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Take your little one on a wonderful space adventure with our amazing range of space toys for kids.

Space Toys

While there are plenty of toys available for kids, those that inspire imagination and allow development of problem solving skills and knowledge are the best. Toys, especially space toys, can help toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary kids play imaginatively and learn something while having fun.

Most children appreciate space exploration and almost anything space-related fascinates them. Every child is fascinated by space in its own wonderful way. The easiest way to find a toy that will keep your child engaged is to find something that mirrors this innate curiosity.

Whether you’re looking for space ship or moon toys, we’ve got the perfect solutions to keep your little one just as engaged as he or she wants to be!

Indigo Jamm Rocket Ricky

Your little one can embark on his space adventure with Indigo Jamm’s Rocket Ricky. It features a retro-futuristic design and movable rocket flames. It also has two colourful spacemen that are removable from the space rocket. Perfect addition to your child’s space playset collection. Made from sustainable rubberwood and suitable for children ages 18 months and older.

Tender Leaf Toys Rocket Construction

Build your own rocket and blast off to space! Tender Leaf Toys Rocket Construction set is the easy, fun way for kids to build three different rockets. Each rocket features everything children need to launch them into space. They can mix and match each rocket piece to make their own unique rocket and start counting down to launch. This rocket construction set promotes problem solving and fine motor skill development for toddlers and helps them learn while they play with toys that encourage “hands-on” exploration.

Small Foot Colourful Stacking Rocket

Small Foot Colourful Stacking Rocket is a brilliantly designed rocket which doubles as a stacking toy for young rocket t scientists.With its bright colours, this stacking tower makes an attractive addition to any nursery. he brightly coloured rocket parts can be assembled easily by toddlers who will playfully practice their fine motor skills and coordination. Perfect toy for teaching children about basic colours and shapes as well as promoting fun and exciting imaginative play.

Tender Leaf Toys Life On Mars Set

Set up a colony and explore life on Mars with Tender Leaf Toys Life On Mars Set. This wonderful space toy playset includes 16 toy pieces – 2 rockets, 2 launch pads, 2 UFOs, 2 lunar vehicles, 2 human astronauts, 2 cat astronauts, an airlock, satellite and radar, living quarters and a communications tower. Each toy piece has enough detail to encourage imaginative role playing and it is all toddlers need to re-enact any planetary mission!

Indigo Jamm Flo the UFO

The Indigo Jamm Flo the Ufo is a retro-style wooden toy UFO with a spinning saucer and two colourful removable aliens. Its vintage charm will definitely attract toddlers. This space toy offers lots of great playtime fun. Ideal toy for encouraging imaginative and creative play as well as fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Perfect gift for children who love space toys.

Space Playset

Our collection includes space rockets, UFO, space station, human space settlement and other space-themed toys. These toys can be used in a variety of different ways. Use these toys to tell stories about our vast universe during bedtime storytelling or to teach them different colours and how to count. These toys can be enjoyed solo or with others.

Beautifully crafted using responsibly sourced materials like wood and finished with non-toxic watercolour, each toy from our collection is good for your kid’s development and on the environment.

Should You Buy Space Toys?

Space toys are great toys that facilitate a child’s development and growth. Playing with space toys allow children to learn more about their world and themselves. These toys also promote early development to help children practice and improve essential skills as they achieve developmental milestones.

Learning through play is a solid learning strategy often used to teach children a wide range of subjects.

There should be diverse learning areas and opportunities for children to learn about the world and the things around them. For instance, you can tell stories about space and heavenly bodies during one of your bedtime story telling.

This would stimulate your child’s curiosity and he would become interested in anything space-related. Proving toys that support your child’s interests and facilitates learning could help your child reach his learning potential.

What space toys can offer?

On the surface, space toys look like simple toys. But children look at these toys differently. To children’s curious and adventurous minds, all they see are toys that could take them to a far away land or different galaxies.

