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Lillebaby has changed the definition of baby carriers! Ergonomic, stylish, comfortable they will grow with your baby to last from birth to 3 years. With 6 different carrying positions and a huge range of beautiful styles and fabric finishes, there is a complete which is perfect for you!

Lillebaby Ergonomic Baby Carriers

These carriers really do have everything. An adjustable seat, a long adjustable back panel so your carrier will last you longer, adjustable neck support and a removable sleeping hood. They are superbly comfortable for baby and parent, and fully adjustable to swap between carers.

What Is a Lillebaby Carrier?

Lillebaby carrier is an ergonomic baby carrier which has 6 carrying positions. Designed by Lisbeth Lehan, the carrier has many patents for it’s innovative designs which means it can be used from birth to about 3.5 years old. The Lillebaby carrier was the first ergonomic forward facing carrier on the market.

The Lillebaby baby carrier now comes in many models and styles. Some people get confused about the different styles of fabric finish and whether these are different models so in this article we hope to talk you through all the options and finishes so you will really know what a Lillebaby carrier is!

The Lillebaby Complete

The most popular Lillebaby is the Lillebaby complete, and this is the one you have probably heard about. Whilst Lillebaby have grown as a company and added many more models to their portfolio, like the slings and toddler carriers, the complete carrier is still their best selling by far.

It is a truly genius carrier which, to be honest, I have not found a carrier to match it in 18 years of selling baby carriers! I find it is my go to carrier in the shop when expectant parents or parents of a newborn come in for a demonstration.

The versatility of the Lillebaby complete means that it will do from the moment a baby is born, right up to carrying a big heavy toddler. The clever adjustable seat allows the carrier to grow with your baby, meaning that it ends up being a very worthwhile investment.

Complete Fabric Options

What many people get confused with the Lillebaby Complete is all the fabric options it comes with, they think these are different models, when in fact they are just different finishes on the same model. Think of it like a car, you have your base model, then it comes in loads of different finishes to suit different people.

The Lillebaby Complete Original is the basic cotton version. Perfect for cooler climates or winter time. This is 2 layers of hard wearing cotton. It comes in a range of fashionable prints and is usually the cheapest option.

The Lillebaby Airflow is the same as the complete except the cotton is replaced with a breathable mesh. This makes it ideal for hotter climates, for summer or for holidays abroad. It’s also a great option if, like me, you are a ‘hot person’. The airflow is also the most pliable of all the Lillebaby complete options so perfect for use around a brace or other medical equipment.

The Lillebaby Embossed is like the rolls royce of the complete. It is the most divine layer of suede on the inside (so, so so so soft against baby) and then super thin microfibre on the outside embossed with beautiful embroidery designs.

Again this is ideal for hotter climates and it’s exceptionally breathable. It’s also suitable for really petite women as it can just fold down a nudge smaller than the others.

The Lillebaby All seasons combines the best of the above. It’s an out layer of cotton, ideal for winter or colder days. The inner layer of breathable mesh. It comes with a zip down front so can be zipped down in hot climates or hot days, then zipped up for colder days! Perfect for everywhere!

Lillebaby Complete Baby Carrier

The Norweigan design principles of performance, practicality and beauty, this baby carrier has it all. The Complete Baby Carrier incorporates a hood, head support, pockets, lumbar support and is super adjustable.

Everything you need to carry your baby from newborn to toddler in any of 6 carrying positions. Or try the clever Tie The Knot stretchy baby wrap, perfect for a newborn.

Which Lillebaby Carrier Is the Best?

Lillebaby is an American brand of ergonomic baby carriers, designed by Norwegian Lisbeth Lehan and it comes with a few models and many finishes.

The Lillebaby Tie the Knot Baby Wrap

This carrier is ideal for newborns. Like most baby wraps, it’s a long stretchy piece of fabric which you wrap around you and your baby. The Lillebaby tie the knot wrap is super lightweight, making it one of the best baby wraps on the market.

We love this wrap for feeding in, around the house and just for snuggling newborn babies. This wrap works well up to about 6 months, but like most wraps, they are not comfortable beyond that.

This is a very forgiving stretchy wrap, and will let complete beginners put it on imperfectly and still work very well. It’s very easy, unlike most stretchy wraps, to retighten in use, meaning you can fix any loose and bad positions without having to wrap all over again.

