose Montessori toys that grow with your child. Children grow so fast and it is a good idea to invest in toys that your child will play as he grows. For instance, alphabet building blocks are good examples of toys that grow with your child. Your child will learn about the letters of the alphabet and when he grows older he can use the same building blocks to build structures.

Toys That Support Your Child’s Interest

Buying Montessori toys that support your child’s interest is good for her development. If your little one is a budding chef that has picked up an interest in cooking, it is highly recommended to buy Montessori toys that are related to food and cooking.

Should You Buy Montessori Toys

The Montessori method has long been known as a way to develop early learning skills and instill self-discipline. At its core, the Montessori method is about introducing children to independence through self-directed play that uses educational toys.

It is based on teaching children through self-activity and self-motivation. The Montessori Method aims to develop a child’s independence and self-esteem with its hands-on learning approach. The right toys give your child the freedom to learn through exploration.

Created by Maria Montessori, it is a unique approach to learning which aims to help your child develop his or her full potential. It encourages independence and provides an environment in which your child can have fun while naturally developing their abilities. The Montessori method emphasizes using different sensory experiences to promote learning. This can include touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell.

The Montessori method is well-known for how it encourages children to learn through activities that they have chosen. It is actually quite normal for children to engage in their own learning through play. Children learn best when their activities are an extension of play and offer them opportunities to think creatively – releasing their inner curiosity.

Some parents might wonder how the Montessori method can blend with their own educational values. After all, the Montessori method means letting a child be free to get whatever they want whenever they want it from a toy box rather than having to follow strict rules such as only getting out one toy at a time or putting away toys after each play session.

The Montessori method stresses the importance of a child learning on their own and through direct experience. This includes being surrounded by the right environment, which means using toys that are not “babied” by the adult. It goes without saying that you want to ensure your child grows up safe and happy.

While there is no denying that children need interaction with others in addition to toys, the Montessori method of teaching aids in building the skills they will need when left alone.

It is important to understand how these education philosophies work, why the right Montessori toys are important, how they affect your child’s development, knowing how to choose just the right Montessori toys.

If you are a parent looking for toys that promote early learning, look no further than Montessori toys. These toys stimulate your child’s mind even at an early age and it also works for children who have already started going to school.

As a parent, you can introduce these educational activities into your child’s daily life through toys and other objects at home. Montessori toys are specially designed with this in mind, so you can easily choose the right toys for your child. By the time your child is two-years-old, they have already gone through a number of developmental changes which will impact their educational needs.

Are Montessori toys worth it? Yes, they are. While it is only normal to want the best for our children, parents should not be chasing the next must-have toys especially if you are on a tight budget. There are many ways to maximise your child’s learning and developmental potential. You just have to look at the right places.

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