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Our range of wooden farm sets and animal toys are perfect for your child to play with and will give hours of endless fun! They’re made from 100% natural wood and painted with non-toxic paint, so they’re safe for children of all ages!

Here at Babame, we know that children love animals whether wooden farm animals or woodland animals and all types of pretend play. So with that in mind, we have a fantastic range of wooden toys including farmyards, tractors and trailers, play farms wooden farm animals, farmers and even hay bales! In fact everything you need to build farm playsets and have your child engage in fun imaginative play that is perfect for you.

A classic wooden farm playset is an ideal toy for small world play. A toy toy playset encourages imagination and storytelling as children set up their farmyard and act out all sorts of scenarios. They might be herding cows, ploughing the fields, picking apples or taking vegetables to the market. All while building language and vocabulary skills and learning about the world around them.

These sets make fabulous educational toys for introducing children to the idea of where their food comes from, the seasons and how to look after animals, as well as skills such as counting and building. We love the Tender Leaf chicken coop for amazing interactive play. Combine with some wooden dolls, wooden doll houses and you can create a chicken farm play set!

Le Toy Van My Farmyard and Tidlo Oldfield are good playsets and have an array of buildings fixed and animals fences on a painted board. Children can use the barn, hay-loft and stables to house a wide variety of animals. In the larger buildings, a tractor, farm vehicles or small pieces of machinery could live.

They are also great for storage and for children to begin playing with instantly. The painted boards depict duck ponds and they come with fences and fence posts for children to use to keep animals in. The buildings and boards are painted using wonderfully bright paints, perfect to pique a child’s imagination. Wooden farmyards, tractors and trailers as well as pirate ship toys accessories are fantastic toys.

Playing with these playsets helps children develop their imagination and capacity for narrative thought. Start by setting the scene and then think of simple things you could do. Maybe the farmer needs to feed the chickens in the yard or bring the cows for milking. They’ll soon get the idea and start playing along.

Choose from our toy selection depending on the amount of space you have, your taste and budget.

Bigjigs Wooden Farm Toys

The Bigjigs Mini Farm Playset is ideal if you have limited space, or are looking for something you can take with you. It’s a great set to take on holiday, perfect for visiting relatives and lots of fun for children to simply pack up and carry with them around the house.

This farm yard set would make a great Christmas or birthday gift as it has everything you need to start playing. The set comes with a farmer and his wife, toy farm animals including a cow, a pig, a sheep, a horse, a duck and a chicken. As well as tree’s, fences, a duck pond and even a little veg patch growing carrots. All of which packs away in the barn ready to take with you wherever you go.

The only thing missing is a farm tractor but there are plenty of those to choose from. The Big Jogs mini playset range also includes a hospital and a fire station, perfect for creating a whole miniature world for them to immerse themselves in. For outside the box thinking bigjigs have a farm train set which can also be combined. 

Simple buildings

If you like to keep things simple but can have multiple functions then we think you will love the Ostheimer and Holztiger dolls houses, or the Ostheimer Stable which makes a perfect farmhouse for farm play.

These beautiful wooden buildings are perfect for small world play and make great barns. Yet are simple enough that they can be used for a nativity scene at Christmas or a dollhouse. And the Ostheimer Stable although perfect for horses would make an equally fabulous home for pigs, cows, chickens and sheep.

This is a great route to go if you want something that will last for a long time. Or if you already have a collection of Holztiger or Ostheimer animals that need a home. Both of these brands specialize in handcrafted toys that will inspire and delight children and become treasured possessions to hand down to the next generation.

And of course, they make equally wonderful homes for any of our other wooden farm animals and dolls house dolls.

Big is Beautiful

There are a few options available if you want to go all out and get a complete farmyard scene. We love the BigJigs Play Farm and meadow farm, and Oldfield Farm by Tidlo is a classic toy.

The BigJigs Play farm is great if you appreciate the ability to be able to pack away. The base of this farm playset is made up of six puzzle pieces for you or your child to put together and the farm buildings and Windmill come ready assembled so there’s no screwdriver required on Christmas morning.

The set comes with lots of animals and accessories and is a great value all in one toy that will inspire hours of creative and imaginative play. The farmers can keep busy mucking out the stables, tending the vegetables, or maintaining the windmill, while the animals graze, feed or swim. You even get little buckets, a wheelbarrow, and a tractor toy.

The other BigJigs farm playset, Meadow Farm is a flat pack farm set that comes with animals, a farmer and her husband a tractor and lots of other accessories. It all slots together and can be taken apart again so it’s easy to put together, and comes complete with everything you need to start playing. The size is perfect for Holztiger as well so this makes a great starter set that you can gradually fill with more wooden animals over time.

