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Doll accessories are a great way to make your child’s doll collection even more realistic and detailed. We have everything your child needs for the perfect role-playing experience, including doll cradles, carrycot and much more!

Our doll accessories will make it easier than ever before to create an immersive play experience that kids can enjoy time and time again. With so many options available, there’s no limit to what their imagination can do!

Doll Accessories

Playing with dolls is so much on its own. But having accessories like clothes, prams and beds can bring your child’s imaginative play to a new level. These accessories are designed to make role-playing more fun, exciting and realistic.

We handpicked accessories from popular toymakers like Tidlo, Indigo Jamm, BigJigs, Rubens Barn and Plan toys. With our selection of adorable dolls and their accessories, your little ones can carry their baby doll using Rubens Barn carrycot, feed her on Indigo Jamm’s highchair, walk their doll in Indigo Jamm’s pram or keep their dolls cosy in Rubens baby basket.

As your children engage in roleplaying with these accessories, they expand their imagination and creative thinking which is essential for their developmental growth. They will be able to understand and see things from different perspectives.

Safety-wise, these accessories are 100% safe for kids. All these accessories are made from responsibly sourced wood and finished with non-toxic paint.

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