Space toys are the kind of toys that stimulate a child’s imagination and inspire creative thinking. Children can make up their own stories like going on a space mission to a neighboring galaxy aboard their shiny space shuttle or landing on the moon.

Depending on the kind of space toy playset you bought, your child could be suiting up their little astronauts with their space suits before going for a space walk or fixing the gears of their space station to make sure everything is running smoothly and as intended.

Every time your child uses his hands and fingers to reposition or manipulate his space toys he is practically improving their hand eye coordination, dexterity and fine motor skills.

These are essential skills children need to improve on for them to perform precise movements with their hands and fingers. Actions like using a pair of scissors, tying shoelaces or buttoning require refined hand and finger movements.

When children play with space toys, they weave stories based on their imagination. This is what child experts call imaginative play. Engaging in imaginative play allows children to express themselves more freely and provide a risk-free play environment for experimenting and discovering new ideas.

Moreover, story telling about their space toys is a good way for children to practice their communication and language skills as well as good for boosting their confidence and self-confidence.

While space toys can still be fun when played alone, it would be more fun and exciting when played with others. Engaging in social activities like playing with others can help with your children’s emotional and social skills. They will experience different emotions including strong ones like fear, ange and disappointment.

They will also learn how to compromise, cooperate and learn how to be patient when taking turns. These are traits and values that are important because as children grow older, they are more likely to operate and do things in groups especially in a classroom setting.

Developmental Benefits of Playing Space Toys

There are developmental benefits for kids when playing space toys. The physical benefits as well as the cognitive benefits are many. Playing space toys can improve analytical thinking, boost imagination, and foster learning in children. It is important to understand the roles of toys in a child’s early learning and development.

You really can’t force children to learn skills or give them lectures as if they were in a classroom setting. The best way to make them learn new things and get them to improve their skills is through play. Learning and development affects how your children would turn out when they become older and become less dependent.

Development and Learning Through Play

Many experts suggest that children learn new things and develop their skills through play. Space toys are good examples of toys that offer a good balance between entertainment and development value. Children are always fascinated about space so even if your children do not have any interest in anything space-related yet, you might still get them playing with space toys.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of playing with space toys.

Hand Eye Coordination and Fine Motor Skills – When children use their hands and fingers to play with their space toys, they are practicing and improving their fine motor skills and hand eye coordinations. These are abilities that help children perform simple tasks like buttoning, tying shoelaces, using a pair of scissors and more.

Gross-motor skills – Gross motor skills is defined as our body’s ability to do purposeful movements using large groups of muscles. Actions like sitting upright, standing, running, walking and jumping require gross motor skills. When children play with space toys, they are more likely to sit up and even stand up and run around the house with their favourite rocket in hand.

Cognitive Development – As children play with their space toys, they improve their cognitive ability and other mental capacities like analytical thinking, memory, concentration and attention.

Speech and Communication Skills – Children are most likely to develop their speech and communication skills when they interact with others. It is important to let your children play with others from time to time. This is also good for boosting your children’s confidence and allow them to be more comfortable in the company of others.

Sensory Development – Children use their senses when they play. Their auditory, visual and tactile sensory are stimulated when they play with different kinds of space toys.

Problem-solving Skills – Space toys are good toys for developing children’s problem solving skills. Though the challenges and problems that need solving with space toys are not as complex compared to other toys designed specifically for problem solving, space toys allow children to experiment with their new ideas and they try to figure out things on their own.

Creativity and Imagination – Space toys are the kind of toys that stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. They can do a lot of things with space toys and they can engage in hours upon hours of imaginative play.

Having Fun With Space Toys

Space toys allow children to make their own discoveries and weave their own imaginary stories. This is what they call imaginative play. Children love to play with toys that allow them to stretch their imagination because their imagination is immense.

They often take pride in their discoveries which is a good way to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Through imaginative play, children get to know themselves better and understand how some things work.

One approach to help early childhood development is supporting your children’s interests and providing them with the developmental toys. Play with your children and bond with them to know their interests and how they want to play. Toys like space toys are ideal for early development because these toys are open-ended.

