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Best Baby Sensory Toys

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Are you on the hunt for the perfect sensory toy to captivate and stimulate your baby’s developing senses? You’re not alone in this quest. Many parents recognize the importance of sensory toys in enhancing their little one’s cognitive and motor skills.

Fortunately, the market is brimming with sensory toys meticulously crafted to engage various senses, providing babies with a rich and immersive play experience.

As an expert in child development and toys, I’ve curated a comprehensive guide highlighting the best baby sensory toys currently delighting infants and caregivers alike.

Let’s dive into this selection and guide you towards the perfect sensory toy that promises to be both educational and entertaining for your little one.

Best Starter Sensory Set

ELLECK Baby Sensory Toys Set

This is a great basic introduction to all the sensory toy options out there and is a great gift option.

The ELLECK Baby Sensory Toys Set is a great option for parents who want to give their baby a head start in developing various skills. The set includes 5 different toys, including building blocks, a magic tissue box, stacking cups, pull string infant toys, and cube toddler toys. All of the toys are designed to help your baby develop skills like color and shape recognition, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and reasoning, cognitive flexibility, language skills, creativity, problem solving, and logical thinking.

ELLECK Baby Sensory Toys Set


  • The set contains 5 different toys that will help your baby develop various skills.
  • All of the toys are made with high-quality, safe materials that are free from harmful chemicals.
  • The toys are designed to be fun and engaging for babies, which will help keep them entertained for hours.


  • Some of the toys may not be suitable for very young babies.
  • The toys may not be as durable as some other baby toys on the market.
  • I feel it could do with a musical toy incldued to give a full sensory experience.

One of the standout features of this toy set is its focus on sensory development. The tissue box and pull string infant toys, in particular, are great for stimulating your baby’s sense of touch, hearing, and vision. The stacking cups and building blocks, on the other hand, are perfect for developing your baby’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Another great thing about this toy set is that all of the toys are made with high-quality, safe materials that are free from harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates. This means you can feel confident that your baby is playing with toys that are safe and healthy for them.

Best Travel Sensory Baby Toy

Baby Einstein Curious Explorers Teether Book

Unlock a new world of discovery and teething relief for your little one with the Baby Einstein Curious Explorers Teether. This ingenious teether-book combo is more than just a toy. It’s a delightful blend of tactile stimulation, soothing relief, and a gateway to engaging stories.

With a comfortable grip and multiple teething surfaces, it’s designed for little hands and tender gums. Plus, it’s easily attachable to a stroller or carrier, ensuring it’s always within reach and off the floor.

See why other parents are raving about its practicality and charm. Don’t wait—add excitement and comfort to your baby’s day with this clever teether-book!

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  • Educational Value: This product encourages exploration and discovery, two vital aspects of a child’s learning process.
  • Great toy for on the go
  • Teething-friendly: The teether incorporated into the toy can soothe a baby during the teething phase.


  • Some people report the plastic breaking and leaking.

The Baby Einstein Curious Explorers Teether, doubling as a crinkly entertainment book, is a splendid combination of practicality, enjoyment, and early learning. With a design that makes it easy for tiny hands to grip, the teether proves to be not just a useful tool for soothing sore gums, but also a fantastic source of engagement for young curious minds. The soft, easy-to-flip pages stimulate their tactile sense, further enhancing their cognitive development.

What sets this teether apart is its versatility. The built-in handle can be attached to a stroller, carrier, or a dummy clip, preventing it from being tossed onto the ground – a brilliant feature that ensures the toy is always within the baby’s reach. This clever design element enhances its value as a take-along toy, making it a constant companion for your little one, whether they’re at home or out and about.

Best Multifaceted Sensory Toy

Tissue Box Toy

The YOGINGO Baby Toys 6 to 12 Months – Tissue Box Toy Montessori for Babies 6-12 Months is a great way to promote your baby’s sensory skills by textures, sounds, and color recognition. The toy is also designed with 6 adorable graphic themes for toddler learning activities, including alphabets, numbers, animals, vehicles, oceans, fruits, and 8 colorful silk scarves, developing the skills of learning colors, numbers, and alphabets, and enhancing cognitive.

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  • The vibrant colors and crinkly sounds of the toy will keep your baby entertained for hours.
  • The toy comes with 3 multi-themed crinkle papers and 8 colorful silk scarves, which will promote your baby’s skills of fine motor and distinguish colors.
  • The toy is made of non-toxic prime quality material, which is safe and skin-friendly for your baby.


  • The fabric “tissue box” may not maintain its shape well after being packaged and shipped.
  • The toy does not encourage independent play as much as some other similar products in wooden or similar boxes.

