The Best Black And White Toys For Newborns (2023)



Best Black And White Toys

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Searching for toys that cater to the unique visual development of newborns? Black and white toys are an excellent choice. Newborns see high contrast colors, especially black and white, more clearly in their first few months, making such toys particularly captivating for them.

The market is abundant with black and white toys designed to stimulate a newborn’s vision and cognitive development.

Drawing from my expertise in child development and toy, I’ve curated a comprehensive guide spotlighting the best black and white toys for newborns. This guide aims to guide you through the options, ensuring you choose toys that are safe, engaging, and tailored to your baby’s early visual development.

Let’s explore this monochromatic selection together, pinpointing the perfect toys that promise to captivate and nurture your newborn’s budding senses.

Best Black & White Mobile

Everlove Black And White Mobile

The EVERLOVE Montessori Baby Mobile emerges as a top choice for parents who prioritize early visual development for their newborns. Designed meticulously with a baby’s view in mind, this product ensures that infants engage with the graphics directly rather than skewed angles. Its use of high contrast black and white shapes aligns with studies showing the benefits of such visuals for the initial months of a baby’s life. The upgraded digital music box, which eliminates the need for manual winding, provides a variety of lullabies, enhancing the overall soothing environment of the nursery.

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What We Love

  • Tailored for the baby’s direct view, ensuring effective visual stimulation.
  • High contrast shapes cater to babies’ early visual development, especially from 0 to 5 months.
  • Enhanced digital music box plays a diverse set of 12 lullabie.
  • Easy installation process, requiring no screws and fits crib rails with a thickness up to 1.54 inches.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included in the package.

Designed with a baby’s perspective at its core, it stands out not just as a nursery decoration but as an effective developmental tool, making it a valuable addition to any infant’s crib.

For any new parent, mobiles for a crib are a highly wanted item, as from an early age, your infant can identify shapes that can rotate in a smooth movement to soothe them. With a good contrast of colors, they can get visual stimulation in bucket loads. 

With the melodies, you have setting modes that are easy to switch between, so you can rotate only music only, and switch between the twelve tracks, which you can turn up or down when nap time draws near. 

Best Black & White Activity Mat

Tumama Activity Mat

TUMAMA’s Baby Gym with its black and white high contrast design stands out in our selection for its multi-functional approach to infant development. Not only does it offer an activity mat for tummy time, but it also incorporates removable toys and accessories tailored to cater to a baby’s growth from the newborn stage to an active toddler. This versatile gym emphasizes a comprehensive developmental strategy, from basic cognitive learning to motor skills, all while ensuring the baby’s comfort and safety.

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What We Love

  • Features 6 removable accessories, providing varied entertainment options and can be used independently or attached to strollers, cribs, and other baby gear.
  • Generously sized, washable cushion ensures hygiene and offers ample space for play.
  • Adjustable arches offer flexibility, ensuring the mat evolves with the baby’s developmental stages.
  • Thoughtfully designed with stages in mind: lie and grasp for 0-6 months, tummy time for 6-9 months, and post 9 months, the mat supports sitting and learning.
  • Aims to holistically develop a baby’s multiple abilities, from basic cognitive skills to motor functions, making it an all-in-one solution.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Priced on the higher side, which might not be affordable for all.

For those seeking a comprehensive play solution that adapts to their baby’s growing needs, the TUMAMA Baby Gym offers a holistic approach. It merges functionality with developmental objectives, making it not just a play mat, but an investment in a child’s early growth stages.

When you want to lie your newborn down somewhere, it can feel that your choices are limited, but here is where you can introduce this activity mat that is all comfortable with the soft texture but can also stimulate their senses with grab toys for more immersion. 

If you’re worried about your carpet, these mats have a reinforced edge, so they don’t leave any marks, and each one has vivid colors, which aren’t prone to fading or shrinkage if you decide to give it a clean every now and then. 

Best Black & White Tummy Time Mirror

Teytoy Tummy Time Mirror

The teytoy Tummy Time Mirror takes a prime position in our reviews for its multifunctional design catering to infants’ crucial early developmental stages. Harnessing the scientifically-proven appeal of high contrast black and white visuals for newborns, this toy offers a unique combination of sensory engagement and cognitive stimulation. Moreover, the mirror’s ability to attract and maintain a baby’s attention not only promotes self-awareness but also physically aids in the development of arm and leg muscles during tummy time.

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What We Love

  • Black and white high contrast graphics cater to young developing brains that naturally respond to such strong contrasts, making it a suitable toy from birth.
  • Doubles up as both a tummy time tool and a sensory developmental toy, aiding in muscle development and preventing flat head syndrome.
  • Encourages parent-child interaction, enhancing the bond and promoting shared activities.
  • Foldable and portable design means the mirror can be used in multiple settings, such as on the go or attached to car headrests, cribs, strollers, and high chairs.
  • A versatile tool for several stages of infancy, suitable for babies from 0-3, 3-6, and even 9-12 months.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Slightly higher price compared to other basic tummy time mirrors.