Open-ended toys do not have any restrictions or rules on how to play them. This means children have the freedom to make their own rules as they play. Children can do whatever they want with their space rockets, robots, space shuttle, space stations and astronauts. These toys give countless advantages that will help shape your children’s imaginative and creative mind.

How can children have fun playing with space toys?

There are a number of ways to have fun while playing with space toys. As previously mentioned, space toys are what they call open-ended toys which means their entertainment potential is limitless.

Even if you create worlds only they can understand, it would be helpful if you could guide them on how to play with space toys. For instance, you could come up with a story about a space-faring hero who travels from one galaxy to another to save planets from evil creatures.

Or you could tell your children about the stars, sun, moon, planets and other heavenly bodies. Any of these activities could encourage your children to learn more about space.

Encourage creativity and imagination

Space toys on their own are already enough to encourage children to be more creative and imaginative. But with a little push, you could help your children put together a good story about space using their space toys.

They could weave stories about how their astronaut discovered a planet inhabited by aliens. You could also encourage your children to give their astronauts names or they could give a name to their space mission or space station.

Even as simple as naming their rockets and space toys could demonstrate your child’s creativity and imagination.

Playing with others

Inviting your children’s friends over for an afternoon of space adventures is a good way to have fun playing with space toys. Playing with other children is more fun than playing alone because it is more interactive.

When children interact with others, it opens opportunities for them to improve upon their communication skills and experience different emotions. This is also a good way for children to learn how to handle strong emotions like anger and disappointment.

Being able to operate and function within a group is extremely important because we live in a society. It prepares your children for group activities when they start going to school.

Space Toys Buying Guide

Space toys come in a wide range of styles, designs, sizes and materials. It is important to know which space toys will work best for your children.

While some kids may get along well with whatever toys you buy for them, buying space toys that have too many features and seemingly too advanced for your children’s age could only frustrate them. The best way to know what kind of toy might be right for your children is to understand the different types of space toys currently available and know what exactly interests them.

Whether you are looking for an astronaut set, or some space rovers, our short space toys buying guide will help you choose what is best for your children.

Child’s Age

Whenever you buy toys for your child, make sure that these toys are suitable to his age. Many space toys are designed for older children and these toys tend to be more advanced. Your child might become frustrated if he can’t figure out how to play with a space toy that is too advanced for his age.

Furthermore, space toys designed for younger children are more chunky in size and do not come with detachable parts that could be potential choking hazards.

Safety and Durability

Aside from age suitability, check the space toy for any design features and components that might be dangerous for your child. If you are buying a wooden space toy, make sure that it has rounded edges and smooth surfaces to prevent potential injuries and splinters.

Choose space toys that have sturdy construction and could withstand the rigors of play. Always read and heed the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to handle their toys. You could also find reading reviews from other customers helpful. Doing so gives you an idea on what to look out for and what to expect.


Unfortunately, many parents do not really pay attention to materials when they buy toys for their children. It is highly recommended to start checking the box of the toy you want to buy and find out the materials used in making the toy.

Plastic space toys are widely available because they are mass-produced and cheaper to produce than their more natural counterparts. These toys are also easier to clean because most of the time you could just toss them into your dishwasher and your machine will do all the cleaning for you.

However, you should keep in mind that most plastic toys contain several toxic chemicals like BPA or bisphenol-A, phthalates and more.

These chemicals have been linked to several serious health conditions and some experts even consider these chemicals as carcinogens.

Sure you can buy BPA-free plastic toys but several studies have shown that even these BPA-free toys are not entirely free of BPA. Moreover, production of plastic toys have negative environmental implications.

Choose wooden space toys as much as possible. Wood is known for its natural antibacterial properties so generally wooden toys don’t get dirty as much. Furthermore, these toys are tactile which means they are good for sensory play which is an important part of early development. They are also eco-friendly and biodegradable which should be a huge plus.

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