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If you have a Wobbel Board or you are looking to get one you will have noticed that there are different options you can go for including a felted version that adds colour to the board as well as protecting your floors, the board and your ears if you don’t have carpet in your home.

Not all Wobbel Boards are felted. You can get a plain wooden version and they also do a version with cork instead of felt. The plain version is great if you have carpeted floors, and it makes a slightly more slippery slide.

But if you have wooden or other hard floors most people go for the option of a felt covering as this protects both the Wobbel and your floors.

The felt backing stops the board getting scratched when you are wobbling, and it’s also really good at deadening the noise. It’s a very hardy material and lasts well.

It can, of course, get dusty and dirty and we all know that spills happen where children are involved. So if it gets dirty what’s the best option for cleaning it.

Cleaning the felt on your Wobbel

The Wobbel is a pretty low maintenance toy all round and a damp cloth is really all you need when it comes to cleaning.

If you have a felt backed Wobbel gently hoovering the felt is a great way to keep it clean and in good condition or you can use a soft brush to gently get rid of dust and pet hair.

Felt is quite good at repelling most dirt and stains. Using a damp cloth, possibly with a mild detergent if required is the recommended way to clean.

You do need to be careful not to get the felt too wet as this can affect the adhesive.

It’s worth noting that there are two different types of felt used by Wobbel. Natural wool felt that is used as the standard and a pro felt that is made from recycled plastic bottles that is used on the Pro boards.

This pressed felt is more hardwearing and easier to clean than the natural felt and a popular choice for child care settings for this reason but it isn’t as soft.

If your felt gets really grubby and wiping with a damp cloth really isn’t cutting it there are a few other options you can try although these are not manufacturer recommended. People have had success with carpet cleaner designed for woollen carpets. And masking tape or similar is great for pulling of pet hair as are the sticky rollers designed for getting hair off your clothes.

And finally remember that it’s a toy. It will certainly pick up some bumps and scrapes along the way but this doesn’t stop it from wobbling.

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