What Wooden Train Sets Are Compatible




What Wooden Train Sets Are Compatible

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If you have kids then the likelihood is a train set of some description will end up in your home, very possibly a wooden train set.

Kids have loved trains for generations and many of us will fondly remember playing with them as kids.

When it comes to train sets there are many options. Thomas and his friends remain popular with many different sets available, and Chuggington is a relatively new toddler hit. All the supermarkets seem to sell train sets and you can find them in any toy shop.

Hornby model railways are popular with collectors but probably not as suitable for children, especially toddlers. You can make the most incredible landscapes and there are a number of compatible brands, but this is a model railway rather than a toy train set.

When it comes to toy train sets the first thing is to decide whether you are after a plastic or wooden set. Plastic sets can be attractive for toddlers especially if it’s a character set featuring Thomas and his friends. But we think wooden sets are better all round. Similarly, you can find ship toys from us.

Wooden train sets are better for the environment, last longer, and in general, are compatible so you can build your collection over time, just store your train set appropriately.

Finding compatible sets to build your collection

The good news is that any wooden train set you buy from Baba Me will fit with any other set and any of our accessories. And you can maximize small-world play potential by adding in the Small Foot fire station, garage, airport or police station or any emergency toys or transport toys.

Big Jigs rail track is also compatible with most other wooden train track brands including the ever-popular BRIO, Thomas and the new all-wood Ikea track.

This means that wherever you buy your wooden train track from you should be able to combine it all together, perfect if relatives buy it for a birthday or Christmas or you find some extra track or accessories at a car boot sale or in a charity shop.

The quality of the track sold

If it is the case that wooden train tracks all work together then why not just buy the cheap supermarket sets?

Not all wooden track is identical and it’s certainly not all made to the same standards so we recommend you choose a high-quality ethical brand if you are buying new as this is better value in the long run and safer for both your children and the planet.

Bigjigs make their track from sustainably sourced wood and the quality of both the track and the accessories is outstanding.

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