Imaginative Play With Animal Figurines




Imaginative Play with Animal Figurines

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Pretend Play

Animal figurines are good toys for children. They can double as toys as well as nursery decorations. Children are familiar with them because they see and hear about them on TV, movies, nursery rhymes and read about them in children’s storybooks. Their familiarity with animals make these creatures appealing to them and they definitely love animals either they are alive or in the form of a toy.

Imaginative play with animal figurines and toys facilitates learning and development in so many ways, llowing children to act out scenarios and situations of their choosing. For instance, they can role-play as zookeepers or farm owners that live with their farm animals. It also encourages physical development in a fun and enjoyable way. Running around the house while holding a bird figurine and acting like the bird is flying is a good way for children to exercise.

There are many ways for children to enjoy imaginative play with different animal figurines and other wooden toys. They can role-play as zookeepers operating a zoo filled with wild animals like tigers, lions, giraffes, elephants and more. Similarly, they can role-play as farmers raising barn animal figurines and toys like cows, goats, chickens, horses, donkeys and ducks on their farm in the countryside. If your children love fantasy, they can also make their fantasy worlds filled with animals and mythical creatures for example a bird that can talk.

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