10 Best Fairy Toys for Toddlers: (Updated 2023)



Toddlers are joyfully playing with fairy toys in a vibrant and imaginative indoor play area. The toys include miniature fairy figures, a tiny enchanted forest playset, and whimsical accessories, creating a magical and playful environment for the children.

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Seeking to sprinkle some magical fairy dust into your toddler’s playtime? You’re not alone. Fairy toys, with their whimsical designs and enchanting tales, captivate the hearts and imaginations of many young children.

Fortunately, the toy market is fluttering with a variety of fairy-themed toys designed to spark creativity, storytelling, and a love for magical adventures in toddlers.

As an expert in child development and toy selection, I’ve conjured up a comprehensive guide that showcases the top fairy toys for toddlers. This guide aims to guide you through the mystical options, leading you to toys that promise to whisk your toddler away to a world of fairy wings, magic spells, and wondrous tales.

Let’s flutter through this selection together, discovering the perfect fairy toy that promises to light up your toddler’s imagination and provide hours of magical play.

Best Toys for Children Who Love Fairies

Barbie Dreamtopia Tea Party Playset

Unleash fairy tale fantasies with the Barbie Dreamtopia Playset! Your little one will adore grooming and feeding the sweet unicorn, stepping into a magical world that sparks endless imaginative play.

Every day is a whimsical adventure in Dreamtopia

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  • The set includes several pieces, including two dolls, a tea set, and other accessories, providing plenty of opportunities for imaginative play.
  • The dolls are designed with colorful fairy wings and fantasy details, adding an extra element of magic to playtime.
  • The tea party playset features a whimsical mushroom table and butterfly arch, creating a beautiful setting for storytelling and imaginative play.


  • Some reviewers have noted that the clips holding the dolls’ wings can be fragile and may break easily.
  • The dolls’ hair may be disappointing to some, with choppy or short styles.
  • The set includes several small pieces, which may not be appropriate for very young children.

The Barbie Dreamtopia Tea Party Playset is a great choice for parents looking to encourage imaginative play in their toddlers. The set includes several pieces that can be used in a variety of ways, making it a versatile and engaging toy. However, parents should be aware that some pieces may be fragile or inappropriate for very young children.

MON AMI Angel Doll

“Embrace celestial cuddles with the MON AMI Angel Designer Plush Doll! With her tender smile and soft wings, she’s more than a toy—she’s your little one’s heavenly companion. Crafted with love, she brings a sprinkle of magic and a comforting embrace to every heartwarming hug.

It’s not just a plush doll, it’s a guardian angel, ready to soothe, play, and spread a little divine joy in every tender moment.

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  • Soft and plush material
  • Can be used as a decorative item
  • Perfect size for little hands


  • Hair can frizz easily
  • Smaller than expected
  • Limited color options

Crafted from 100% polyester, this doll is both soft and durable. It’s suggested safe for children aged 0 months and up, making it a great choice for infants, toddlers, and children. Plus, it can be spot cleaned and air dried for easy care.

Not only is this doll a great toy, but it can also be used as a decorative item. It measures 15 inches in length, making it a perfect size for little hands to hold and cuddle. And with its cute design, it can be displayed on any shelf or in any area of the house.

However, the hair can frizz easily, and some customers have noted that it’s smaller than expected. Additionally, there are limited color options available.

LEGO Gabby’s Dollhouse Kitty Fairy’s Garden Party

Unlock a garden of adventures with the LEGO Gabby’s Dollhouse Kitty Fairy’s Garden Party set! Your little one will revel in magical play with Gabby and pals, exploring a whimsical treehouse and merry-go-round. It’s not just a playset, it’s a realm where every block builds a tale of friendship and imagination


  • Your toddler will enjoy playing with popular characters from DreamWorks Animation’s Gabby’s Dollhouse.
  • This set includes a buildable tree house with a bed and snacks and fairy garden accessories including a garden with a slide, a swing, and a merry-go-round.
  • LEGO Gabby’s Dollhouse Kitty Fairy’s Garden Party 10787 Building Toy is an enjoyable way to develop key skills and introduce kids to creative construction.


  • The toy contains small pieces that can be a choking hazard for toddlers.
  • The instructions may be difficult for younger children to follow.
  • The price may be a bit high for some parents.

This LEGO set will provide hours of hands-on fun in the garden. Your toddler can join the friends as they water the flowers and make them grow, play on the swing, merry-go-round and slide, and drink tea in the tree house. The tree house and slide measure over 5 in. (13 cm) high, 7 in. (17 cm) wide and 4 in. (11 cm) deep.

