Can you lick a salt lamp? The Truth Revealed




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That’s a question we get asked a lot. And the answer is…yes but why?

Salt lamps have been around for centuries and are known for their many health benefits. They emit negative ions which purify the air, reduce stress, and improve sleep. So when people see a salt lamp, they often think of licking it. But is that really safe?

The short answer is yes, you can however, licking a salt lamp is NOT recommended.

Salt lamps are made out of Himalayan pink or white crystal rock salt which contains small amounts of minerals like potassium and magnesium. If ingested in large doses these minerals could cause upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Is It Safe to Lick a Salt Lamp?

When it comes to licking a salt lamp, there is little to be said about the benefits. Some people believe that licking a salt lamp can help cleanse the body of toxins, but these claimed health benefits are dubious at best, dangerous at worst.

You have to consider the potential dangers of consuming too much salt.

Himalayan salt lamps are made from pure rock salt, so they’re safe to lick as long as you don’t consume too much as they are just salt.

Excess sodium can cause dehydration, high blood pressure, and other serious health problems.

So while it might be tempting to lick a salt lamp for the novelty of it, as a once-off, it won’t cause any issues.

It is best to avoid doing it frequently for health reasons. It’s also important to keep in mind that licking a salt lamp can damage its surface and reduce its lifespan.

Don’t worry, licking your Himalayan salt lamp as a once off won’t give you high blood pressure!

Why Some People Choose to Lick Their Salt Lamps

Despite the potential risks, some people still choose to lick their salt lamps. This is usually done for novelty or medical reasons, such as for perceived healing benefits.

However, experts caution against licking a salt lamp as there is no scientific evidence to suggest that licking it has any real health benefits.

It’s important to note that there are some risks associated with licking a salt lamp such as ingesting too much salt which could lead to dehydration and/or electrolyte imbalance.

Also, consider the hygiene issues… erm. No thanks!

The Dangers of Eating Too Much Salt

It’s no secret that salt is essential to our diets. But what most people don’t realize is that consuming too much salt can be dangerous to our health.

Here are five reasons why you should limit your intake of salt:

  1. Too much salt can lead to high blood pressure.
  2. Consuming large amounts of salt can also increase your risk of stroke.
  3. Salt makes it difficult for the body to absorb calcium, which can lead to osteoporosis and other bone problems later in life.
  4. Eating a lot of salty foods can cause stomach cancer.
  5. Salt contributes to water retention, which means it could make you look bloated even if you’re not carrying any extra weight.

FAQs in Relation to Can You Lick a Salt Lamp?

What happens if you lick a salt lamp?

If you lick a salt lamp, it will taste like earthy table salt. The lamps are made of Himalayan pink rock salt, which has high mineral content.

When the moisture from your tongue contacts the surface of the lamp, it will feel salty.

Is a Himalayan salt lamp edible?

No, salt lamps are not edible.

While a salt lamp is made from pure rock salt, it is not designed to be eaten. Salt lamps are primarily decorative and should not be used as a food source.

Can humans lick salt lamps?

The short answer is yes, humans can lick salt lamps. The real question is, why would you want to? Salt licks are really not that nice!

Can Pets Lick Salt Lamps?

Salt lamps are a safe, natural and beneficial way to spice up your home with ambience. They’re not toxic like some other cleaners or items can be so there’s no need to worry when it comes down to how much sodium they contain!

However, when it comes to animals such as your cat or dog, we need to consider salt toxicity. If your cats and dogs are licking the lamps excessively, they will become ill as salt poisoning is extremely dangerous for dogs and cats.

If your pet has licked the lamp to excess, contact your veterinarian immediately as they may have taken more sodium than is recommended.

Himalayan salt lamps can be dangerous for pets if licked too much as they could cause salt toxicity and other health issues.

Take Away

Whilst there are many benefits of having a salt lamp, such as the fact that they produce negative ions which can help with allergies, air purification and mood elevation, licking a lamp has no benefits.

Whilst sodium is an essential mineral  for the body, licking a salt lamp will not provide you with any health benefits. In fact, it is highly likely that it could cause more harm than good due to its abrasive nature.

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