Best Soft Boy Doll Small of 2023: Our Top 3




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If you’re looking for the best soft boy doll small as a gift for your child, read on to discover our top three!

Whether your little girl would like to add a boy baby doll to her collection or you are looking for boy dolls to encourage your little boy to engage in some imaginative play, we’ve got you covered.

The best thing about baby dolls is that they are a great gift for all ages- a super soft doll can make a perfect soother for babies while toddlers and older kids alike enjoy dolls with realistic features and additional accessories.

Best Boy Dolls for Boys: Our Top Picks

Boy dolls can be hard to find, but we’ve done the hard work and reviewed the three best dolls for boys that we could find. We’ve stuck to soft boy dolls that are at the under $25 price point, making them the perfect gift. If you’re looking for the best dolls for boys ages 1-5, keep reading!

Whilst we’ve gone for boy dolls, remember that toys have no gender-these are great for boys and girls alike. However, we do find that little boys tend to prefer a boy doll. The best dolls will be loved by all children and across ages.

A few things to think about before you buy:

  • Does your child prefer a doll with a particular gender?
  • The ages of the children you are buying for. Little ones will suck toys so you will want something with the very highest safety certification for babies.
  • Are you looking for a doll your child can dress?
  • Would you child prefer a poseable doll with moving arms and legs?
  • Your budget
  • If you prefer a doll with extra accessories available

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Fella 30.48cm Boy Baby Doll

This is one of the best baby dolls ranges we could find- we love that the Manhattan Toys Doll range includes adorable boy baby dolls. These are the best dolls if you are looking to find boy dolls with skin tone that might match your little boy- these come in a range of skin tones.

Baby Stella’s little cousin, Wee Baby Fella is a bestselling cute soft boy baby doll suitable for children from 12 months. These plush dolls feature a soft body with fleece hair, embroidered facial features and a magnetic pacifier to inspire some imaginative play for your little boy.

This doll comes with a cute removeable onesie, so your child will just love that he can dress and un dress his baby boy doll, and the magnetic pacifier is super fun too. Kids just love these extra features. Your son will love getting his very own baby boy doll all dressed for bed every evening! Accessories can be purchased separately.

We recommend that this doll and accessories such as bassinet and baby carrier make perfect gifts for boys ages 1-3. This is a small boy doll so a perfect toy if you expect lots of back and forth between car, home and playgroup.

Wee Baby Fella

  • Suitable from 12 months
  • Plush doll with embroidered features
  • Available in range of skin tones
  • Removable onesie for dressing fun
  • Unique Magnetic Pacifier for added play value
  • Extra Accessories available
  • Machine Washable

Playskool Dressy Kids Boy Activity Plush Stuffed Doll Toy for Kids and Preschoolers 2 Years and Up

This cute soft boy doll will not only inspire pretend play but also helps your little boy learn how to get dressed independently!

The Playskool Dressy Kids Boy Activity Plush is an adorable plush boy doll with realistic zipper, button, hair tie and shoe laces that your child will love to practice with. These thoughtful features are perfect for developing fine motor skills. These features do vary depending on the doll you choose.

These dolls for boys are suitable from age 2 and will be enjoyed for years to come- we would recommend this doll for boys aged from 2-5 years old.

You’ll find that your little boy will just love pulling the realistic zipper up and down and doing up and undoing the button on the dolls jacket. The Dressy Kids Boy dolls even have one shoe with a lace and the other with a velcro buckle, so that your son can learn to do up a shoe just like his.

At approximately 15 inches tall, this doll is a good size but still manageable for kids to carry on the go.

Playskool Dressy Kids

  • Suitable from 24 months
  • Plush doll with added buttons, laces, zips and velcro
  • Available in range of designs, boys and girls and various skin tones
  • Encourages fine motor skills
  • Comes with handy clip making it great for travel
  • Machine Washable

Playtime by Eimmie Black Baby Dolls for boys, Girls Toddlers and Babies

We love the look of these beautiful Playtime By Eimmie Ragdolls which, again, can be purchased as girl or boy dolls and in a range of skin tones.

These 14inch dolls have a look that makes them suitable for a an older child, as well as having all the safety standards that make it a great first doll for baby boys too. We love that the range has included boy dolls, since dolls for boys beyond the baby and toddler stage can be hard to find.

These dolls come with an outfit, but additional accessories like coats can be purchased if you are looking for dolls for boys that can be dressed in lots of funky outfits. Again, this is a feature that is often missed in dolls for boys but that adds lots of fun to play.

Playtime by Eimmie Ragdolls

  • Suitable from birth
  • Plush doll with embroidered features
  • Available in range of skin tones
  • Large 14 inch size
  • Big Kid design making this a perfect gift for older kids as well as toddlers and babies
  • Lightweight to allow your little one to take their best friend with them no matter where they go!

How to pick the best dolls for boys: The Bottom Line

While dolls may be stereotpyed as a “girls” toy, dolls make a great gift for little boys, with many boys favouring a boy doll that looks just like them.

While there aren’t quite as many boy dolls available as girls, there are still lots to choose from, and you can even find a skin tone to match your little boy’s own tone. We’ve picked our favourite three dolls for boys above, and they each have their own unique selling points that will inspire different kinds of learning and play.


Are Baby Dolls Just for Girls?

Absolutely not!

There’s no doubt that many toy companies market certain toys, like action figures and construction toys towards boys and nurturing toys like baby dolls and toy kitchens towards buts, but a doll is a great toy for all children.

Remember, children love to mimic their parents, so it is the most natural thing in the world for kids- boys and girls- to want to play mummy or daddy with their doll. Gender should not be a barrier towards the interactive fun that comes with playing “house” with siblings and friends.

The developmental benefits of playing with a baby doll are well documented; not only can a baby doll be used to teach your child basic skills like dressing, potty training, but they can also encourage nurturing, empathy and understanding.

Dolls can be purchased in different skin tones so that your little boy can find boy baby dolls that look just like him!

Are Boy Baby Dolls the Best Dolls for Boys?

Most dolls for boys tend to be boys-and that’s probably because most baby dolls on the market are baby girls, marketed for girls. However, we believe that a doll can be the perfect toy for any child- and we don’t really believe in specific dolls being dolls for boys and others being dolls for girls.

The best thing to do is to let you children pick the doll that appeals best to them.

Your child may well favour the doll for the cute onesie, the extra accessories like bottle and pacifier, or he may favour boy baby dolls that he sees as being dolls for boys- follow his lead!

Plastic Vs Soft Body Dolls

We get asked quite a lot whether plastic baby dolls are better than plush dolls. The truth is that this is entirely down to preference, and different baby dolls do tend to better suit different ages. Gender doesn’t seem to come in to play here.

For practical reasons, plush dolls can be a great first doll- purchase one that’s super soft with no small parts as a cuddly companion for your little one. Baby’s tend to suck on pretty much everything so it’s also a great idea to ensure that the baby doll is machine washable.

Older kids will often favour plastic dolls, as these may have poseable arms and legs, more realistic features and extra outfits and accessories to add extra fun and play value. They also may have interactive features and often feature hair that can be brushed and styled.

Are Baby Dolls only Suitable for Babies and Toddlers?

Again, absolutely not! Pick the right doll and it will grow with your little one- even bigger children love a cuddle from time to time!

The benefits of playing with baby dolls continues long past the toddler stage, and there’s nothing more cute than seeing your little one lovingly dress, feed and play with their baby doll.

However, it is true that how a toddler plays with a baby doll will be different to how kids of other ages play, with cuddly soft dolls often being more suitable to little kids and an older child typically favouring plastic dolls with more lifelike features.

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