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Children’s Wooden Shopping Trolleys

Our collection of kids shopping trolleys are perfect for any child who loves playing pretend or wants to learn more about the world around them. It will help develop their fine motor skills while also teaching them valuable lessons like colours, numbers, and shapes. What better way to spend quality time with your little one than by engaging in creative play together? Shop our selection of toy shopping trolleys today!

The right shopping trolley for every child

Every parent wants to encourage imaginative play in their children. Children are naturally inquisitive and they are always asking questions. A child’s shopping trolley cart or supermarket trolley is a perfect example of a good role-playing toy as kids are familiar with them from shopping in their local store. The concept of mini shopping is one that almost every child can relate to and children love the adventure associated with these toys.

Start building their imagination today!

Pretend play is probably the most common form of a child’s play. Children usually role play based on their experience and what they see adults do. When they reach a certain age they begin to copy or imitate the actions of their parents and kids pretend to be someone else. From pretending to be dad driving the family car or mum doing her weekly run at the grocery store, children’s pretend play has infinite possibilities.

Any toy or playset that allows your kids to pretend as someone else and engage in exciting and fun role-playing is something you should consider buying. Don’t be surprised when your child asks you to buy her a toy trolley because she wants to be like mum or dad buying groceries for the family, combine it with some play food for an ideal play shopping experience.

Social Skills Improved with Trolley Play

Your child could invite her friends over and they could set up a farmer’s market or a kids supermarket, with play food combinations like the groceries or chilled sets from bigjigs. This sort of communication play really helps develop a child’s social skills and are best for age 3 years plus. They can fill their basket with at least one item they can find in their local stores.

Is a Trolley Suitable for Older Kids?

As they get older they can worry about stock levels in their very own stores and having the right food! Or even the right price displayed. Whilst you might think a shopping trolley is for younger children play can develop into much more advanced educational learning as they get older. They can work out how much money they will need, how much change, etc. Will they accept a voucher for their shop purchase at checkout? So many possibilities with a humble kids trolley for all ages. Will they run a Monday or Tuesday offer?

Benefits of Trolley Play

  • Stimulates real life, imaginative play
  • Encourages curiosity and exploration
  • A great way to teach children about the world around them
  • It’s never too early for kids to learn how to live in a happy sustainable way
  • Practical and playful for children to engage with
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Promotes curiosity and creativity

Eco-friendly Shopping Trolleys

We handpicked the best toys from popular toymakers like BigJigs, Tender Leaf, Plan Toys and Small Foot. These toys are perfect to use as early learning tools. The bright colour finish on these toys can be used to teach your kids primary colours while the toy pieces included in these playsets can be used to teach them how to sort and count. As your kids’ push and pull their toy shopping trolleys, they will have improved motor skills, physical dexterity and balance.

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