Holztiger vs Ostheimer- Which Is the Better Toy?




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Let’s take a closer look at the similarities and differences between two of the most popular European wooden toy brands – Holztiger and Ostheimer. Comparing the two brands gives you an idea of what you feel is the right brand for you and your child.


Both toy brands are known for their eco-friendly wooden toys that are perfect toys for little children especially those that are still in the early development stage. These toys encourage children to engage in imaginative play and encourage creativity. Children are not constrained by any rules which means they have the freedom to play with these toys however they want.

Both Ostheimer and Holztiger make toys out of responsibly sourced wooden materials. It is not known if both toymakers share the same suppliers but they both source their wood from German government-certified lumber suppliers. Additionally, both toy brands finish their toys with non-toxic water-based paints and dyes.

Now that their similarities are out of the way, let’s take a look at their differences.


Holztiger is part of German toy maker Gollnest & Kiesel. Gollnest & Kiesel owns factories in various worldwide locations including China, Poland, Vietnam, Italy, Romania, Bulgari and Germany. It is unclear if Holztiger toys are actually made in Germany but according to various sources these toys are definitely made in Europe.

Ostheimer toys are definitely made in Germany.


Both Ostheimer and Holztiger feature minimalist designs but have their own distinctive look.

Generally, Holztiger wooden animal toys have more details especially the facial features of the animals. They are also realistically cut and come in vibrant colours. Holztiger wooden animals also have happier facial expressions. Furthermore, Holztiger wooden animals have more details. This is particularly good for the Montessori type of learning. Montessori learning leans more towards realistic play.

Ostheimer wooden animals, on the other hand, are more minimalist than Holztiger. They are more abstract-looking and often feature expressionless faces. Additionally, Ostheimer comes in muted colours. These toys are perfect for imaginative play because children can come up with their own ideas on what the animal is doing. For example, children can imagine their Ostheimer bear as happy, sad or even angry.

Price & Selection

Holztiger toys are cheaper than Ostheimer but the price difference is really small.

In terms of selection, Ostheimer is the clear winner. They offer more variety and selection of wooden animal toys than Holztiger. And not just that. They also have other wooden figures like knights, kings, queens, princesses, princes and they even have figures for nativity scenes. While Holztiger has a lesser selection of wooden toys, there are still many toys to choose from and collect.


We love both toy brands so it really comes down to personal preference. If you want wooden animals that have more vibrant colours, then choose Holztiger. If you want a more minimalist style of wooden animal toys, choose Ostheimer. Both brands are eco-friendly and great toys for early learning.

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