Finally, the Tidlo Farm has been one of our best sellers for years. The Oldfield Farm farm playset is just the buildings, fence pieces and baseboards. The baseboard splits into two and the buildings can be placed wherever you like. You do need a screwdriver to set this one up but it’s well worth it.

This farm playset obviously works perfectly with the Tidlo Farm Animals and the Tidlo Farming Family. The Tidlo tractor is a gorgeous wooden tractor and also pretty much to scale and can be driven by the farmer to deliver hay to the animals or take the animals to market. Although it also works perfectly with any of the other dolls house-size dolls or puppets and the Holztiger and Ostheimer animals.

Ostheimer Rainbow Rider Set

Often overlooked the Ostheimer Rainbow Rider farm playset is a beautiful open-ended play set that includes two horses, two Jockeys/riders, two other wooden figures, and 30 wooden play pieces. These include a variety of different shaped and sized rainbow coloured blocks as well as poles for creating jumps and fences.

This is a lovely play set that is perfect for little horse lovers and would make a brilliant addition to any collection of open-ended toys. It packs away neatly for display and storage. And it works well with the rest of Ostheimer’s range of buildings, animals and accessories.

A different way to set up a farm for your child is using the collection of Ostheimer buildings. Within this selection are a cottage and four-part house. These can easily become a farmhouse, barn, pigsty, or stables. The pieces are hand carved using solid wood and they’re wonderfully chunky and smooth, perfect for little hands. These work wonderfully in conjunction with the felt play mats, of which there is a farm, river or African scene to choose between. We have trees to provide shelter for animals, a felt rock set for them to hide in, and even a little, felted fire to keep your child’s farmer warm at night!

As self-proclaimed wooden toy animals uk specialists we have a wide array of different children’s wooden farm animals set and even some felted animals and natural pebble animals. We have a few different sets of children’s wooden farm animals, Tidlos are painted in brilliantly bright colors. In the set are pigs, chickens, ducks and cows. The orange tree wooden toy barn and animals set come with a beautiful red barn and farmers. The Indigo Jamm tractor Tim set comes with a small selection of wooden farm animals set to ride in its trailer. You could also visit our Ostheimer and Holztiger pagers to choose from a wider variety of wooden farm animals that we have available and also orchard toys. A farm set is a traditional toy that never goes out of fashion!

Wooden farm sets are right up there with wooden trains and dolls for the most popular toys. Children love them because they can play with farm animals while singing their favourite nursery rhymes. A farm is also a popular setting in kids’ movies and television shows.

Children learn through playing and role-playing plays a big part in a child’s early development. Pretending to be a farmer allows children the opportunity to learn more about farming and animals. It also encourages little kids to use their creativity and imagination in crafting stories and creating worlds filled with farm animals. They can tend to their animals or plough their fields with a toy tractor.

With so many options to choose from, we totally understand why some parents can’t decide which farm sets to buy for their budding farmers. Don’t worry, we made a list of some of the best wooden farm sets available. All toys included in this list are from reputable toymakers, known for their ethical and eco-friendly credentials.

Bigjigs Mini Farm Playset

Founded in 1985 in Folkestone, England, BigJigs is among the most popular toymakers in the UK. It’s a family-owned business known for producing high quality wooden toys.

We highly recommend their Bigjigs Mini Farm Playset if you are looking for a farm set that is affordable and offers hours upon hours of fun and creative play. This wooden farm set from BigJigs provides exceptional product quality and play value. Each piece is made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and finished with non-toxic paint. You can be assured that this set is 100% safe because it conforms to current European and international safety standards.

The set features a barn door which opens to reveal a wholesome farm life scene. It comes with plenty of pieces and accessories like farm animals and Mr & Mrs Farmer. It also comes with 2 fences, two trees, a carrot patch and a pond.

Storing this playset is easy. The barn also serves as a storage for all the toys included in this set. Your child can put everything inside the barn when she’s done playing with them or take her toys outside.

Bigjigs Farmhouse Sorter

Bigjigs Farmhouse Sorter is another amazing toy from Bigjigs. What’s great about this set is that it also doubles as a sorter. Your child can have fun playing with farm animals and fitting them into the sorter. Sorters are fantastic early learning toys because they teach children a wide range of skills like hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving and a lot more.

Tender Leaf Toys Little Barn Set Farm Toy

Tender Leaf is another toy brand we love. They make amazing toys using wooden materials and all their toys are 100% safe.

Tender Leaf Toys Little Barn Set Farm Toy is a fantastic wooden farm set that comes with a tractor, barn, farm animals and a farming couple. Your child is guaranteed to be entertained and occupied in hours of creative and imaginative play. Just like Bigjigs Mini Farm Playset, all toy pieces can be stored inside the barn which makes this set easy to pack away.

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