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Most children love building and constructing things. Give a child cardboard boxes and see him stack them on top of each other and build his first cardboard structure. For most children, this is a calming experience because they are free to imagine things they want to build or construct. Construction toys may appear simple to adults but kids see them as something that can help them build their dream structure. This is one of the reasons why construction toys are among the most popular toys for children.

Here are a few things to look for on a construction toy.

Age-appropriate and Safety

Buying construction toys is not different from buying any other toy. The safety of your kid should be at the top of your priority and doing your own research before making a purchase can help you make an educated decision towards buying your kid’s next favourite toy.

Choosing a construction set that is suitable to your child’s age. Toys that are targeted for older kids often feature complicated parts and components that could frustrate younger kids. Furthermore, these sets might contain too many detachable parts that are potential choking hazards.

Read the product description carefully and make sure to look out for any parts or components included in the construction playset you are eyeing to buy for your kid. It would also help to read reviews from other parents or buyers to get an idea on what to expect from the toy.


The material of the construction toy is sometimes correlated on how safe it is. For instance, construction toys that are made from hard plastic often contain harmful chemicals like PVC or polyvinyl chloride, phthalates, BPA or bisphenol-A, lead and more. There are many types of hard plastic used in toy making. So if you do not know what type of plastic is used to make the construction toy, you are better off buying something more eco-friendly like construction toys made from wood. Furthermore, plastic is not good for the environment. From its production to its disposal, plastic uses too much of our planet’s resources.

We definitely recommend looking for wooden construction toys for many reasons. They are considered safer than plastic and these toys are made from sustainable and renewable materials. Playing with wooden construction toys is your own simple way of setting your child’s path towards a sustainable lifestyle.


Buying toys that easily break is really not a good financial investment because the cost could add up overtime. Moreover, broken pieces or detached components could cause serious injuries.

Buy construction toys from reputable toy makers. Reading online reviews from different sites also help you get an idea how durable the construction toy is.


Setting a budget is also a good idea if you are tight on funds or if you just want to avoid unnecessary spending. It could also help you narrow down your list of toys, making the entire toy shopping experience easy and worry-free.

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