How Do You Set up a Marble Run?




How Do You Set Up a Marble Run?

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This is a tricky question to answer as of course, it depends on the marble run in question.

Are you trying to put together a ball run that needs assembling before handing over to a toddler?

Are you looking at a pile of blocks and ramps that need to be balanced precariously together in exactly the right order?

Or are you looking at the recycling bin and a roll of tape wondering how much fun you can create on a wet afternoon?

Whatever the question we have a few ideas to help you on your way and hopefully limit the frustration.

Marble and Ball Run Assembly

Many toys require some level of assembly before you can play with them. And some toys are easier to put together than others. This is why we always recommend opening the box and checking the contents before you hand it over to a child as there is nothing more disappointing than not being able to play with your new toy because there is a bit missing.

Although of course, every toy is different there are a few things you can do to make your life easier.

  1. Find the instructions and read them. Controversial we know, but if you are struggling reading the instructions from beginning to end before you start will help.
  2. Check you have all the parts. This might seem obvious but it’s easy for a small part like a screw or fixing to go missing when you empty the box or just not to have been put in in the first place.
  3. Make sure you have the right tools. This will make the job immeasurably easier.

Top tips for putting together the best marble runs

If you have a build your own style marble run that consists of blocks and tracks that can be put together in numerous different ways then you’ll know how frustrating it can be when you’ve just completed an epic creation only to have it fall to the ground or realise a key piece is in the wrong place.

We can’t stop pets or children knocking into your creations. But we do have a few tips to get you building.

  1. Start with a clean, flat surface. Even a thick carpet or uneven floorboards can make things tricky so find the flattest surface you can. A dining or coffee table can be good, and being off the floor also makes knocks a little less likely.
  2. Check your run as you go along. That way if there’s a bit in the wrong place, the angles don’t quite marry up or your marble gets stuck for some reason you can sort it out before you get too far ahead.
  3. Only get the marble run out when you are feeling zen. This is a game that needs plenty of rebuilding and adjustment, especially if you have young children. They love it, which makes it completely worth it, but if you are having a bad day or just need five minutes peace this is not the toy to choose.

Set up your own marble run with things you have at home

This is a great activity for slightly older children and a great fun way to keep them entertained.

Masking tape is great for attaching things to walls or you can opt for freestanding constructions. The stairs can be incorporated and the more loo rolls you have the better!!

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