Benefits of Playing Magnetic Drawing Boards




Benefits of Playing Magnetic Drawing Boards

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Magnetic boards are fantastic toys for kids. They are widely available, inexpensive, easy to understand and offer a lot of developmental value. They allow them to express their creativity and help children improve a wide range of skills like fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, communication and language skills and a lot more.

These magnetic boards come in a wide range of designs too. There are magnetic boards that can be used for drawing and writing. This kind of magnetic board often comes with pencils and other accessories like stamps and they are magnetised.

Other magnetic boards, like those from Bigjigs Toys, come in the form of a storyboard. They come with magnetic pieces that can be attached to the board and children can tell stories about them.

Let’s take a look at the benefits and advantages of playing with magnetic boards.

Imagination and Creativity

Most adults view a child’s imagination as an optional component to a healthy and ideal childhood. One of the most important factors in developing imaginative thinking is play time. And magnetic boards are the kind of toys that encourage children to use their creativity and imagination while playing.

Imagination and creativity are essential components of childhood learning and development. Many experts suggest that encouraging children’s imagination and creative thinking during the early stages of development has a huge impact on their future learning. Kids need to be able to think outside the box, problem solve, communicate their thoughts and feelings through a variety of mediums, and create things.

Research has shown over and over again that creative activities give us immense joy and promote curiosity and problem solving. By encouraging our children to play, explore their environment and use their imagination we are planting the seeds for creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills and hand eye coordination are a set of skills that allow children to perform basic actions and complete simple tasks like buttoning their shirt, tying their shoelaces or using a pencil to write or draw.

With magnetic boards, especially those that come with pencils, are a good way to encourage children to use their hands to create something amazing and cool. Whenever a child uses her hands and fingers to play, she is practicing and refining her fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Communication and Language Skills

Magnetic boards encourage children to engage in imaginative storytelling. Some boards come with magnetic pieces that they can use to tell stories based on their experience or something completely new from their imagination.

Telling stories is a good way to develop communication and language skills. Children will have opportunities to learn new words and expand their vocabulary. They will also learn how to communicate and express their thoughts using carefully chosen words.

Emotional and Social Skills

When children play with magnetic boards, they will be able to engage in imaginative play and pretend play. And as they play, they can experience different emotions and will have a chance to see things in different perspectives. Being able to tell stories also helps build a child’s confidence and self-esteem.

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