The set comes with a printed picture guide that shows the purpose of each building step, and the LEGO Builder app offers digital zoom and rotate tools, so kids can visualize their model as they build. This versatile LEGO 4+ playset makes a great birthday gift for kids ages 4+ years old.

If you want to expand the fun, you can explore the full range of LEGO sets from the Gabby’s Dollhouse collection including 10785 Bakey with Cakey Fun, 10788 Gabby’s Dollhouse, and 10786 Gabby & MerCat’s Ship & Spa.

Bloonsy Unicorn Fairy Garden Kit

Dive into a magical adventure with Bloonsy’s Unicorn Fairy Garden Kit! Your child will adore crafting their whimsical garden, where creativity blooms amidst glowing unicorns and fairies.

It’s not just a playset—it’s a whimsical world of learning and endless fairy tale fun!

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  • Your child gets to create and decorate the Unicorn Fairy Garden to their heart’s desire.
  • The kit includes everything you need for creating the fairytale garden of your dreams.
  • Rainbow-colored LED lights make your little one’s garden light up and look out of this world!


  • The lights aren’t like night lights.
  • The wheat grass may grow quickly and require maintenance.
  • The kit may not be suitable for children under 4 years of age.

Your kids can have endless fun creating their fairytale while learning the principles of planting and nurturing a garden. The kit is made of kid-friendly materials that are safe and high-quality, including non-toxic paints. ASTM tested and approved, after all, your kids’ safety is our priority!

The Bloonsy Unicorn Fairy Garden Kit is a great summer project for your little girl. She can spend hours creating her fantasy world and designing her very own Unicorn Fairy Garden. The kit also includes wheatgrass seeds, soil, a fairy, a unicorn, a castle, jewels, and stickers.

Melissa & Doug Princess Wand Craft Kit

Unleash a royal imagination with the Melissa & Doug Paint & Decorate Your Own Wooden Princess Wand Kit!

A magical blend of crafting and play, this kit invites little hands to create their unique wand, sparking endless tales of adventure.

It’s not just a craft, it’s their passport to a kingdom of creative fun!

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  • Includes everything you need to make a beautiful princess wand.
  • Child-safe shatterproof mirror.
  • Promotes fine motor skills and creative expression.


  • Some reviewers have noted that the star comes off too easily.
  • The glue paint may come off.
  • Some reviewers have mentioned that the paint was frozen during shipping.

This craft kit is a great way to keep your little one entertained on a rainy day. The kit includes a wooden star, a dowel, 2 satin ribbons, 19 gem stickers, 4 pots of paint, a paintbrush, 2 glitter glues, and white glue. Your child can use the wand in a one-person play, be a conductor to help others keep the beat, or use it as a fun prop for an impromptu princess parade with friends.

The child-safe, shatterproof mirror is a great feature that kids can use easily. The princess wand promotes the development of fine motor skills and creative expression. This wand makes a great gift for kids from 4 to 8 years.

Little Tikes Fairy Cozy Coupe

Step into a fairy tale on wheels with the Little Tikes Fairy Cozy Coupe!

This enchanted ride, designed with whimsical wings and a parent push handle, invites your little one to a world of imaginative play.

It’s not just a car—it’s a magical chariot where every ride is a whimsical adventure waiting to unfold!

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  • The fun fairy design is perfect for little girls who love fairy tales and magic.
  • The parent push handle makes it easy for you to guide your child around.
  • The removable floorboard allows your child to use their feet to move the car along when they’re ready.


  • Assembly is required, which can be time-consuming.
  • The height of the car may not be ideal for taller parents.
  • The cup holders in the back of the car don’t come with cups.

The Little Tikes Fairy Cozy Coupe is a great way for your child to explore their imagination and have fun at the same time. The car has a high seat back and cup holders in the rear, as well as a working horn and a moving, clicking ignition switch. The gas cap even opens and closes!

The car rolls on rugged, durable tires, and the front wheels spin 360 degrees. The weight limit is up to 50 lbs, so your child can enjoy it for years to come. 

Light Up LED Pretty Butterfly Fairy Wand for Girls

Light up the magic of play with the FlashingBlinkyLights Butterfly Fairy Wand! With a wave, its multicolor LEDs dance into action, turning ordinary playtime into a spellbinding fairy tale.

