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Your child has a new dollhouse and needs furniture to fill it.

We have the perfect furniture for your child’s dollhouse. Our collection of wooden dolls house furniture is made from high-quality materials, so you can be sure that they will last for years to come. And because all our sets are built to be the same size, leading brands like Tidlo, Tender Leaf and Bigjigs can all fit in together seamlessly! Mix and match as you please!

Buy the Best Wooden Dolls House Furniture Here at Baba Me

Dolls are already fun to play with but with our adorable doll house furniture, you can take your child’s playtime to the next level. Dolls house furniture are miniature versions of real-life furniture for your wooden dolls houses and they are so fun to play with. So buying a set will definitely delight your child. But, these setups do not include a high chair for doll so you have to buy them differently using our site. 

We have a wide range of wooden dolls houses furniture so pick the set that fits your child’s playstyle, taste and preference. Many of our dolls house furniture sets come as complete sets but you can also choose dollhouse furniture set room by room. Some parts of the dolls like a doll’s bed or a doll pram can be also purchased separately. 

Dolls House Furniture Set Included or Seperate

Some dollhouses already come with furniture sets but these are pretty expensive. If you can’t afford it now and are interested in furnishing your little one’s dollhouse, you save up some money and buy dollhouse furniture set at a later time. Our dolls world is always filled with such exciting items for dolls. You can always check them to find something interesting for your kid. 

Dolls houses are amazing for imaginative play and we find that children love playing with them from about aged four onward. A wooden dolls house furniture set can be quite intricate, and the play value comes in really after this age. Shop our wide range of stock and accessories and choices, we have a wide selection for your search from modern furniture sets to traditional, from budget friendly to heir looms.  If we don’t sell it, theres a reason why! We have been selling dolls furniture for over 15 years in our shops and we only sell the top quality premium products that will last so you will be happy with your purchase. 

Checkout our customers reviews including these featured reviews, and rest assured our customer support team will help you get the best product for your child. If you need inspiration or help just pop us a line! 

Dolls House Furniture FAQs

Will these dolls house sets fit all doll houses?

Yes, most wooden dolls houses are built to be 1/12 and so are these furniture, so you can mix and match between companies. They will even fit into Ikea, Barbie, Sylvanian or the latest trendy doll house and be a great addition to (or even improve) them! 

What is included in each furniture set?

Each dolls set will list what is included, all have slightly different contents depending on the brand or which room they are for. For example the sitting room might have a sofa and chair, whilst bedrooms would have a bed, all designed to make the perfect home! 

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