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Do you have a child that loves to cook?

Our wooden play food is the perfect toy for pretend play and a fun way for them to learn about healthy eating. These toys are made from sustainable wood and painted with non-toxic paints, so they’re safe for your little one. They can use these toys to make their favourite dishes or even create new ones!

 Since these are wood made toys, you don’t have to worry too much about breaking since they’re sturdy enough to a last long time. 

We offer a variety of different wooden play foods including fruits, vegetables, meats, bread and more! They even come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours so kids can learn more about all kinds of foods with which they can encourage them to eat or fill their dolls with! And because we know how important safety is when it comes to children, our toys are safe for kids. So there’s no need to worry about your child getting hurt while playing with these fun toy food items.

Emotional Play

Every child loves to pretend play and having a wooden play kitchen complete with cooking utensils, a tea set, wooden or enamel pots and pans and a luscious selection of play food is a great invitation for role play. A selection of wooden toy food and toy shop offers excellent opportunities for open-ended imaginative play. This page has our individual bits of toy food, but if you are looking for toy food sets then head here.

As children emulate the world around them through play they learn and develop numerous key skills. From fine and gross motor skills as they chop toy cutting fruit to emotional and language skills as they act out imaginative scenarios serving up dinner from their play food collection or even ice lollies for dessert! This type of role play and pretend games are really important for a child’s development, it’s great fun but it really helps children to develop so many skills from social and communication to numeracy and dealing with their feelings. There are so many benefits to this type of emotional and educational fun.

Eating New Foods & Nutrition

Toy food games can also help children with eating new foods or even to teach them about nutrition. They can play for hours with their friends whilst learning so muchand pretend to cook on their toy kitchen! Play food is great as accessories for kitchens or shops and they make fantastic gifts for kids of all ages to help develop their imagination and creativity.

Discover our great range of wooden toys including wooden food toys sourced from some of our favourite toy suppliers. Choose from individual play food items to stock your play kitchen cupboards or shop shelves for when they play shopping, we particularly love the Big Jigs range for this, where you can get everything from a little jar of marmalade or chocolate spread to individual wood bananas or even a bulb of garlic.

You can choose from a tantalising selection of wooden toys like play cakes and treats that can be enjoyed time and time again, guilt-free. Or stock your play kitchen with fantastic wooden toys, everything you need for a healthy balanced diet. Including crates of delicious looking fresh meat and fish, cheese and dairy straight from the farm, and luscious juicy fruit and vegetables to practise your cutting skills.

Fans of baking might particularly love the Small Foot wooden egg treat. This little play food set has a whisk with a wooden handle, a metal bowl and a box of eggs, three of which you can separate the whites and yolks. Just like real eggs! A perfect addition to any play kitchen or wooden toy collection. And kids who have a love of cooking before they are an age where they can crack a real egg.

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