How Can You Tell a Fake Ergo?




How Can You Tell a Fake Ergo

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Sadly, Ergobaby carriers are faked, a lot. They have been for years (we have been selling them for 18 years now and I can’t actually remember a time when they weren’t being faked).

In the early days, it was really really really easy to spot a fake ergo. The typos on the box, the packaging, the instructions, and the labels made them a dead giveaway. Also, they were only on eBay or really dodgy websites with Ergo somewhere in the title.

What they used to do was just mass copy the ergo website and put it on a new domain. Many people fell for this sadly.

These days counterfeiters are a lot smarter and you never know who you are buying from. Especially on open marketplaces like Amazon. The problem with all products on Amazon is that they blend stock.

So whilst Ergobaby might send genuine stock in, sellers from anywhere can also list on that item and send in stock, and Amazon blends it all together. This makes it impossible to know if you are buying any genuine item on Amazon (that’s a story for another blog post..).

So how do we tell a fake Ergo?

  1. Authorized retailers on their own sites will always have genuine Ergobaby.
  2. Like here at Baba Me, we have been selling Ergobabys since about 2004, so you know when you buy from us, it’s the real item! You can confirm a real retailer with Ergobaby.
  3. Look at the price. If it’s significantly cheaper than retail, it’s not because you have found a bargain!
  4. If buying 2nd hand, always ask to see an original receipt.
  5. Look at the seams and stitching, poor copies will be easy to spot.
  6. Labeling, look for spelling mistakes or even if it’s just in one language. A real carrier will have multiple languages on the label.
  7. Quality, if it feels cheap and flimsy. You will know straight away once it arrives, but sadly this may be too late, so go back to the first point and always buy from a genuine registered seller which does not blend stock with other retailers.
  8. If buying online, buy from the UK or Irish-based website. Look for addresses and terms and conditions on their site.
  9. Go to known baby websites, doing a google search for cheap ergo baby may not be the best idea!

Does it matter if it’s fake?

Yes, sadly it does. Unlike fake fashion, fake carriers can be lethal. If a fake buckle breaks, with your baby inside the carrier… I dread to think of the injuries that may result. Also, their material tends to fall apart at the seams.

Honestly, whilst I may not bat an eyelid at your fake Gucci glasses, I implore you to never buy a fake piece of baby equipment.

I would rather help you find a more budget-friendly real carrier that suits you are your baby, than have you buy a fake!

Key Takeaways

Ergobaby carriers are often faked and have been for years.
• It is difficult to spot a fake Ergobaby carrier, as counterfeiters have gotten smarter over the years.
• The best way to ensure you are getting a genuine product is to buy from an authorized retailer on their own site.
• Be cautious when buying online, as it is easy to accidentally purchase a fake product.

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