Is My Salt Lamp Fake? How to Spot a Fake Salt Lamp



How to Spot a Fake Salt Lamp

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The authenticity of salt lamps is a growing concern for enthusiasts seeking the purest Himalayan treasures.

In the following guide, you’ll learn how to spot a genuine salt lamp from the fakes flooding the market.

I’ll detail the subtle nuances that reveal quality, from color variations and source origins to the very weight and texture of the salt crystal. Unravel the secrets to ensure the salt lamp you choose is as real as its promised benefits.

Join me in discerning the real from the replica, and let’s ensure your salt lamp is an authentic slice of the Himalayan serenity.

Key Takeaways: Identifying a Fake Salt Lamp

Check the origin. Authentic Himalayan salt lamps are sourced from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. If it’s not from Pakistan, it’s not genuine.

Assess the weight and sturdiness. Real Himalayan salt lamps are heavy and can be fragile. A lamp that feels too light or very durable might be a sign of a fake.

Examine the light emission. Genuine salt lamps emit a warm, soft glow. If your lamp is very bright or can light up an entire room, it might not be real.

Look for moisture resistance. Real Himalayan salt lamps absorb moisture and can ‘sweat’ when left off. If yours doesn’t, it could be a sign that it’s fake.

Evaluate the color. Authentic lamps usually have an uneven, warm pinkish or orange hue. Perfectly colored lamps might be artificially colored.

Consider the price. If the price of the salt lamp is too good to be true, it might be fake. Genuine Himalayan salt lamps are usually not very cheap due to the cost of sourcing and transportation.

Don’t Be Fooled by Fake Salt Lamps!

There’s nothing quite like the warm, soft glow of a Himalayan salt lamp. But before you head to the store to buy one, beware of fake lamps!

Many stores sell imitations made of cheaper materials like selenite lamps or even plastic. These knock-offs don’t have the same benefits as real Himalayan salt lamps.

An authentic Himalayan salt lamp is said to improve air quality, reduce allergens and pollutants, boost mood and energy levels, and even help you sleep better. So if you’re going to buy a salt lamp, make sure it’s the real thing!

Not all salt lamps are created equal! Make sure you get the real thing for all the benefits and learn the signs your Himalayan salt is fake.

How to Spot a Fake Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Here are some key tips and identifiers to keep in mind when thinking of buying a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp.

How Can I Tell Before I Buy If a Salt Lamp is Real?

When it comes to Himalayan salt lamps, there are a few things you should look out for to see if the salt lamp is fake.

There are a few ways to tell if your salt lamp is real before you buy:

Check the Origin

Real Himalayan salt lamps come from Pakistan, which is the only place in the world where true Himalayan pink salt is found. If your lamp comes from another country, it’s likely not authentic.

Inspect the Color

A genuine Himalayan rock salt crystal lamp will have an orange or reddish hue when lit; fake versions tend to be white or yellow in color when illuminated.

Compare the Price

If you find a “Himalayan” lamp being sold for an incredibly low price, it’s likely not the real thing.

Research the Vendor

Make sure they’re reputable and have a good track record with customers before making a purchase. If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to tell if your salt lamp is real or fake.

Check the Warranty

An authentic vendor will have a full warranty and returns procedure. Ask before hand what warranty comes with the lamp.

By following these simple tips, you can be sure that you’re getting the real deal when it comes to Himalayan salt crystal lamps.

If you have already bought your lamp, here is how you can check it you have a genuine or a fake lamp.


Authentic Himalayan salt lamps are pink or orange in color. If the lamp is any other color, it’s probably not real.


Most authentic salt lamps weigh at least 20 pounds. If the lamp is significantly lighter than this, it may be a fake.


Did you pay a fair price? Quality salt lamps will cost more.


If your salt lamp is not sweating, it’s probably not genuine.


Real salt lamps are not particularly durable. They can easily chip or crack if dropped or knocked over, and you will have salt particles. Fake lamps tend to be more sturdy and less likely to break.

