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The Best Toy Trucks for Kids

Toy trucks have been around for many years and they remain a staple of nurseries and playrooms everywhere. Some children are obsessed with toy trucks and that is totally fine. Playing with these toys definitely have their benefits and you absolutely want your children to play something that interests them and supports their early development. As a child pushes his truck toy back and forth, he is developing his fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and gross motor skills. These toys also allow children to engage in imaginative and creative plays and could be played as accessories to their other toys.

There are many toy trucks available on the market. Too many options can sometimes cause difficulty in choosing the best toy trucks. It would be impossible to check each truck toy so we made a list of our top picks for the best toy trucks for little children. We hope our list will help you find the right toy truck for you and your child.

Indigo Jamm Toby truck

Indigo Jamm’s Toby truck is a classic wooden tipper truck featuring their signature retro design, bright yellow finish, removable driver and lifting bed and opening gear section which allows children to unload all construction materials. Perfect toy truck for imaginative and creative play as well as addition to your child’s sandbox toys. Toby is made of sustainable rubber wood and plywood and finished with non-toxic paint.

Tidlo Tipper Truck

This detailed tipper truck from Tidlo features a working tipper at the back, moving tailgate, chunky rubber tires and an open top cab design which allows your child’s little workers inside. Your little one will have a wonderful time loading and unloading all day everyday. Fantastic toy truck for construction play.

Like other Tidlo toys, this tipper truck is made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and finished with non-toxic dyes. All Tidlo toys undergo rigorous quality checks and conform to many international safety standards on kids toys.

Tender Leaf Tow Truck

We definitely love Tender Leaf toys because most of their toys are cute and lovely. It includes 2 peg removable drives, 1 yellow rescue car and 1 blue van. Their tow truck set is a fantastic toy for pretend play which allows children endless possibilities. Little kids can pretend they are patrolling the streets and towing illegally parked cars away. What’s great is that this tow truck set is a good addition to any toy truck collection and can be played inside or outside the house. This wooden playset is also good for sensory and imaginative play.

Green Toys Dune Buggy Pull Toy Blue

Green Toys is popular for their toys made from recycled milk jugs. This chunky buggy in green and blue is a wonderful pull toy to encourage children to become more active indoors or outdoors. As your child pulls this lovely buggy, the giraffe driver rocks back and forth and the monkey in back bounces up and down.

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