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Pretend play or role playing comprise an integral part of a child’s early development. Most children learn by playing and doing. Even as simple as playing with picnic basket toys and going on a picnic in your backyard is considered meaningful role playing. This kind of play is important because learning through play is widely recognised as a good way of learning and developing fundamental skills.

Children often enjoy imaginative play. It allows them to play roles of their favourite characters and act out scenes based on their experience. They use toys to make their role playing more realistic and fun. Through role playing, children experience different emotions and in the process they learn how to deal with them especially strong emotions like anxiety and fear. It also allows them to see things from different angles and become more sympathetic and learn how to empathise with others.

Role playing toys like toy picnic baskets can be played independently but they are more fun if played with other children. Going on a picnic with friends is a wonderful feeling children should experience. Playing with others is good for a child’s social and emotional growth. Having someone to talk to also helps develop effective communication and language skills. You can enable them by allowing your children to play with toy picnic baskets.

Here’s our short list of the best picnic basket toys for kids.

Tidlo Picnic Tea Set in Pink

This adorable tea set from Tidlo is the perfect toy for children who love tea parties. It comes in lovely shades of pink and includes cups, spoons, a milk jug, teapot, napkins, 4 plates and a small blanket. Your child can host her picnics in style and bring these picnic sets outdoors securely inside a pink hamper basket. This is a good playset to complement other toys. For instance, your child can have picnics with her favourite dolls or teddy bears. She can also invite her friends over for a lovely afternoon picnic. If she has play food, she can use these toys as props to make role playing more realistic and engaging.

All toys in this set are safe, durable and made from high quality materials. Tidlo is known for their eco-friendly toys and their conformity to European and international toys safety regulations.

Bigjigs Spotted Basket Tea Set

Picnics with friends and dolls will never be the same with this Spotted Basket Tea Set from Bigjigs. With its delightful polka dots, this tea set is guaranteed to impress your child and her friends. She and her friends can have afternoon tea parties in your backyard with their toys. The set includes a teapot, cute little side plates, cups and saucers as well as a teaspoon. Your little one can bring her favourite tea set in a lovely basket anywhere.

Tender Leaf Little Bear’s Picnic

This fantastic picnic set from Tender Leaf includes a cute bag with a teddy print on it, a red gingham tablecloth, sandwich, boiled eggs, strawberry, tomatoes and an apple. Amazing toys to encourage imaginative role playing sessions with friends and dolls.

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