Should You Buy Peg Dolls for Your Child?




Should You Buy Peg Dolls for Your Child?

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Yes, you should buy your child a peg doll set. They are some of the most popular wooden toys. And wooden toys are great for little kids especially for their development and growth. They are also good for the environment. Many parents love them for their small size. You can easily put them in your purse or bag for when you need something to keep your child entertained during a car ride. However, you need to supervise your child when playing with them especially if she is prone to putting things in her mouth.

Environment-friendly Toys

Peg dolls are made from wood. Even DIY ones are made from wooden dolly pegs. Wood is a sustainable and biodegradable material. They can come in either painted and unpainted variants. Painted variants are often brightly colored and most brands use toxic-free paint which gives their toys more eco-credentials. Unlike mass-produced plastic toys, most wooden toys are handcrafted by artisans through production methods that use little energy.

Powerful Early Learning Tools

Peg dolls are great for early learning and development. Foundational skills like shape and colour recognition, numeracy and understanding cause-effect are only some of the important skills to set your child up to learn more advanced concepts for when she starts going to school.

Painted peg dolls with their bright colour finish can be used to teach children their first basic colours. If you buy them in sets, you can teach your child how to count and sort them by colour.

Peg dolls are small and your child’s tiny hands can easily grasp them. She can manipulate them and move them around. And when she uses her hands to play, she develops her hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. She needs these skills to perform daily tasks when she grows older. Using a pair of scissors to cut paper, buttoning a shirt, tying shoelaces, using utensils and writing often require well-developed hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Wooden toys like peg dolls are fantastic for role-playing. Children learn through play and one of the most powerful forms of play is role-playing. Role playing is an essential part of every child’s developmental stage because through it children use their imagination and creativity. Through the use of their imagination, children learn to think for themselves and through creativity they discover new things and come up with good solutions to simple problems. Playing make-believe also allows children to see things in different perspectives which leads to better understanding of how the world works around them.

Pretend play also fosters empathy, emotional growth, language and communication development. Children learn to sympathize and deal with different ranges of emotions. When role-playing as someone else, it encourages children to explore different social situations and how to interact with others. It’s a risk-free environment for children to use and explore new ideas. Role-playing encourages communication and when playing make-believe children often use words they learned from school or heard from their parents. This expands their vocabulary and helps them understand what certain words mean.

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