Ideal for dress-ups, princess parties, or everyday enchantment, this wand is your little one’s ticket to a world where imagination shines bright!

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  • The wand features bright multicolor LEDs with three different light up settings.
  • It’s perfect for playing dress up, casting spells, and having endless fun.
  • Batteries are included and replaceable.


  • Some customers have reported issues with the wand breaking or malfunctioning after a short period of use.
  • The wand may be too large for very young children to handle comfortably.
  • The light settings may be too bright or overwhelming for some children.

This wand is a great addition to any toddler’s fairy costume or dress up collection. With its bright and colorful LEDs and fun light up settings, it’s sure to provide hours of entertainment.

However, some customers have reported issues with the wand breaking or malfunctioning after a short period of use, so it may not be the most durable option.

Additionally, the wand may be too large for very young children to handle comfortably, and the light settings may be too bright or overwhelming for some children. 

Princess Castle Tent for Girls Fairy Play Tents

Whisk your little princess into a world of enchantment with the Sumbababy Princess Castle Tent! Adorned with twinkling fairy star lights, this hexagon playhouse is a realm where fairy tales come to life.

Whether indoors or out, it’s a magical kingdom where imagination reigns and adventures await at every corner.

It’s not just a tent—it’s a gateway to a wonderland where every day is a royal playdate!


  • Comes with bright fairy star lights included
  • Large size solid fabric and soft mesh house tent providing a private and relaxed space for children
  • Lightweight and portable, can be taken to any place


  • Assembly required
  • Plastic frame material may not be as durable as metal
  • Some customers found the instructions confusing

This pink tent is the perfect princess toy for girls where kids can have their own private place for entertaining, reading, and relaxing themselves. It’s made by high-quality polyester taffeta which is quite comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. The tent is 48”x52” large size and comes with bright fairy star lights included.

The Sumbababy Princess Castle Tent is also lightweight and portable, making it easy to take it to any place, whether it’s home, backyard, parks, parties, day care, and more. It comes complete with sturdy poles for quick and easy assembly. It’s an ideal toy for your little girl’s childhood, which they can play with their friends in this playhouse.

Bubbly Wings Outdoor Toy Bubble Maker

Flutter into a bubble-filled fantasy with Play Fun Bubbly Wings! These wearable wings whirl a magic of over 1500 bubbles per minute as your little fairy dances under the sun.

It’s not just a bubble maker—it’s a sprinkle of magic that encourages active play and fuels imaginative fairy tales in the great outdoors.

A whimsical playdate awaits with every flap of the Bubbly Wings!

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  • Kids will have to be active and move around to create trails of magical bubbles.
  • The iridescent finish on the wings shines bright and sparkles in the sun, making wearing the wings even more magical.
  • Kids can role-play and create their own stories dressing up as a fairy.


  • Bubbles only come out when the kid leans back, and the toy has to be angled weirdly on the kid’s back to ensure a constant flow of bubbles.
  • The hole for the bubble area is small, which makes it hard to refill.
  • The bubble solution runs out quickly.

Play Fun Bubbly Wings is a great outdoor toy that will promote kids to be active and use their imagination. With over 1500 bubbles per minute, your little one will have a blast running around and creating magical bubble trails. The wings have an iridescent finish that shines bright and sparkles in the sun, making wearing the wings even more magical. The wings are adjustable and fit most children ages 3 and up.

The toy is easy to use. Simply fill the bubble solution into the bubble area, turn on the switch, and watch as the wings create a trail of bubbles behind your child. Kids will have to be active and move around to create trails of magical bubbles, which is great for encouraging exercise and outdoor play.

However, the toy has some downsides. Bubbles only come out when the kid leans back, and the toy has to be angled weirdly on the kid’s back to ensure a constant flow of bubbles. The hole for the bubble area is small, which makes it hard to refill. The bubble solution runs out quickly, which means that you will have to refill it frequently.

Unicorn & Flower Fairy Princess Costume Set

Transform ordinary play into a royal adventure with TSDATOWR’s Princess Dress Up set! This all-in-one treasure trove comes with whimsical unicorn and flower fairy costumes, featuring a rainbow of tutus, fairy wings, and sparkling accessories.

Every twirl unveils a burst of imagination, letting your little princess or fairy dance into a world of make-believe. It’s not just a dress-up set—it’s a ticket to a realm where every day holds a new enchanted tale waiting to be told!