The Magic Tissue Box Sensory Toy is more than just a toy; it’s an engaging learning tool cleverly disguised as playtime fun. If you’ve noticed your little one is fascinated with pulling tissues out of a box, they’ll be enthralled by this sensory toy. The bright colors and crinkly sounds of the tissues are sure to catch their attention, while the pull-along feature keeps them entertained for hours. Not only is this captivating for babies, but it also encourages their sensory skills through touch, sound, and color recognition.

An outstanding feature of this toy is its multifaceted learning approach. The toy comes with three different crinkle papers and eight colorful silk scarves, all boasting vibrant colors and intriguing sounds to captivate your child. These elements are not merely for entertainment; they also stimulate your baby’s visual and auditory senses, fostering fine motor skills and color discernment. It’s an interactive way for your baby to explore their surroundings while also developing essential skills.

The Magic Tissue Box Sensory Toy goes a step further in supporting your child’s cognitive development. With themes ranging from alphabets, numbers, animals, vehicles, to oceans and fruits, this toy introduces foundational learning elements in a fun, accessible way. It encourages curiosity and discovery, aiding in your child’s cognitive and language development. The bright and creative interactive design is sure to captivate your little one, making learning a joyful experience.

Best Sensory Toy for Fine Motor Skills Development

Pamexin Sensory Toy

Do you have an inquisitive toddler who thrives on touch, sound, and sight? The Pamexin Food Grade Silicone Pull String Activity Toy could be the perfect addition to their playtime.

This alluring Montessori activity toy ticks all the right boxes for developmental learning while ensuring tons of fun!

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  • The toy is made of food-grade silicone and ABS, making it safe for babies to play with.
  • The activity toy is designed to stimulate curiosity and exercise the flexibility of little fingers.
  • The aircraft suspension design makes the toy easy to take along, making it an ideal travel toy.


  • Some users have reported that the toy’s cords can be difficult to pull at times.
  • The toy is recommended for children aged 18 months and above, so it may not be suitable for younger babies.

As parents, we often seek toys that go beyond mere play. The Pamexin Pull String Activity Toy offers just that! Infused with Montessori principles, this toy enthralls young minds with its bright colors and engaging functions. It promises to enhance fine motor skills, stimulate visual development, and promote sensory exploration and hand-eye coordination. The aircraft design is easy to grasp, providing an excellent opportunity for your child to explore various sounds and vibrations.

This Montessori toy is equipped with soft buttons, which can encourage babies to touch and press. The raised position can stimulate baby’s curiosity and exercise the flexibility of little fingers. The other side is equipped with 1 button and 3 holes. Slightly press the button from this hole to another hole, feel the press and experience the touch.

The bright colors of the toy can inspire baby’s vision development. The aircraft design makes it easy for babies to grasp and hold, and the textured cords and easy-to-hold grips promote motor skills, sensory exploration, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

Best Multi-Stage Sensory Toy

MÖBI Woblii Sensory Ball

Embrace the joy of your little one’s development with the Mobi Woblii Baby Sensory Toy. Designed as more than just a toy, it’s a companion that grows with your child, encouraging them to explore, learn, and develop. From enhancing fine motor skills to nurturing their curiosity and understanding of cause and effect, the Woblii is a versatile playmate that your child won’t want to put down. Ready to see your child reach new milestones with a smile? Let the Woblii journey begin!

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  • The push and pull nubs help babies develop their fine motor skills.
  • Woblii supports midline play and encourages cause and effect exploration.
  • The toy ball is appropriate for newborns and grows with your child.


  • The toy ball is quite small.
  • It may be overpriced compared to other baby toys.
  • Some babies may not be interested in playing with it.

MÖBI Woblii Baby Sensory Toys is a great way to help your baby develop their gross and fine motor skills. The bright, textured balls pop in and out when pressed and pulled, providing a fun and engaging sensory experience. As children engage with the knobs, they practice hand-eye coordination, tactile sensory play, and begin to recognize colors.

The toy ball also encourages little ones to develop cause and effect while supporting midline play. Babies learn to hold, squeeze, drop, roll, and chase as they play with Woblii. It supports and develops vital learning lessons for brain development at 3 months, 4 months, 6-12 months, and beyond.

This toy ball is timeless and sure to grow with your child. Woblii is appropriate as a newborn toy and grows with your little one to become a crawling toy. It’s perfect for car seat travel, at-home play, and as tummy time toys. Whether you’re looking for a baby boy gift or baby girl gift, Woblii will be a favorite on your registry for baby, no matter the gender.

