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Pique your child’s imagination with role play toys such as a toy fire engine or toy doctor set.

Shop our amazing range of emergency services toys for kids. Role-playing is one of the most common things kids do on their playtime. As your children whizz past you once again shouting nee-naw nee-naw you will be amazed at their wonderfully vivid imaginations. Kids love saving the day like their favourite superheroes. With the help of a simple costume and a toy box full of educational toys, they can be doctors to treat all your ailments, vets to treat their stuffed animals (offering loads of developmental benefits) or firefighters to put out fires all-around your house. Fun possibilities are endless with our collection of emergency services toys.


These role-play toddler toys grow with your child’s imagination and are important for child development as they encourage better language skills and social skills through pretend play. Kids pretend play toys are perfect for nurseries or child care providers where, during group imaginative playtime with friends, children learn team working and communication skills.

As retailers in the toy industry and parents ourselves we are passionate about child development, providing pretend play toys for any gender, from early years and beyond. Role-playing activities for girls and boys will enhance social skills, emotional development and help children to understand their gender identity. The provision of costumes, baby dolls, action figures and different scenes and scenarios such as a pretend play kitchen, hospital play set and fire station play set will provide a basis for a multitude of games.

As children play with a toy wooden fire engine they will create more and more exciting and imaginative scenarios. Be amazed as your avid Fireman Sam fans take wooden toy trucks to create a pile of vehicles to be on fire. Wooden blocks will be used to build towers to rescue stuffed animals from, and little wood dolls will be rescued from their dolls houses. 

Watch as toy fireman models carry out a dramatic rescue up an extendable ladder on their wooden fire truck whilst a dump truck brings extra water to help put out the fire, or a wooden police car zooms in to arrest any criminals. The Tildo wooden toy police station complete with a jail cell and desk for coordinating operations make a great addition to any emergency services playset. 

The fantastic Just B fire engine toy comes with two heroic firefighters, the engine has flashing lights, an extension ladder, extending hose a water pump and the engine makes vroom vroom sounds. We also stock a wonderful wooden toy fire engine from Pintoy, this too has an extendable ladder and fits the Pintoy Firefighter models.

The Pintoy fire station comes with break room furniture so the firefighters can relax between shouts. This gives brilliant extra play value. All our fire vehicles have working wheels so can be moved around with ease. Adding the firefighter toys to our toy cars trucks and wood toy steam engines, your kids will be able to create a whole town. Your child doesn’t have to use firefighters in their fire engines, if you have any Marvel Avengers, Star Wars or Batman fans take a look at the superhero action figures who kids will adore flying around the room to save the day.

All towns need a hospital for their patients, take a look at our hospital play sets. The Tidlo set is fantastic complete with wooden ambulance toy, rescue helecopter, doctors, nurses, patients and medical equiptment.

And why not add a toy doctor set to your child’s collection. All packed into a handy carry case, a toy medical kit such as the gorgeous plan toys doctor set includes a toy stethoscope, medicine bottles, reflex hammer, ear scope, thermometer, syringe and blood pressure cuff. The just B Wee MD carrying case even has a toy stethoscope that makes heartbeat sounds and a blood pressure gauge in its medical kit. As children pretend and play help them feel the part of a nurse, vet or medical doctor by giving them basic costumes such as a white coat and white plimsoles.

Activities to set up in relation to role play include creating different classroom signs and labels for different role play areas, naming different professions then acting them out. Use a range of our stunning wooden role play toys to set up puzzles for children to solve as part of playing the different roles. Children will love to play the different scenarios you set up for them as they work out the different challenges you put forward. For example, medical games can create basic maths and biology puzzles for children to solve. You could be shaping your child’s future through role-playing and they will love having fun with you.

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