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  • This kit includes everything your little girl needs to feel like a real princess or fairy.
  • The unique flower tutu skirts are designed in an elegant flower shape with three layers of fabric.
  • The various princess dress up accessories are matched with the unicorn dress up or fairy dress up theme to make little girls feel like a real princess or fairy.


  • The sizing may be too big for smaller toddlers.
  • Some of the accessories may not be very durable.
  • The shoes may not fit all foot sizes.

This kit is an all-in-one kids dress up clothes for play. It’s a rainbow unicorn princess dress up set & purple butterfly fairy costume set for girls. Each play dress up set includes Tutu skirt, fairy wing, headband, crystal princess high heel, necklace, bracelet. Every item is carefully selected to be cute and attractive. You don’t need to buy other dress up accessories to fit our play dress up clothes for toddler girls. Super value kids dress up & pretend play toys for little girls toddlers age 3 4 5 6 7 8.

The toddler dress up clothes play set includes a rainbow tutu skirt and a purple tutu skirt for girls. The skirts are designed in an elegant flower shape with three layers of fabric. The first layer is petals bound with sequins. The second layer is soft tulle. The third layer is smooth lining so it is not see-through. The widen elastic waistband fits most little girls 3 – 8 years old, not much restrictions on kids’ height.

Which little girl hasn’t fantasized about having a pair of cute little wings? We specially added a unicorn wing and a fairy wing to this princess dress up clothes kit to give your little one a big surprise. The shoulder straps of the wings are elastic and suitable for most toddlers or girls age 3 – 12. It is perfect for little girls birthday dress up outfit, kids halloween cosplay, princess pretend play, fairy costume dress up, christmas pageant, photo props etc.

Sparkling crystal princess shoes, cute unicorn headband , elegant fairy headband, delicate dress up play jewelry, all of them are little girls love. Each accessory is matched with the unicorn dress up or fairy dress up theme to make little girls feel like a real princess or fairy. The princess dress up shoes are made with non-slip sole to add stability. Your little princess can enjoy dress up play games to the fullest!

Key Benefits of Playing Fairy Toys

Playing with fairy toys can offer numerous developmental and imaginative benefits for children. Fairy toys, whether they are figurines, playsets, or dolls, can transport children into magical worlds, fostering various skills and experiences.

Benefit CategoryDescription
Imaginative PlayCreativity Boost: Fairy toys allow children to create intricate stories and scenarios, enhancing their creativity.
Role-Playing: Children can take on roles of different fairy characters, leading to deeper imaginative play.
Cognitive DevelopmentProblem-Solving: Children might craft scenarios where fairies face challenges, promoting problem-solving skills.
Language Skills: Narrating fairy tales and adventures can expand vocabulary and improve storytelling abilities.
Emotional DevelopmentEmpathy and Understanding: By role-playing, children can understand and express feelings and emotions of different fairy characters.
Confidence: Creating and narrating their fairy tales can boost self-esteem and confidence.
Social SkillsCooperative Play: When playing with others, children learn to share, collaborate, and build fairy world stories together.
Communication: Discussing and negotiating fairy world rules and events with peers enhances communication skills.
Fine Motor SkillsManipulation: Handling small fairy figurines, accessories, or playset pieces can refine fine motor skills.
Construction: Building fairy gardens or settings can enhance coordination and construction skills.
Cultural AwarenessUnderstanding Myths and Folklore: Fairy toys can introduce children to various myths, legends, and folklore from different cultures.
Respect for Diversity: Different fairy tales from various cultures can promote understanding and respect for diversity.
Aesthetic AppreciationBeauty and Wonder: Fairy worlds, often depicted with nature, magic, and intricate details, can foster an appreciation for beauty and aesthetics.
Artistic Expression: Designing fairy gardens or drawing fairy characters can enhance artistic skills.

Fairy toys, with their blend of magic and reality, provide an excellent medium for children to explore their creativity, understand emotions, and develop essential skills. They offer a unique combination of imaginative play with developmental benefits, making them valuable toys for children’s growth.

Creativity & Imagination

Fairy toys are good for pretend play and pretend play produces smart kids. Several studies link pretend play to a child’s cognitive ability, imagination and creativity. Engaging in make-believe facilitates learning and development naturally.

It allows a safe environment for children to explore different ideas, exercise their brains by using their imagination and encourages them to express themselves more freely. This is particularly important in developing solid problem-solving skills.

Also, having a sound imaginative and creative mind will definitely help our children plan ahead, understand other people’s point of view and enjoy various forms of media when they grow older.