Best Multisensory Early Learning Book

Hahaland Baby Books

Immerse your little one in a world of learning and discovery with hahaland’s Baby Books. Bursting with vivid colors, fun sounds, and 20 unique tactile experiences, these soft cloth books don’t just tell stories – they stimulate your baby’s senses and promote cognitive development in a safe, engaging way.

With robust construction and easy attachment to strollers or car seats, these books are designed for little hands on big adventures.

Perfect as a thoughtful gift or for your own baby, these books transform story time into a memorable sensory journey that grows with your child.

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  • Some parents may find the velcro straps to be too short.
  • The books may not be as durable as some other baby toys.
  • Some babies may lose interest in the books after a few weeks.

These baby books are made of soft, chew-safe fabric that can withstand teething and rough handling. They feature Jungle Tails and Marine Life designs, and every animal comes to life with a textured tail, offering 20 different sensory textures for your baby to explore. In addition, the soft and plushy pages produce rustling and squeaky sounds when turned, capturing your baby’s attention and curiosity.

The Hahaland Baby Books are not only fun to play with, but they are also educational. By incorporating crinkly pages, colorful pictures, and a focus on vocabulary and animal tails, these soft cloth baby books provide an enriching and enjoyable experience that supports early learning. They promote brain development, foster bonding, and engage your baby’s senses.

One of the best things about these books is that they are lightweight and easy to clean, making them ideal for on-the-go playtime. They also feature velcro straps that allow you to attach them to various items such as strollers, car seats, and play gyms. Simply wrap the strap around the desired handle or bar, secure it with the velcro closure, and the books will stay in place.

Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best baby sensory toys, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get the right product for your little one. Here are some factors to consider:

Age Range

It’s important to choose toys that are appropriate for your baby’s age range. Many sensory toys are designed for specific age groups, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before making a purchase. Toys that are too advanced or too simple for your baby may not be engaging or safe.


Babies love to explore with their mouths, so it’s crucial to choose toys made from safe, non-toxic materials. Look for toys made from BPA-free plastics, natural materials like wood or cotton, or silicone. Avoid toys with small parts that could break off and pose a choking hazard.

Sensory Features

The best sensory toys should engage your baby’s senses in multiple ways. Look for toys with features like bright colors, different textures, and sounds. Some toys also have lights or music that can capture your baby’s attention.


Babies can be rough on their toys, so it’s important to choose products that can withstand wear and tear. Look for toys made from durable materials that can withstand repeated use and cleaning.

Ease of Use

Finally, consider how easy the toy is to use and clean. Some toys may require batteries or assembly, while others can be easily wiped clean or thrown in the washing machine. Choose toys that are convenient for you and your baby to use and maintain. Something as easy as sensory balls will help not only with their sensory skills but all their gross motor skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good sensory toys for newborns?

Newborns are still developing their senses, so simple toys that stimulate their senses are best. Soft toys with different textures, such as a plush toy with a crinkly tail or a soft blanket with different fabrics, are good options. Black and white toys with bold patterns can also be visually stimulating and also work well for big kids.

What are the best sensory toys for babies aged 0-3 months?

Babies in this age range are still developing their senses and motor skills, so toys that are easy to grasp and manipulate are best. Rattles (usually the first wooden toys for kids) , soft toys with different textures, and toys with bright colors and contrasting patterns are great options. Mobiles with simple shapes and colors can also be visually stimulating.

What are some homemade sensory toys for babies?

Homemade sensory toys can be simple and affordable. A sensory board with different textures, such as sandpaper or bubble wrap, can be a fun DIY project. A sensory bottle filled with colored water and small objects like beads or glitter can also be a calming and visually stimulating toy, or even just fill it with kinetic sand and let the kids play.

What are the best sensory toys for babies aged 6-12 months?

Babies in this age range are starting to explore and interact with their environment, so toys that encourage exploration and problem-solving are great options. Shape sorters, stacking toys, and toys with buttons or levers to press are good choices. Toys with different textures and sounds, such as soft blocks with crinkle paper or toys with bells inside, can also be engaging.

What are some good sensory toys for 1 year olds?

One-year-olds are becoming more independent and curious, so toys that encourage exploration and imaginative play are great options. Playsets with different textures and interactive features, such as a farm set with animal sounds, can be fun and educational. Musical toys, such as a toy piano or xylophone, can also be entertaining. Look for brands like fat brain toys which have a wide range of sensory toys.

What are the best sensory toys for toddlers?

Toddlers are developing their fine motor skills and imagination, so toys that encourage creativity and problem-solving are great options. Art supplies, such as crayons and playdough, can be fun and stimulating. Building blocks and puzzles can also be engaging and educational. Outdoor toys, such as a sandbox or water table, can provide sensory experiences and encourage exploration.

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