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Dollhouses for Boys

Having a wooden dolls house offers so many amazing play and learning opportunities that it seems ridiculous a child might miss out on this purely because of their gender.

Playing with dolls might traditionally be seen as girly but boys have a naturally nurturing side just the same as girls and are just as into pretend play and creating characters. In fact as a child, I used to love arranging the dollhouse dolls,  wooden furniture for dolls  and accessories in my dolls house but it was my brother that would actually play with the dolls, thinking up situations or adventures that I would then join in with.

Admittedly some dollhouses are a little on the pink side and may not instantly appeal to boys, who even by the age of three may already have got the idea that “pink is girly”. But there are also plenty of gender-neutral wooden dollhouses as well as lots of other options that provide the same developmental benefits as dollhouse play. 

Gender Neutral Boys Dolls house

If you are looking for a traditional dollhouse for boys then there are some amazing options to choose from. Indigo Jamm, Big Jigs, Tenderleaf and Plan Toys all make beautiful high-quality wooden dollhouses with nothing overtly girly about them making them perfect for girls and boys to play with.

The Indigo Jamm house is a great dollhouse for boys if you happen to love their vehicles as the little peg people also fit in all the toys, meaning your family can fly away on holiday, go shopping in the car, go to school on the bubs or go to work driving the recycling truck.

Dolls House alternatives for boys and girls

If you like the idea of allowing their imaginations and creativity to flourish through role-play while at the same time developing their social and motor skills but don’t fancy a dolls house per se then there are some great alternatives to a traditional dollhouse for boys.

  • A treehouse! Every child dreams of having a treehouse in their garden, and a mini treehouse offers loads of opportunities for doll size adventures.
  • A hospital or fire station. If you are looking at finding a toy that will develop your child’s empathy while still appealing to their need for heroes and adventure then a hospital or fire station might be perfect. There are plenty of stories for their imaginations to take them on and they’ll have just as much fun setting up the hospital furniture as they would furniture in a dolls house.
  • A Rocket or space station. These tend to have instant appeal to little boys in a way that a dollhouse may not, and yet they still offer the same benefits in terms of encouraging the imagination and developing fine motor skills.

Childrens Dolls House Benefits

Children’s dolls houses allow any child’s imagination to grow and develop and really improve with their social skills. The attention to detail on many of the furniture allow a child to envelope themselves in small world play and games. The colour scheme in each house furniture can be gender neutral as well, many just come in lovely bright colours with lots of different choices. 

If you are looking for something smaller to test the water then the Grimms mobile home is a beautiful toy that takes up very little space and is perfect for travel. In fact, there are soo many options that we’ve written a blog on how to choose the best dollhouse for your child.

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