Communication & Language

You would be amazed to see how quickly children pick up new words be it at school during class or at home during your bedtime storytelling. Role playing or pretend play facilitates a risk-free play environment for them to try out new words and lets children experience the power of language.

By learning and using new words, it expands their vocabulary and they are more confident when communicating with others.

If they are confident with their communication and language skills, they are more likely to convey a message and express themselves effectively by choosing their words carefully and appropriately. They are also more likely to listen carefully to what is being said.

This set of skills help children pick up reading and writing quickly when they start going to school.

Social & Emotional Skills

During role playing kids place themselves in a play setup that encourages them to interact with others. The ability to sympathise and understand certain emotional situations is called empathy and children learn about it through play.

Most of the time kids will play a role of a person or character they would like to be. This makes it easier for children to understand things and reasons why certain characters do what they have to do.

As they experience a wide range of emotions, children are able to control their emotions and how they feel and react to certain situations.

Role playing also helps your children learn to resolve any conflicts and problems that may occur when they play with friends. They’ll learn about teamwork through cooperation, coordination, collaboration and learn how to compromise.

For instance, they will need to communicate with their friends who will play as fairies and who will play evil witches. These skills are valuable even later in life because they will be able to handle their own anxieties and fears.

Physical Skills

Playing with fairy toys encourages children to become more mobile. When children run around the house holding their favourite fairy toys and trying to save their fantasy land, they’re developing a wide range of physical skills like gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, balance, upper body strength and body coordination.

Buying Guide for the Best Fairy Toys for Toddlers

When looking for the perfect fairy toy for your toddler, focus on the following three primary categories:

  1. Safety & Durability
  2. Educational & Developmental Value
  3. Play Experience & Engagement

1. Safety & Durability:

a. Materials & Construction:

  • Ensure the toy is made from non-toxic, BPA-free materials.
  • Choose toys made of sturdy materials that can withstand the typical rough play of toddlers.

b. Choking Hazards:

  • Avoid fairy toys with small detachable parts or components that could be swallowed by a toddler.
  • Examine the toy closely to ensure there are no sharp edges or points that could cause injury.

c. Washability:

  • Toys that can be easily wiped down or machine-washed are ideal for toddlers.

2. Educational & Developmental Value:

a. Motor Skills Development:

  • Look for fairy toys that encourage toddlers to use their hands, like fairy-themed puzzles or building sets.

b. Cognitive Skills & Imagination:

  • Fairy toys that allow for imaginative play, like playsets or dolls, can stimulate creativity.
  • Storybooks featuring fairy characters can enhance language skills and introduce toddlers to reading.

c. Sensory Stimulation:

  • Fairy toys that light up, play sounds, or have various textures can engage a toddler’s senses.

3. Play Experience & Engagement:

a. Interactivity:

  • Toys that react to the child’s actions, like singing fairy dolls or interactive fairy gardens, can keep a toddler engaged.

b. Replay Value:

  • Consider how versatile the fairy toy is. Can it be played with in multiple ways?
  • Think about the long-term appeal. Will the toy still interest the child as they grow older?

c. Aesthetic & Design:

  • Bright colors, detailed designs, and appealing aesthetics can make a toy more attractive to toddlers.
  • Consider how the toy fits into your home. Some fairy toys can double as room décor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best fairy doll brands for toddlers?

There are many brands that make great fairy dolls for toddlers. Some of the best brands include Barbie, Disney, and Melissa & Doug. These brands offer a wide range of fairy dolls that are perfect for toddlers.

What features should I look for when buying a fairy doll for my toddler?

When buying a fairy doll for your toddler, there are a few key features to look for. Firstly, make sure the doll is made from safe and durable materials. Secondly, look for a doll that is the right size and weight for your toddler to handle easily. Finally, consider the doll’s features such as clothing, hair, and accessories.

Are there any fairy dolls that come with wings and a wand?

Yes, many fairy dolls come with wings and a wand. These are popular features that add to the magic and imagination of playing with a fairy doll. Look for dolls that have detachable wings and a wand that is easy for your toddler to hold.

Can you recommend a fairy doll set that comes with accessories?

Yes, there are many fairy doll sets that come with accessories including a prince or bedtime puzzle. One great option is the Barbie Dreamtopia Fairy Doll Set, which comes with a fairy doll, a unicorn, and a dark wand. Another great option is the Melissa & Doug Fairy Tale Friends Hand Puppets set, which includes four fairy puppets and a storage box. Check over the site and see if there are any sales on.

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