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Play roads are quite simple toys. But they offer a lot of entertainment and developmental value. These toys allow children to make and design their own road, highway and expressway systems. Most children love cars and they need something to drive their cars on. They also love to use their imagination to build roads in any setting, such as indoors or outdoors.

These playsets are incredible toys that help improve children’s motor skills, dexterity, and coordination. Play roads offer a great way to keep your kids busy for hours, all while providing them with a wide range of benefits. Some play roads even allow children to create their own layout which opens windows of opportunity to experiment and explore different ideas.

So let’s take a look at some of our favourite play roads for kids.

Way to Play Expressway

Expressway is Way to Play’s most popular play road set. It comes with 16 play pieces – 8 curves, 6 straight roads, 1 roundabout and 1 intersection. For hours of fun, kids can race toy cars on the roads or create their own pretend highways. Made in the Netherlands from rubber materials for a smooth playing surface. The perfect gift for kids who love cars and trucks. Fantastic playset for pretend play and help young children exercise their imagination while having fun at the same time.

Bigjigs Roadway Tape

Bigjigs Roadway Tape is easy to use on smooth surfaces like floors, furniture and walls. This allows your little one to create new tracks every time he plays with his toy cars. The tape is also very durable which lasts long and easy to peel off once your little one is done playing. Great playset for encouraging tactile stimulation and imaginative play.

Plan Toys Road System

This fantastic wooden play road from Plan Toys allows your children to make their own road system. The entire set consists of 34 play pieces – 27 tracks, 1 car, 1 street light, 1 bridge and 4 bushes. Each track piece can be snapped easily and is designed with your child’s little hands in mind. All pieces included in this set are made from responsibly sourced rubberwood. This is the ideal playset for children who love to use their imagination and creativity while playing.

Bigjigs Railway Tape

Bigjigs Railway Tape is another fantastic play road set from popular toymaker Bigjigs. Similar to their Roadway Tape, this Railway Tape set is easy to use and peel off. Instead of road markings, this play road set has railway tracks instead. If your child loves trains so much, this is the perfect track for his little train sets.

Way to Play Highway

Way to Play Highway set allows children to make complex road and highway layouts without getting bored. It features 24 play pieces that are easy to connect to each other and can be utilised in many different ways. This set comes with 12 curves, 8 straights, 2 intersections and 2 roundabouts. Your little one is guaranteed to have hours upon hours of imaginative and creative play. Perfect playset for children who are still refining their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

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