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Children love playing with toys. Toys give them the freedom to express themselves and explore the world around them. Most toys are purely for entertainment purposes only but there are some playsets that are both fun and educational. Police toys  and emergency service toys are exactly just that. These toys are simply fun but also contribute to children’s early development.

Police toy sets are good for challenging children’s thinking and encourages them to explore new ideas. Children can have hours upon hours of fun imaginative play either solo or with others. They can role play as well which is a good thing because role playing is highly recommended by child experts. Role playing helps children facilitate cognitive and emotional growth. They appear as simple toys but they are really good for early development. As parents, we want the best for our children and that includes the toys they are playing. You do not have to spend a lot of money on high quality toys, either. There are many police toy playsets that are affordable but are still considered good toys.

There are thousands of police toy playsets in the market and picking the right one for you and your child can be a bit challenging. But do not worry. We have got you converted with our list of the best police toys for little children.

Indigo Jamm Emergency Vehicles

We definitely love Indigo Jamm. Their toys always feature unique retro designs and illustrations. Not to mention, all their wooden toys are made from responsibly sourced wooden materials. That is a huge plus in our book. Living sustainably can start at an early age and there is no better way to set our children on a path of sustainable living than buying wooden toys.

This lovely playset includes 3 iconic British vehicles; an emergency ambulance, a police car and a fire truck. These toy vehicles would make a perfect addition to your child’s toy collection. Each toy piece is thoughtfully-made and painted with bright colours which is guaranteed to grab your child’s attention and entertain him for hours.

Tidlo Rescue Vehicle Set

Tidlo Toys is another toy maker we love. They make high quality toys from sustainable materials like wood. All their toys are painted or finished with non-toxic paint and conform to European and international safety standards.

Tidlo Rescue Vehicle Set is the perfect playset to complete your child’s toy collection. Perfect gift for budding drives and children who love toy vehicles. Each vehicle features intricate chunky designs with no sharp edges. The set includes a police car, a fire engine, an ambulance, a lifeboat and an air ambulance.

Tidlo Police Station

Complete your police toy collection with Tidlo’s adorable Police Station set. This playset comes with 7 lovely accessories including beds, a dispatch desk, a line-up board, built-in jail with sliding doors and bar detailing.

Tidlo Police Bundle

Tidlo Police Bundle is a complete policy toy set that comes with Tidlo Police Station, Tidlo Police Officers & Prisoner, Tildo Police Car and Tidlo Police Van. You can buy all pieces of this bundle separately if your budget is tight.

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