Things to Consider When Buying a Dolls House and Furniture



Things to Consider When Buying a Dolls House and Furniture

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Things to consider when buying a dolls house

Dolls houses are a wonderful toy for children. The miniature wooden furniture, little doll families and the houses themselves offer so many opportunities for imaginative and creative play.

Playing with dolls houses is great for the imagination, encouraging narrative thought, fine motor skills, developing problem-solving ability, practising social skills and just having some quiet playtime.

This is a toy that has been popular for generations and there’ll be plenty of people who still have their own dolls house tucked away in an attic somewhere waiting for the next generation to be old enough to enjoy it.

Because they are so popular there are also a huge number of options to choose from. So before you start your search here are a few things to consider.

Children’s Ages

Dolls houses are brilliant for a wide age range and a great toy for friends and siblings to play with together. However, due to small parts, not all houses will be suitable for all ages. If you are buying specifically for a toddler there are some great options without small parts that have chunkier furniture and dolls that are easier for little hands to manipulate.

If your little ones are past the choking stage then the options massively increase. If you have siblings of different ages, or just want to get a house that will be loved and played with the maximum number of years you may wish to just take out any particularly small items and save them for later.

Wood or Plastic?

What material your dolls house is made of can also be a consideration. Most traditional dolls houses are made of wood although there are also plenty of plastic houses available. Both materials have their advantages although we certainly sway more to the wooden houses for their environmental credentials and the fact that they are so beautiful.

However the Green Toys house playset is a great option for toddlers especially if you want something that is easy to clean and can be played with outside.

The Size of the Dolls House

When talking about dolls houses and size there are two main things to think about. The scale of the house and the amount of physical space it will take up.

If you are looking for a dolls house to be home to a specific doll or doll family then the scale matters. Fashion dolls, for example, are 1:6 scale whereas most more traditional dolls houses are 1:12 scale, and your child’s favourite princess or action hero might look a bit silly sitting on a half size sofa.

Then you need to think about how much space you have and where you want the dolls house to live. You can buy some amazing compact houses and cottages that are really lovely or you can buy huge houses that will take up a whole corner of the room.

Dolls houses tend to get played with more when they are easily accessible so think about the space you would like it to live in and shop accordingly.


The chances are if you are looking to buy a dolls house then you want it to last. Toddlers, in particular, can be pretty hard on toys so something chunky and well built will be a better option than something delicate with beautiful detail.

Dolls houses are also loved by adult collectors but the furniture and accessories for these tend to be much more fragile and less able to withstand rough play.

Finally What is Your Budget?

It’s possible to spend as much as you like on a dolls house and it’s accessories so think about your budget and make sure that you can get a house, furniture and dolls within that budget.

Some houses come with dolls and furniture and this can be a great way to start as you have everything you need ready to go. You can of course by more furniture and accessories as you go.

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