Finding Ethical Dolls Clothes



Finding Ethical Dolls Clothes

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How do you Find Ethical Dolls Clothes?

If buying consciously is important to you then the likelihood is you think about where you buy your clothes from and your children’s clothes. But do you think about doll clothes? And if you do, how easy have you found it to buy dolls clothes ethically?

Our ethical dolls clothes brands

We really believe that playtime shouldn’t come at the expense of the planet of the people who make the toys and so we take time to find suppliers that share those values.

Rubens barn makes the most beautiful hand made empathy dolls in a variety of sizes that are perfect for babies and children. Their dolls have the sweetest faces, a lifelike weight to them and some of them are even anatomically correct which children love.

They have a really great range of both girl and boy dolls as well as lots of fabulous clothing you can buy separately to allow for children to play dress-up with their dolls. We love the gorgeous little raincoat, snuggly jumpers and super cute dungarees. They also have an amazing range of accessories including pee and poop nappy sets, a doll-sized baby carrier, and baby bottles.

We also love BigJigs range of dolls and dolls clothes. The clothes come in three sizes to match their dolls but are perfect for other brands as well. The detail is lovely and they have some really cute outfits for little ones that like to play dress-up with their dolls.

Finding local producers

If you buy your own clothes consciously you can buy second hand, cruise the charity shops or seek out independent producers that make beautiful products ethically and often locally too.

The same goes for dolls clothes, there are lots of people out there making cute outfits for dolls and you can even get outfits that match!

And of course if you are handy with a sewing machine you can have a go yourself making dolls clothes, and if it all goes wrong you’ll have wasted a lot less material than if you’d tried to make yourself a drink.

Use baby clothes

If you’ve saved any baby clothes from when they were tiny you may very well find that they now fit their dolls and are great for dress up, and even if they don’t fit perfectly you’ll most likely find that your children don’t care. Plus there is something lovely about getting out the clothes they wore when they were little.

If you haven’t kept any you may well find that you can pick up some cute outfits in the charity shops for a few pence which again make a great, and much cheaper alternative to purpose-designed dolls clothes.

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