If you have bought a salt lamp which is fake, it may not be the end of the world. After all, it still looks nice and serves as a wonderful source of light in your home. However, you may not be reaping the full benefits of a real salt lamp if what you have is a fake one

The Benefits of Owning a Real Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan lamps are more than just a pretty face. They offer many benefits that fake Himalayan salt lamps just can’t provide.

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in a real Himalayan salt lamp:

  1. Real Himalayan salt lamps (which come from the Himalayan Mountain range) can help purify the air in your home by trapping negative ions and releasing positive ones.
  2. A real salt lamp is also said to boost your mood, relieve stress, and improve sleep quality thanks to their calming effect on the nervous system.
  3. Plus, they make for a great natural night light and add a touch of luxury to any room!

So if you’re looking for a way to improve your home’s air quality, boost your mood, and get a good night’s sleep, consider investing in a real Himalayan salt lamp. You won’t regret it!

Himalayan salt lamps are the real deal! They help purify the air, boost your mood, and improve sleep quality. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your home’s air quality, consider investing in a real Himalayan salt lamp. You won’t regret it!

How to Tell If Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Is Actually Making You Feel Better

We’ve all seen them:

Those beautiful, pink-hued Himalayan salt lamps that are said to do everything from improve sleep quality to relieve anxiety and boost mood.

But how can you tell if your Himalayan salt lamp is actually making a difference?

Here’s a quick guide:

First, take note of how you feel when you’re around the lamp versus when you’re not. If you find yourself feeling more relaxed or calm in its presence, that’s a good sign it might be working.

Second, pay attention to whether people comment on how soothing or calming your presence is; this is another clue that the lamp might be having a positive effect.

Finally, generalize how you feel overall when the lamp is present versus when it isn’t – if you generally feel better in its company than without it, there’s a good chance it’s doing something right!

Look at the Light

Another indicator is the color of the light emitted from the lamp. A real Himalayan pink salt lamp will have a warm, amber-orange glow whereas fake ones tend to be much brighter and bluer in color.

If a salt lamp is too bright, it’s probably fake and you have been the victim of a Himalayan salt lamp hoax. A very bright light is a clear indicator that something is amiss.

real salt lamp glow

White Himalayan salt lamps

These lamps are made out of a special type of crystalized rock salt that is mined from the foothills of the Himalayas. This type of salt is known for its ability to absorb and emit negative ions, which helps purify the air around it.

As with other types of salt lamps, there are some fake white Himalayan salt lamps on the market. You can identify an authentic white Himalayan salt lamp by looking at the texture and color of the rock – it should be a consistent pinkish hue with no signs of discolouration or blemish.

White Himalayan salt lamps

FAQs in Relation to Fake Salt Lamp

Is Your Salt Lamp Sweating?

Salt rock lamps will sweat when they are placed in a humid environment. This is because the rock salt absorbs moisture from the air, which then condenses on the surface of the lamp and drips down as “sweat”.

Fake lamps made from imitation salt won’t do this.

salt on real salt lamp

Are fake salt lamps salty?

No, fake salt lamps are not salty.

Himalayan pink salt lamps are made from large pieces of Himalayan pink salt that have been hollowed out to fit a light bulb inside. These minerals can give the lamp a slightly salty taste if you lick it.


If you’re in the market for a Himalayan salt lamp, make sure you do your research and avoid being scammed by a fake! There are plenty of ways to spot a fake salt lamp, so be wary of any that don’t meet these criteria.

To avoid being scammed, learn to identify the key differences between real and fake lamps.

Real Himalayan salt lamps are made from pink salt sourced from mines in Northern Pakistan. They should be fairly expensive (between $40-60), emit a warm and dim light, and sweat in humid environments.

If your lamp is too bright, not sweating, or is made of white crystal instead of pink/orange rock, it’s probably a fake.

But once you’ve got your hands on a real one, enjoy the benefits it can bring. From reducing negative ions in the air to creating a calming ambience in your home, Himalayan salt lamps can make a huge difference in your life.

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