The teytoy Tummy Time Mirror distinguishes itself by being more than just a toy; it’s a comprehensive developmental tool designed to adapt to an infant’s evolving needs.

Once your newborn gets to the age where they want to explore their tummy, you can set up this multi-purpose mirror as it has a mirror to help your newborn explore themselves from a different perspective so that you can expect surprise and intrigue from this. 

It also comes with clear patterns, ring bells, and ropes and can be foldable for use in the car, on a highchair, or inside a crib. You can make this fun by playing games that help your newborn develop hand-to-eye coordination, with all parts being fun. 

Best Hanging Black and White Baby Toys

Tumama Black And White Shape Set

TUMAMA’s High Contrast Shapes Sets for babies come highly recommended in our list because of their unique design catering to infants’ developmental needs. Understanding that babies are born with blurred vision which sharpens over their first few months, TUMAMA employs black and white contrast to stimulate their vision, enhancing visual development.

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What We Love

  • Black & white design, vital for infant visual development.
  • Soft rattle toys that enhance imagination and sensory development.
  • Versatile application: can be hung on cribs, strollers, or played with on the floor.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some parents might prefer musical or light-up toys for added stimulation.

These shapes are a little like the stuffed animals mentioned in this list, except they are more like rattles as they are perfectly designed to be played with and withstand excessive amounts of force and pulling. 

Each one also has a bell inside to separate them from the other toys you have, but with the subtle and bright colors with animals on them, as your child reaches three months old, they can appreciate the looks and sounds of the animals to spark their imagination.

Best High Contrast Flashcards

Beiens High Contrast Flashcards 

The beiens High Contrast Baby Flashcards are a standout in our selection for early child cognitive development tools. Their design, grounded in the understanding of newborn visual preferences, stimulates an infant’s right brain activation. Developed by educational experts, these flashcards not only cater to the 0-3 month age bracket but also address the visual development characteristics of babies up to 36 months. Their adherence to safety and environmental standards, coupled with their educational utility, makes them a top pick.

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What We Love

  • Stimulates the right brain, which is vital for high-speed rhythm activity and promotes cognitive growth.
  • Aids in fostering an infant’s instantaneous memory capabilities.
  • Sets are designed based on visual development characteristics specific to different age groups, ensuring age-appropriate stimulation.
  • Crafted using eco-friendly soy ink with an anti-glare, matte surface ensuring they are safe and non-harmful to an infant’s eyes.

What We Didn’t Like

  • As they’re made of paper, they might be prone to wear and tear especially when handled frequently by little hands.

If you want toys that can be used for parents as well as newborns, you can introduce your child to these flashcards, with each one having high-contrast patterns with rounded edges to make them safe for use at any age. These cards have been thoughtfully designed with an infant’s developmental needs in mind, ensuring they offer the right visual stimulation at every growth phase.

Not only this, but they have an anti-glare surface to protect your baby’s eyes and a splash-proof film, making them easy to clean when things get messy. These cards can be used for up to 36 months to reflect the characteristics of each age group. 

Best Black & White Rattle Socks

Baby Rattle Socks

The Avos-Deals-Global Baby Rattle Socks Wrist Strap Rattles Set earns a prominent position on our list, receiving very positive feedback from many parents. With a focus on early-stage development, this set employs high-contrast black and white patterns, which have been scientifically proven to stimulate infants’ visual senses. The additional auditory stimulation from the built-in bells aids in their hearing and voice development. As an all-inclusive set designed for infants from birth to 6 months, it provides both entertainment and developmental benefits, making it not just a toy but a tool for growth.

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What We Love

  • High-contrast black and white patterns stimulate visual senses, promoting early-stage brain development.
  • Auditory bells in both the wrist rattles and socks encourage hearing development.
  • Versatile use as it caters to both auditory and visual development, making it a comprehensive developmental tool.
  • Comes in a set, including both wrist rattles and socks, offering varied engagement opportunities for infants.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The product requires hand wash only, which might be inconvenient for some parents.

The Avos-Deals-Global Baby Rattle Socks Wrist Strap Rattles Set is a thoughtful combination of engagement and development. With its dual visual and auditory stimuli, it caters to the crucial early months of an infant’s life, making it an excellent gift option or an essential addition for every newborn.

Best Black & White Books

Teytoy Fabric Black And White Books 

The “My First Soft Book” by teytoy stood out in our selection due to its emphasis on early childhood development. Designed primarily with high contrast black and white patterns, the book caters to the visual cognition needs of newborns, who naturally resonate more with such bold contrasts. Beyond just a toy, this cloth book provides educational insights on various topics, from alphabets to animals, and ensures safety, quality, and durability.

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What We Love

  • Encourages early development and bonding with 6 diverse themes like fruits, animals, shapes, and more.
  • Equipped with strong stitching and is washable – catering to infants who love to chew on their belongings.
  • The high contrast design is scientifically tailored to newborns’ eyesight, aiding in visual development.
  • Comes with a convenient ribbon loop, making it easy to hang on strollers or car seats.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Children might want colored books after a while.

