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The Best Toy Buses for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Transport toys are a popular option for children and a toy bus is often top of the list. Big red double-deckers and bright yellow school buses are both iconic vehicles that appear in so many children’s TV shows and books. And of course, every toddler is likely to have heard the wheels on the bus go round and round at some point.

We have a great range of buses, both red and yellow that will delight children, sparking their imaginations and encouraging hours of imaginative play as they transport themselves into an around an imaginary world.

Playing with a toy bus can be great for both fine and gross motor skills as they manoeuvre around the room and carefully place any passengers in their seats. They are also really good for encouraging interaction and language development.

We take a look at some of the best bus toys (find out how they are good for kids development) from our favourite brands.

Indigo Jamm Bernies Number Bus

The Indigo Jamm Bernies Number Bus is a hugely popular bus toy that toddlers and preschoolers love.

Their whole range of transport toys is fantastic and this version of the iconic London Routemaster is no exception. The number bus comes with 6 passengers that are numbered to help children start to learn to recognise numbers and match the passengers to their seats. The perfect combination of education and fun.

Indigo Jamm Benji Bus

Another Indigo Jamm favourite this bus is a version of the classic American school bus and comes with a lift of roof and numbered peg passengers that can be matched to their seats using either their number or their colour.

We love that the whole Indigo Jamm range comes with peg people that are interchangeable so if you have a collection the bus can be kept busy taking everyone to school in the morning and bringing them back home at the end of the day.

Tenderleaf Happy London Bus

This is a really sweet bus toy for little ones that has six little rotating faces. Each face is smiling on one side and either sad or asleep on the other so it’s a great toy for getting little ones to start talking about how they are feeling.

Green Toys School Bus

We love Green Toys at Baba Me. Made from recycled milk cartons they are one of the few companies making environmentally sustainable and ethical plastic toys.

This big yellow school bus is perfect for indoor or outdoor play and can even be used for bath time fun and the open roof allows easy access to any passengers that would like to come along for the ride.

BigJigs Shape Sorting Bus

This is a great bus toy for younger toddlers as they get to learn shapes and the names of lots of animals while they develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The bright colours and engaging and fun, and the pieces are nice and chunky for little hands. A great fist puzzle and bus toy in one.

Tender Leaf London Story Sack

The Tender Leaf story sacks are fantastic toys for developing language and storytelling skills as well as fine motor skills and creativity. They are also excellent value and make great travel toys as the story mat is also a bag for keeping everything together.

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