Can You Wash a Lillebaby Carrier?





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Yes! The simple and quick answer is that yes, like most baby carriers, you can wash your Lillebaby carrier. Simply put in a pillow case and wash in a machine. For detailed washing instructions for each type of lillebaby carrier, please see below.

How to wash a Lillebaby Tie the Knot carrier

The lillebaby tie the knot sling is a stretchy wrap. It is a long piece of fabric which you wrap around your baby and is ideal from newborn up to about 6 months. As the tie the knot is just an extended piece of fabric, with no buckles etc, it is very easy to wash.

Simply pop in the washing machine and wash on cool. It can be tumble dried on low or hung to dry. It is a very thin piece of fabric, unlike old fashioned stretchy wraps like the moby wrap, so it does not take long to wash or dry at all.

How to wash a Lillebaby Ring Sling

The lillebaby ring sling is also an extended piece of fabric, but this time comes with metal ring slings. It is best to tie a sock over the ring slings before you pop the sling into the machine. This stops them bashing and scratching in your machine and will minimise damage to your machine or wrap. Again, just wash on a cool wash then dry on a line.

How to wash a Lillebaby Complete Carrier

The lillebaby complete is a buckle or structured carrier with lots of buckles and clips so we have to take a few extra precautions when washing. We would suggest that you pat with a damp sponge as much as you can to clean your carrier.

Also using teething pads will really help cut down grime on your carrier. You can purchase these from lots of lovely vendors who can tailor make to a gorgeous array of designs. We always advise our local moms to get 2 sets in so you always have one in the wash and one on the carrier.

When it needs a full wash then first it’s best to buckle up all the the buckles. Then pop the carrier into a pillow case. This protects all those buckles from getting bashed and broken in the washing machine.

Wash the carrier on a cold cycle with mild washing powder. Do not use any bleach. Also put on a low spin cycle (a high spin can cause a lot of damage). Then line dry. It is not advisable to tumble dry buckle or soft structured carriers.

Careful washing infrequently will extend the life of your carrier. If you hot wash often your carrier will fade and you risk breaking your buckles.

Take Aways

•You can wash your Lillebaby carrier in a machine by putting it in a pillow case.
• For detailed washing instructions, see below.
• To wash a Lillebaby Tie the Knot carrier, put it in the washing machine on cool and tumble dry on low or hang it to dry.
• To wash a Lillebaby Ring Sling, tie a sock over the ring slings before putting it in the machine and washing it on cool. Dry on a line.
• To wash Lillebaby Complete Carrier, first buckle up all buckles then put them into a pillow case and wash on a cold cycle with mild washing powder (no bleach). Put on a low spin cycle then line dry.


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