The best way to get any newborn’s attention is through objects they can interact with, so these books are a great form of entertainment as they are made from a non-toxic fabric that crinkles and resists the toughest of play.

With the six-pack, you get a combination of books with interchanging black-and-white patterns, with a few splashes of red to introduce your newborn to new colors. Not only do they help with sensory development, but they are also washable to keep them nice and fresh.  An ideal pick for parents aiming to introduce their infants to the world of learning right from the get-go.

Best Black & White Car Seat Toy

Car Seat Toys for Babies 0-6 Months

The FATI Car Seat Toy stands out as an engaging, multi-sensory toy designed specifically for infants aged 0-6 months. This toy offers diverse animal patterns that spiral conveniently on various surfaces such as car seats, strollers, and cribs. Moreover, its emphasis on both visual and auditory stimulation combined with safety certifications makes it a prime choice for conscious parents.

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What We Love

  • Versatile design allows attachment to multiple surfaces including car seats and strollers.
  • Features multi-sensory attractions like a rainbow elephant with crinkle paper, a giraffe BB device, a teether with rattle, and musical snails.
  • Crafted from safe, non-toxic, BPA-free materials ensuring baby’s safety.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The high-contrast design might not appeal to everyone.

Given the vast features of the FATI Car Seat Toy, it’s evident that it offers more than just entertainment. It acts as a developmental tool, stimulating the baby’s visual and auditory senses, making it a wise investment for parents aiming to enrich their baby’s early experiences.

Buying Guide For Black And White Baby Toys

Safety First:

  • Material: Ensure the toy is made of baby-safe, non-toxic materials. This is crucial as young babies tend to put everything in their mouths.

  • Size & Shape: Avoid toys with small parts that can be a choking hazard. Ensure the toy doesn’t have any sharp edges.

Stimulating Patterns:

  • High Contrast: The primary goal is to provide visual stimulation to help baby’s eyesight. Look for a black and white toy with clear, contrasting patterns. This can be flash cards (see our guide to the best black and white cards for newborns, usually they come as a set of six double sided cards) and are great for visual tracking.

  • Variety: Different shapes and patterns can keep a baby engaged for longer, aiding in their visual development. A baby safe mirror will also provide extra sensory details.

3. Multi-functional:

  • Texture: Babies love to explore different textures. Soft toys with varying materials or textured fabrics or hard toys with raised patterns can double up as tactile sensory toys. A crinkle toy adds an extra element and a toy with peek a boo flaps doubles up as a great activity to play together.

  • Sounds: Some toys come with gentle rattles or crinkle materials that engage a baby’s auditory senses.




Educational Value:

  • Interactive Elements: Some black and white toys might include mirrors, flaps, or other interactive elements that can enhance a child’s curiosity and engagement.

  • Story Themes: Toys that depict stories or sequences can be great for laying the groundwork for future storytelling and comprehension skills.


Black and White Newborn Toys: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How Do I Pick Out The Right Toys For My Newborn? 

First of all, you want toys that are suitable for your infant’s age and don’t come with many small pieces, as these are bound to end up in their mouth as they explore and play with these toys. That is why it’s best to check the descriptions of toys in more detail.

You also want toys that your infant can encourage open-ended play, so toys that can be grabbed, shaken, thrown, and can withstand being sucked on are ideal for the individual milestones in your newborn’s development.

Then there are flashcards, board books, and activity gyms which can help them identify patterns, shapes, and movements. As they get older, it is also a good idea to find toys that can scale up in age, as many know that babies can outgrow things quickly.  

How Are Toys with Black and White Images Beneficial To Newborns? 

At an early age, babies don’t see the world the way we do, as baby’s retina aren’t fully developed yet, and can only see up to 12 inches n the first few weeks. This means they have limitations on what colors they can see, so colorful nurseries tend to merge into one color, which isn’t really stimulating.

As the baby’s brain develop, black and white contrasting colors can register the most on their retina, which sends a stronger signal to the brain. This means they can stimulate that part of the brain more and aids in quicker visual development.

This can be done through continuous visual sensory aids and toys, which are a combination of black and white, but also have light and dark elements to them as well. This creates a target of interest that can make playtime and exploration more enjoyable for them, hence the benefit of black and white toys from companies like manhattan toy company or a wee gallery of your favourite black and white pictures in their room or art cards.

Should I use High Contrast Images In Their Room?

Even though these colors are a great starting point for your infant, there is the risk that patterns on the wall or stickers can overstimulate their brains and, when used in a bedroom, can make them restless.

The best thing to do here is to use non-stimulating colors like green, blue, orange, or yellow, as these can be more relaxing and send cues to the brain that signal relaxation as they prepare to sleep. 

This can ensure that you have a space that is separate, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize some contrasting colors when they are up and looking around.  You can also use black and white toys or high contrast items as stroller toys, crib toys, toys on changing table etc for the first few weeks. Also consider sensory toys such as those with included crinkly paper to help sensory stimulation and tactile stimulation along with the high contrast toys.

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