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Vet Sets for Children who love animals!

Vet toys are the perfect way to encourage imaginative play as well as empathy, interaction and social skills in young children. And for those who would prefer to pamper their pets we love the Plan Toys grooming play set. Children tend to love animals and toy vet kits are a great way to extend play with beloved toys. The vet kit allow your little ones to check the temperature and dispense medicine to all their toys, and you! Shop our range of vet playsets today!

Shop our fabulous range of high-quality vet toys for children who love role-playing as animal doctors.

Vet Kit for Kids

Little ones can practice their veterinarian skills with our great range of vet toys. These toys are perfect for encouraging imaginative play as well as empathy, interaction and social skills in young children. And for those who would prefer to pamper their pets, we love the Djeco grooming playset.

Vet Playsets Items

Each set comes with a thermometer, perfect for ensuring no raging temperatures in any of your pets! The toy stethoscope can be used to listen to the heart of their favourite toys, while children can administer medicine with the syringe. Any medical problem can soon be sorted with these fun kits making your vet and pet happy again! They all come with a case which is ideal for putting away at the end of the day, or of course for any emergency call outs the budding young vet may have!

Why have a vet set?

Pretend play or role-play toys are good developmental and early learning toys. Playing with vet toys for kids allow children to explore and develop empathy as they care for the animals. Most children love to pretend play and take care of their pet toys. The vet toys are suitable for all children but check for small parts.

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Toy Veterinary Set

Every child will love a vet set which offers many developmental benefits, whether it be a veterinary medical kit or pet grooming set! Our toy veterinarian sets provide the perfect way to enhance your child’s imagination, whilst keeping them entertained for hours. These toys are ideal for children in preschool and early primary school years. The role-playing opportunities are endless when you have a vet set, as they can take their favourite stuffed animal on a walk into the woods to “save” any furry friends they find! If your child loves animals, then you can’t go wrong with one of these sets.

Vet Accessories

We have many other fun vet toys for kids available at great prices, including our toy stethoscope and thermometer set. Your child will be able tolisten to their toys’ hearts with this adorable toy stethoscope. Our vet toys are sure to have your child in stitches, whether they’re playing the role of a doctor or nurse!

What age is best for vets toys?

Vet sets are ideal for children aged three and up. However, even younger children may be interested in playing with children’s vet sets, particularly if they play with older siblings or cousins. Having said that, if your child is under three years old, always supervise their playtime to ensure any small parts are kept out of reach.

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