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Learn how best to clean your collapsible water bottle and enjoy fresh daily hydration.

Statistics show that we use 7.7 billion plastic bottles a year in the UK, that’s an average of 3 per person per week. Choosing to refill can make a huge difference to plastic waste. And a water bottle you can collapse offers a practical solution for many people.

Collapsible bottles offer an advantage for some over a glass or stainless steel bottle as they are lightweight, durable, and take up much less space in your bag/pocket/glove compartment when they are empty.

There’s nothing great about drinking musty water and this can put some people off reusables. However, most reusable bottles, including collapsible and foldable varieties are easy to clean, meaning you can have fresh clean water wherever you are, without the need for single-use plastics.

Cleaning silicone Que collapsible water bottles

Que offers a high-quality water bottle that has been beautifully designed to take into account usability, style, and practicality.

Silicone is non-porous making it a very easy material to clean, and an ideal choice if you like drinking juice, milk or coffee as well as water from your reusable bottle as it will not retain flavours in the same way that some plastics can.

For daily cleaning you can either pop your Que bottle in the dishwasher (make sure it’s fully extended first) or use hot soapy water and a bottle brush. Don’t have a bottle brush to hand? No problem, just half fill with warm/hot water, add a little dish soap and give it a good shake. Rinse well and you are good to go.

For a deeper clean, a good idea every now and again, especially if you’ve accidentally left a smoothie in there to go mouldy, or forgotten the last dregs of coffee over the weekend, you can sterilise silicone by boiling in water (with a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda if required).

Another tip Que recommends for keeping your water tasting fresh is to fill with equal parts water and lemon juice and leave to soak overnight.

Cleaning Rex foldable water bottles

Having a foldable water bottle is perfect for family days out, picnics and lunch boxes as well as camping and adventuring, music festivals and travel. Rex bottles come in two sizes and make great bottles for all the family.

Unlike the Que silicone bottles they are not dishwasher safe and instead just need to be cleaned with warm soapy water and left to air dry. A small bottle brush can be used to get into the corners, which is useful if you’ve filled it with juice or left water in for too long.

For a deeper clean you can fill with a little bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and water and allow to soak (ideally overnight). This will get rid of any yucky smells and nasty germs that may build-up on the inside of the bottle so it’s worth doing every now and again.

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