The Lillebaby Complete

This is the most well known of the Lillebaby carrier range and comes in several finishes including original, airflow, embossed and All Seasons.

A fantastic all rounder this carrier is probably the best for everyone and probably the best Lillebaby carrier. I find when doing 1-1 demos in the shop, it’s the carrier I pull up first as it will be comfortable and work well for about 99% of the people who try it on.

It can be used from newborn right up until about 3.5 years old and you do not need to buy a newborn insert with it.

The complete comes in many options and it is worth considering which finish is best for you. The basic original is better for those in colder climates or in winter.

The Airflow is made from breathable mesh and is the best carrier if you are in a hot climate or you are a hot person. It allows cools air to circulate around you and your baby keeping you both cooler.

The all seasons offers the best of both worlds and overall I would say that this is probably the best baby carrier. It has an outer layer of cotton, making it ideal for cooler climates or winter. Then you can zip that down in summer or for hotter climates (or just to let some cool air in for a short period).


Can Lillebaby be used with a newborn

The Lillebaby Sling

The Lillebaby ring sling is a gorgeous cotton rich sling which is super easy to use and ideal for quick up and downs. I love using ring slings and this one was very easy to use even for beginners.

The lovely pad covers the rings ensuring the baby is always comfortable. Ring slings can be used from newborn right up to toddlers, but often for bigger children or for extended trips a more structured carrier is ideal.

How Do You Wear Baby on My Back in a Lillebaby

Wearing a baby on your back can be a beautiful experience as it will dramatically extend your baby carrying days. Once you have an ergonomic carrier and have it positioned well with the weight evenly spread out, you can carry even the heaviest toddlers or preschool children for long periods. Trying to front carry a heavier child can be uncomfortable at best.

When to Start Carrying Your Baby on your Back

  • 1. When they can sit unaided
  • 2. When they can hold their neck independently
  • 3. When you have an ergonomic carrier
  • 4. In the lillebaby when they are big enough for the wide seat setting
  • 5. When your baby is confident enough

Generally in a buckle carrier like the lillebaby you can start carrying your baby on your back once they can hold their neck up unsupported. This would be from 6-9 months. They also need to be able to sit independently without aid. Once they can do this, you can carry your baby safely on your back.

For an experienced babywearer, using a woven wrap, you can carry your baby from earlier, but for this article, we are just looking at buckle carriers in general and the lillebaby in specific, and for those please follow specific instructions by your baby carrier consultant, or the wrap company.

Wide seat setting on Lillebaby

The lillebaby buckle carrier needs to be able to be on the wide seat setting to carry on your back.

You should NEVER use the narrow setting when back carrying in a lillebaby.

If your baby is not big enough yet for the wide seat setting then they are not big enough to go on your back in a lillebaby.

Your baby can fit in the wide sit setting once the material goes from knee to knee without stretching and with them still be able to bend and flex their knees.

When your baby is confident

Many babies seek comfort and confidence from being able to see their parent’s or carers’ faces. When they hear new sounds or see new sites, they often look at their parents’ expressions to see how they have reacted, and this shows them not to panic or be afraid.

Once your baby is past this stage and has the confidence to look around for themselves then they can move to the back. You will know when this happens, they will be stretching out and looking around and really keen to see what’s going on!

When you have confidence

When you feel confident enough to back carry!

At first you can try at home with someone there to help you. If you have a local baby carrying consultant, or are close to our baby carrier shop then pop in for a demonstration.

For those who live too far away we have done a Lillebaby FAQ video, which also shows you how to back carry in a lillebaby!

Take Aways

•Lillebaby is an American brand of ergonomic baby carriers, designed by Norwegian Lisbeth Lehan.
• Lillebaby offers a few models, including the Complete All Seasons, the tie the knot, and the sling.
• The Complete All Seasons carrier is ideal for everyone and can be used from newborn right up until 3.5 years old without needing to buy a newborn insert.
• The Airflow model is made from breathable mesh and is best for hot climates or hot weather conditions.
• The all seasons offers the best of both worlds with an outer layer of cotton making it ideal for cooler climates or winter while also allowing you to zip it down in summer or hotter climates (or just to let some cool air in for a short period).

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