Do Klean Kanteen Bottles Sweat?




Do Klean Kanteen Bottles Sweat

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For some people, it is important to know if their water bottles will sweat when filled with cold beverages. The majority of us want to keep our hands free especially if we are commuting and we definitely do not want to be holding our water bottles the entire time on our way to work.

Instead, we want to put our water bottles in our bags or backpack and if our water bottles sweat then all the things inside our bags will be soaking wet.

Okay, so you decided to ditch plastic water bottles for reusable ones and you probably got yourself a nice Klean Kanteen water bottle because it is one of the best reusable water bottle brands around. And if you are like the majority of us, you may be wondering if your Klean Kanteen will sweat if you fill it up with your favourite cold beverage.

Does your Klean Kanteen water bottle sweat?

Klean Kanteen insulated water bottles do not sweat which means these bottles will never show condensation build up on the exterior of the water bottle regardless of the temperature of the beverage.

These water bottles are durable and feature double-wall construction and vacuum insulation which are both economical and sustainable. A durable water bottle will last for many years which means you do not have to buy again in a few years and Klean Kanteen and other water bottle manufacturers do not have to produce more water bottles. Less production means less energy consumed.

However, Klean Kanteen Classic and Wide do sweat when filled with cold beverages. These water bottles are single walled rather than double walled.

If the contents of your water bottle is colder than the temperature outside, then expect condensation build up on the exterior of your water bottle. If you got one of these bottles and you do not want to deal with sweaty water bottles, you can get one of those insulated sleeves.

Insulated sleeves for water bottles can help keep your water bottle dry because the sleeves will absorb moisture build up from condensation.

Why do water bottles sweat?

Without making things complicated, water bottles sweat when condensation happens. Condensation happens when water vapor in the air comes into contact with a cold surface, in this case your water bottle. Gaseous water vapor turns back into liquid in a form of water droplets.

How does insulation prevent condensation?

Klean Kanteen water bottles are made from high quality food-grade stainless steel. Both hot and cold temperatures transfer quickly in stainless steel materials. Single wall slows the process down but a double wall with vacuum insulation prevents transfer of both hot and cold temperatures completely.

When you pour ice-cold water into your double-walled Klean Kanteen water bottle, the inner wall will quickly match the temperature of your beverage while the outer wall will stay at room temperature.

Remember that condensation happens when a water bottle comes in contact with a cold surface. Condensation does not happen when the outer surface of your water bottle is the same with surrounding temperature.

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